Do smartwatches still matter? | Skagen Jorn Hybrid Smartwatch Review

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Josh has converted – he now uses a hybrid smartwatch. See why in his review of the Skagen Jorn Hybrid.

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Zarvaan Bacha says:

Rocking my LG G Watch with Android Wear 2, and I love it

Rynard Moore says:

I guess it depends on how one uses technology. If it is a keeping up with the Jones’ type of thing — then yes, smartwatches are a gimmick. Which, just based on personal observation, I think that many people are trying to keep up with the Jones’ when it comes to smartphones in general. But I digress… For a person like me who is not trying to keep up with the Jones but rather use technology to enhance my work, smartwatches make sense to me. This is because the smartwatch is a part of a business technology infrastructure which ranges from desktop computers to smartphones that again, aids me in my day to day work. Just having the convenience of answering/rejecting a call to looking at a Onenote entry on a smartwatch when I’m in places where I can’t pull out my smartphone has saved my butt many times. As well, and as Josh failed to mention — you can control the amount of notifications that you receive on a smartwatch — and as such, I only have the notifications turned on which are relevant to the work that I’m doing. So again, for me it does depend on how one uses tech when it comes to smartwatches…

Ryan D says:

Do they, to me yes

Durkae Durkae says:

Smart Watches? More like Dumb Ignores…I’ll see myself out.

Hur Ali says:

Good review of the watch, It’s a little better than garmin vivomove similar concept but expensive on price. I wear a gear 2 theses days quite old but upgraded to android wear and able to get notifications , steps, time. having fun with it.

Adrian-Cornel Borină says:

ZeTime is coming up.
Sounds like the most interesting “hybrid”.

Alexandre Hô says:

go BlackBery KeyOne !

Essa Khan says:

I wear… 20 buck’s watch hehehe

Tom Cartwright says:

I have an LG Urbane but changed it out for a traditional analogue watch. Charging a smartwatch each night can be a pain and I don’t miss the notifications on the watch. This Skagen seems like a great substitute option.

Leonard Ilie says:

I suppose you don’t really need a watch as long as you have a smartphone in your pocket. Otherwise, there are clocks everywhere. Inyour car, on the street.I have an analog watch from Casio and I am very satisfied but is only because I like to read the time this way. I am sure most people look at the phone more often than to the watch. For Skagen I would have preferred that there was a second display or a dedicated hand for notifications. Moving the time hands is ugly in my opinion.

Luis Ángel Rodríguez says:

I use a Moto 360 1st Gen since 2 years ago and have no intention to change it untill it dies 🙂

debendra gurung says:

Noone needs a watch, let alone a hybrid one

naiko says:

I dont have a smart watch so this doesnt matter to me.
I just think smart watches should be renamed a distraction on your hand.
a simple watch does what its supposed to do; tell the time.
you dont need to answer calls on your wrist

Icex Aoki says:

Won’t trade my Seiko Diver for anything… This hybrid watch is practically just another analog watch for me

Robert says:

Loving the Keyone! And also a great review on the watch. I would totally go hybrid. Like you said…you already use your phone so much in a day…why not let a watch be a watch.

Ian Owens says:

Who still has a pebble

Thang Nguyen says:

If you don’t care too much about the smart features, it’s probably best to just get a regular watch. The hybrid watch is pointless.

Chad_803_to_401 says:

Goldeneye 64

TheInsanityUnleashed says:

Did they ever really matter? In my opinion, not really. I thought my Moto 360 was kind of cool for the first few weeks I owned it but then I realized that I no longer looked at it. It was easier to just look at my phone when a notification popped up. Afterall, I’d have to pull my phone out to do anything useful in reaction to the notifications anyway. Then I got to the point where I didn’t even bother putting it on anymore.

Underground Tech says:

I think the budget smart watch area is a bit on the rise. You can probably find some valuable stuff at $100

TheB29Bomber says:

I feel that smartwatches are really redundant.

Bilal Khalid says:

My Huawei watch looks more elegant than most of the analogue watches I’ve owned. Plus all the features and it’s pretty much the best watch I’ve seen yet.

Ayam Penyet says:

I use Amazfit Pace which is incredible for me, has an always on screen, built in gps and shows notification. And only fpr 130 bucks

LostinOC says:

this watch would be good when out around people, you can push the button every once in awhile to make your phone ring, then people will think you have friends. (I should get one)

Darren van Langenberg says:

I’d rather spend the money on a nice analogue watch that will always stay in style. You’re carrying your cellphone anyway…

Aditya Prathomo says:

I don’t jump to smart watch bandwagon because my soft spot for analog automatic watch ha ha. I prefer my old trusty vostok and seiko rather than those watch.

Also I stare at my phone most of the time so I don’t need another distraction like the watch

benry007 says:

just get a normal watch. normal watches are nice.

Tiger Pro says:

My watch just needs to tell me the time.

Extra features that are appreciated are date, weather, alarm and stopwatch.

Anything else, is just unnecessary. You have a phone for that. (And yes I know the phone can do all of the above, but if you are a person that owns or uses a stylish watch, u know design and time, are the only things that really matter)…

Михайло Листопад says:


Kay Tomas Bertheussen says:

Great vid. Thanks. This is more a watch than a smart watch imo, so looking at the features, it more or less competes with a fitbit, but just looks WAAAAY better. I could easily see this being my goto fitness tracker.

Alok Bajaj says:

I have a Casio ecb 500. It’s a hybrid watch that doesn’t show any notifications but it doesn’t need any battery/charging to work.

Maksim Mihhalkevitš says:

Android smartwatches don’t matter. Apple Watch matters.

El1988Che says:

The Fossil Q Grant Hybrid (Second Gen), is a better hybrid, I’ve tried both and ended up buying the Fossil. I happen to have a original pebble steel and a Gear S2 Classic too! But the Fossil Q Grant Hybrid is really the best of both worlds.

Harald Pabisch says:

Clever advertisement. I am now getting one because of this video. 😉

usBirury says:

smartwatch is a smartwatch because it can do those things, instead of your definition of smartwatch, which is apparently a notification watch.

Phil Martin says:

Nice review – just in case you wondered, the word Skagen is pronounced like Skayen ,,, you don’t pronounce the ‘g’

Alex says:

They never did.

Tanmay Das says:

it seems he really likes the Blackberry keyone…

Maria Peterson says:

I really hate noise notifications, and I can often miss vibration alerts, so smart watches really help me out. I don’t know what I’ll do without my pebble, though. I’ll probably try to hack into it if it shuts down after this year.

Robbert van der Eem says:

Booooring device.

nemanja milosevic says:

I really enjoy my Fossil smartwatch.. The only downside is the battery life (of every smartwatch), but since everything else is quite awesome, i’m willing to charge it and live with it.

Ziich says:

I have yet to see a smartwatch that really catches my fancy. This come close due to the styling

Tanvir Alif says:

No offense but the hand on the thumbnail lookes like if it was roasted or it was a hand of a corpse.

cheechwizard1000 says:

I really like this watch. Smart watches are like phones, tablets, pc etc. You always have to keep upgrading when something new comes out. A good watch is meant to last you for years. Also the fact that you have to charge it daily. My phone and tablet is already more than enough for me to worry about the battery life.. The Skagen could just bridge that gap and looks way better then a overly bulky smart watch

Maco Dad says:

i have a gear s2 classic and it is AWSOME

Nikolas Manuelides says:

so basically he doesn’t care about anything that makes a smartwatch a smartwatch, this video is stupid

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