Diesel On Full Guard Smartwatch – Hands On


Diesel has always been seen as a fashion company. What the Diesel On Full Guard Smartwatch does is move the company more into tech, using their recognizable chunky, big fashion watches as this watch’s body.

This watch runs Android 2.0, so it’s not going to do anything drastically different than other smartwatches. You can slide through a variety of Diesel design watch faces and can change the color of a digital crystal screen projected onto the face of the watch. There’s a lot more customization that you can get pretty detailed with as well and eventually you’ll be able to have a Siri-like assistant.

The watch will cost $325 and will be available towards the end of October.


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Venomynous says:

Perhaps you should try recording the video again and this time turn the damn cell phone off causing interference and turn your mic up ffs.

Ashwin Agastyaraju says:

Did u steal that watch? Why you are whispering throughout the video.??

Ngakak Guling says:

please improve sound quality

Mr. Tarafder says:

Now a days, Diesel is a faggot brand

Shahin MLR says:

water resistant?

Malone Solo says:

They should’ve made the screen just as big

Ricardo Decend says:

This watch is really amazing. A friend of mine showed my this one. It is rock solid with a beautiful design. And the wheel in the middle lets you select between items (menu items, apps, etc). The screen resolution of 454×454 allows super sharp watch faces. Just amazing!

owen says:

If its android inside they have already failed.

Jim 0M504 says:

Does they work with an iphone?

John Manley says:

Thanks for the review. Does it have a rotating crown?

Sasuke Uchiha says:

okay did he just say shit? at 1:44? lmfao i was not expecting that

russian_ troller says:

2:24 I thought my speakers where dying XD

Gangster Talk says:

Do you get compliments on the watch?

Asier Llano says:

I know that this watch is most about design, but I couldn’t find the specs. Do you know if it has gyroscope, compass and/or NFC? Maybe the change of color by movement that you show is done using either the gyroscope or the compass. I think that is particularly useful for maps and other applications.

schux93 says:

Whats the name of the non smart watch in the beginning?

Jacky Jacky says:

Great introduction to the ‘Diesel on Full Guard’ and well done for leading the pack.

Richard Green says:

Very over priced for what it is again the green eyed greed monster is creeping in

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