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Breitling Exospace B55 Connected Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch

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Ariel Adams reviews the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected watch and shows you how Breitling’s brand new connected timepiece syncs with your phone via a Bluetooth connection and also allows you to set the different functions of the watch using Breitling’s app.

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Ian C says:

The fact the digital and analog times are out by a few seconds to each other would bug me

Grumpy514 says:

What a piece of shit watch. Breitling makes some amazing watches but I’ve held this one in person and was not impressed. Felt very cheap. The seconds chrono hand not lining up is not acceptable.

Chris Gilbert says:

As a pilot that likes Breitling, but spends time in the bush where no phones work, I would buy the Garmin D2 that does 10 times more for 10 times less, this is just a gimmick. I haven’t seen a review of anything that inspires me NOT to buy something so much in a long time!!! Stick to what you are good at Breitling, this will be OUT of date before it is IN date

earthcry says:

is it just me or does the second hand not lining up with the markers

jim bob says:

what the ?! I just figgured out my mobile has a time feature and it didn’t cost me 9 k … lucky I was just about to buy one of these ..

Robert Marshall says:

It’s a good concept however it’s too much for this tech

arek314 says:

Never owned a Breitling but my Oceanus has adjustable hands so that annoying “don’t hit the marks” effect is likely just someone giving it a bump out of alignment and not fixing it. Same goes with 3 second disprepancy, someone played with settings.

Christophe Chardon says:

$6000 for this ! is some one is getting fuck over ?

Yakatack says:

You should’ve learned how to use it before doing a review ….

afidmo says:

Wow this watch remind me of cheap Bluetooth digital/analog Casio… Except it costs more.

komplett egal says:

The digital seconds don’t match the analog seconds, the second hand doesn’t hit the marks and the minute hand doesn’t jump at 15 or 30 second intervals.

these might seem like little things to complain about but if you’re planning to charge 9 grand for a watch you should get this right.

the reviewer should have picked up on this btw.

GreenHoleSun says:

there is more technology and research involved in a casio protrek or some high end gshocks than in this…
And a traditional mechanical breitling surely retains its value more than this.
I really miss the point of this kind of overpriced watches.

OnitsukaTiger82 says:

“BOZZLEwurld”…. ugh!

Nim Uil says:

It looks the second hand is misaligned a lit bit behind the index.

bakabezzraka says:


Agentxphile says:

NOPE! FAIL Breitling!

Mole Js says:

way way over price for so limited and hard to use without the app function.Don’t mistaken , I own 4 breitling watches with some solid gold pieces , their dial design and attention to detail very very good ,above many of the same class ,but not this one sub par to many smart watchs in design (hands looks not proportion to watch style and color is off and tiny ,my cheap LUMI NOX multi function watch has hands the will automatically move away from the display windows when u push any buttons and returns later ,smart.)That charging magnet cord has so poor contact ,least to say they charge 8000$ for it and couldn’t give u a better design cable like Asus Zen watch does.

Bin Eid says:

around 9K for – Battery Operated watch !!!!! OK I own the Aerospace and some other High end brands with Breitling I don’t see the top quality (at least with aerospace specially after I saw what under the back case) For 9k I prefer to buy limited Grand seiko AUTOMATIC or spring drive that is a watch

Numidian 5 says:

I dont care how much lipstick you put on it, $8k for a digital watch is stupid! Just to service the damn thing costs $300 to $600, and guess what happens when they stop making that digital movement, hint: no repair possible. I am still trying to unload my 2006 Superquartz Breitling B1.

Harold Bullock says:

I am disappointed that the second hand “jumps”, instead of a smooth movement. For the price of the watch and the technology of Breitling, they certainly could have achieved this if they wanted.

Chris says:

Nice shade of blue for the strap………the rest of the watch is pure garbage. For the second hands to not only fail to align (which is a disgrace for any watch over $500) but to not match with the digital time as well shows how much of a rip off this is.

redazi1 says:

I mean i ll by an iPhone an save 9000€

Dick Diggler says:

I love breitling.. but this is moronic. plus the second hand mismatch timing is infuriating and it’s not future proof enough to justify the pricepoint. Unless this watch is so unsuccessful (should be) that these become collectable for rareness one day… these will be a garbage investment

Robert K says:

OCD kicked in. #alignment

Jason Horowitz says:

So it doesn’t display any text for the content for messages or emails?

Milan Horvath says:

$9000??? hahahaha! good joke Breitling, keep on dreaming, this will be a paperweight in a couple of years…

Sh4m4n Pi7ot says:

wAtch this watch come down drastically in price. I hope…

Dominik MJ says:

The problem is, that it cannot even called smart watch. It can connect to a phone, but that’s it.
It is the same with the G-Shox GPS – people have to be stupid to buy this instead of an Apple Watch or Android Watch…

The watchmaker just have to up their game… significantly!

gmshadowtraders says:

Ariel Adams you sound like a schmuck what a stupid watch piece of shit better off to sell it and buy a big mac meal boss

Apollo Prospector says:

A watch that makes you play with your phone more. Exactly what the brainless drones need, more phone time. For fucks sake this is ludicrous

Felix Christians says:

Delete this video.. Learn to use the watch… Re do your video and then post

redazi1 says:

I don t need the watch since i have it on my iphone

Guy Guy says:

All i want to know, for ages. why such a luxury companies like Breitling or Tag Heuer and others, cant match seconds hand with a seconds scale? Im talking about quartz movements only. Paying several thousand dollars for such luxury watches with a second hand that doesnt match scales, is crazy. Who can tell me, why they cant fix this problem ?

Christophe Chardon says:

To Breitling : First you fix the second hand alignement and then you can spaek to me …

Melvin Chong says:

For 8 grand, I expect the second-hand to be perfectly in sync with the digital seconds. An epic failure there.

Harold Bullock says:

Also, I just noticed, the second hand is not even set on the exact second. It is off by close to 1 mm. That is something that would be expected in a cheap fashion watch. I hope you return it and get one that is calibrated properly.

MrPleers says:

Very disappointing.

Scott Free says:

lmao this is a joke right.

P B says:

A watch that sells for over $5000 where the second hand does not align with the markers is fit to be sold for $35.

Linh Nguyen says:

WTF, they charge $9k for a watch and can’t even align the second hand properly. This better be a prototype. I saw the watch in person, it looks nice but ridiculously huge. The quartz thing I can understand since this is aimed at pilots.

V C says:

Ok video. Bit of a major point though – its not steel. Its titanium. (comes in titanium or black titanium)

Martin Mc Fly says:

very expensive watch and the needle, doesn’t match with the marcks??

SR says:

Everything wrong with that brand wrapped up in one watch.

Overpriced junk.

Patrick Santos says:

Just opened the vid…first thing I noticed is how the hands are out of sync with the bottom display…then I see the second hand doesn’t even land on the marker! holy………whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

mbnv99234 says:

Who in their right mind would buy this watch ?! Absolutely insane.

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