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chris hall says:

LOL Love the vid!! Just bought one! Thanks for the review!

High King Dorian says:

I have a 14 dollar one and it works like a charm lol

Socalthemeparks17 says:

My mom bought this. Threw it out a day later.

meZZ YT says:

That moment when the ad before the video buffers

Mineav says:

But does my GF suck???
Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Zircon says:

I have a $10 watch and it looks the same. It got damaged from water tho XD

Reiler_Br says:

Da pra mim 😀 $15 aqui no Brasil e tipo 3 mil ;-;

Tony Walters says:

I need that hoodie. It is extremely blue and comfortable looking.

Tres says:

can u watch YouTube through it ?

james n says:

There’s Better ones for the same price..
Go to eBay and look up gt08 smartwatch
I got one for $15.. its way better..

Lane Mowery says:

I got one of those

QuantumData says:

Loved the vid, keep up the great work

Sravan Kowshik says:

Does Lew suck?

BikeTourPro says:

i have this one

Inmortal 3D says:


Lala Loopsy says:

im waiting for $2 android that run nova 3 full HD graphic no lag

Nandhu Krishnan says:

Lewis please add a review of DZ09 smart watch

Pv Channel says:

who watch in 2017

Ben TEN TEN says:

The newer U Watches have brighter screens.

kenneth and Arath says:


Crazy Pearson says:

hello world

LordAugastus says:

What you should be shocked about is that they make phone sand watched for just a fraction of the price everything else is label charging more to get away with it.

Remember pixel was priced low, now its priced high like apple and people buy it.

Perception of quality vs perception of price. Beats, apple is really good at setting high standards for products, everybody else follows.

Crazy Rel says:

“Screw you tool!” No pun intended

kingdedede a says:

new series idea does it swallow

iOXplayer says:

Dear Lew, can you review the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X? Would be great if you did

Dylan Stone says:

Get the model 2

VYDZER says:

If this was made by apple then it would be $250

Yassine Regragui says:

Use appkarma to gain some cash & rewards on your phone. Use this to win 500 points Available on appstore and playstore

KOI - Crax zrrexha says:

DZ09 is better than this smart watch

joseph hillers says:

Wow. Had no clue what my smart watch was known as. Then I watch this…
Calls RadioShack
Yes, I need to return an item

Jakub Gerwatowski says:

every smart watch suck :/

tripsadelica says:

There is an adjustment for the brightness in one of the menus. For fifteen bucks its just outstanding as a first foray into smartwatches. It has good volume, will last for a day on standby and the bluetooth system is stable. I bought one of these when they first came out. I used it for about half a year before “graduating” to a higher spec model. I gave my U8 (the actual name of this watch) to a son of a friend of mine. It’s still going BUT don’t get any water near the thing. The hole in the caseback for resetting the watch if it glitches (which happens every now and again) lets water in like there’s no tomorrow.

Matt Nouv says:

is it me or is there like a ringing sound at the background??

Adnan Fahim says:


Garland Davidson says:

you should do a unboxed show on the raspberry pie chip, the newer version..

MrHexxman says:

to bad these things do not work with texts, the apps do not work on any recent android release

Shehroz Paracha says:

I got one like it for $20 was much better

Shehroz Paracha says:

tool is to open back

CookieCat Gaming says:


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