Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch Review

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Nutu Maria Tudose says:



The time is wrong on mine! How can I change it? (Sorry for English)

Ahmad alhussain says:

السلام عليكم
اخي العزيز ممكن اعرف كم عمر البطارية وهل هي افضل ام Vector Watch Luna

Kingdom XAR says:

Cane you call white the fossil q marshal

Damaris Hernandez says:

can i see you tube in the watch

Rasmita Acharya says:

I want to know why this is no play on watch ..


if it have any camara

NiftyColerox says:

Please help. Idk how to get my notifications to work.

cyril chatonda says:

Look at the flick of wrist!

The Vostro Gamer says:

Would this work with a one plus 3?

chubs1217 says:

Is it worth getting for iPhone users?

Rahul Singh says:

Can please guide me to make call from my fossil q founder 2.0 i am not able to make call

Anca Gale says:

goes with iphone 6? ☺️

Jazzy - Pha says:

You should do a video where you compare it to the apple watch

Giuliano says:

You can see mail notifications (apple) or only Gmail? Thanks

Random Guy Xtreme says:

Can u take photos?

Канал Pro:mobile says:

So Can i use google voice in iphone? Can i control music player in ios?

Ivette Moreno says:

it’s very interesting to see how traditional companies enter the tech industry. Thanks for the review, it was nicely worded.

Louie Simpson says:

Can you leave it on charge overnight (every night)

Hamburgo says:

Is there anyways you could listen through apps like Spotify or soundcloud?

Jovana Gomez says:

You can’t really do much if you have an IPhone right? Like messages and apps etc.

Asha Reed says:

Which gen is this?

Josway Garcia says:

Does it work with the iPhone 5s

ACMDE says:

Why not perfect round display???

Esteban Estrada says:

when I use voice call on the newer verson, the receiving person is getting a huge echo. any reason why?

Rasmita Acharya says:

I want to know why this is no play on watch ..

Jenna says:

Does this watch work with iPhone? Thank you.

Anca Gale says:

Can we answer calls?

Mohan Sudhir says:

Nixon mission – does it have touch screen feature ?

Abayan cv says:

how do you recommend it for an Iphone ??

Anti Zionist says:

Nice watch. Better than Huawei watch. Fossil failed to put a 50c link removing driver which Huawei did. Not good enough Fossil.

Akrun Run says:

Thanks for an excellent review. I am planning to buy a smartwatch for my sis who has a samsung galaxy (probably the newest one). Would you suggest any other brand? Once again thanks for all the videos!

Mansimar Singh Chhatwal says:

can we answer calls on this smartwatch

Shawn Barretto says:

I recently purchased the watch. But how do I accept calls on it? The watch only shows the decline symbol.

Bod Brian says:

How do you change the photos on the photo face

sarah martinez says:

Will this work with an iPhone 6?

Damaris Hernandez says:

we can answer phone calls and messeges

David says:

Did battery life improve after a couple of weeks?

Ali Tarraf says:


Tian Tian says:

How to install apps ?

Yung King YK says:

I live in San Antonio too

jerron McDonald says:

I would sell my apple watch for this if it didn’t have the bottom cut off

Aditya Agarwal says:

Can we talk on these watches?

Aharon noraha says:

Hello! I want to buy Gen 1 Touchscreen, but do not know if swatch will work with my Samsung Note 4. What do I need for a successful symbiosis swatch-android? Do I have to buy something additionally for my Note 4?
Thank you.

Phong Design says:

have sim slot????

Roman Ballesteros says:

Will you be able to see if someone texted you on an iphone, or even a call?

GoPro Live says:

Can you see iMessage on it?

Maria E. Torres says:

Your video was exactly what I was looking for. I’m saddened what you’ve confirmed. The watch will not work well with an iPhone. Sigh.. again thanks for the info.

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