Fossil Q Grant REVIEW!


Fossil Q Grant Review. This is an activity tracker, smartwatch, and a very stylish analog watch built for someone that wants a standard watch, but could benefit from some additional ‘smart’ features. It tracks your steps and calories burned and even alerts you of incoming notifications from your smart phone (iOS and Android). It has a vibration motor and an LED light on either side. You can customize the notification setup based on app and person in your contact list, which is pretty awesome. In terms of complaints though, your personal data isn’t stored in the cloud, but rather sticks with the phone you’re using, which means you can’t access it online or from another phone. Hope that gets fixed.

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how to function the analog at the left?


I like this one, but I’m sticking with my Jawbone.

Abdullah Qureshi says:

What job do you have

David says:

Sure wish Fossil had not gone with the plastic back.

killakali3000 says:

looks good for sure but less then 10 days on one charge with no digital display hmm.. and at that price.. just get a regular watch and use a fitbit on the other wrist.. good review as always..

Zack Howard says:

Hey you should review Swiftwick Socks! I love them and I think you will too!

Isaac Robles says:

I would buy it just cuse it looks like a nice watch


sei proprio un coglione, fai vedere come si regola l’ora o no

Ryan MACK says:

they’ve got some catching up to do

Sana Fatima says:

can I knw the model number

J. Francis says:

I have a hand full of standard analog fossil watches that generally run me $145-200 so at $175 your not really paying more for these extra features. So from the perspective of someone who just enjoys watches the price seems pretty good. To me anyways.

kiyonexus says:

If Bradley Cooper and Shia Labeouf had a baby together, you’d get this guy.

getfitover40 says:

Interesting product but for us guys who have more functional fitness tracking watches it would be hard to regress. By the way your little cartoon character dude that pops put on the screen, he needs to stop skipping leg day…

derse kinez says:

this question very important for me ..

cAn we set a silent alarm to wake up ?

Brandt Roach says:

all I heard was bla bla bla. it’s a fossil.ive never had a good experience with them.I stopped buying them years ago.I don’t see this as an improvement or even useful.Next…..

Michael Dutt says:

Nice watch!!

shontapl says:

How am I supposed to focus on a watch? hubba hubba

NiT Striker says:

effin loud music. WHYYYYYY?

Ethan Tiscraeno says:

You should review the Bose QC35

Elation Fitness says:

ex pro soccer player. Before you had my curiosity, now you have my attention XD
Awesome video man ! 😀

shontapl says:

I love fossil but don’t see the point if I can’t see the functions on the screen.

Mingchung sslhadChin says:

have been trying my best for a long day and

kiyonexus says:

I didn’t know Bradley Cooper’s brother did youtube video reviews… why didn’t you go into acting like him?

Pszczołka Maja says:

pedaly ??

3 Dengz says:

wow u looks like a serious official guy

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