Best Smartwatch 2016 – Top 5 Waterproof / Rugged / Sport Watches

Need a smart watch but live an active lifestyle? Then you probably want one of these top 5 best smartwatches. Built for tracking your activity, and keeping you on target with your fitness goals. They are robust and waterproof. These smartwatches can keep up with your active lifestyle, from outdoors, sports, surfing, to working out, running, and swimming.

Android Wear: Casio WSD-F10, Nixon Mission, Polar M600, Moto 360 Sport
Tizen: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


เสรีภาพ ยอดนักรบ says:


Angel Jablonski says:


Jordy Blackbourn says:

samsung gear fit 2 is ip68

JJD says:

Gear S3 with Gshock durability !!!!!

yuppi kill says:

LOL Garmin Fenix 2 – 3 bit them all. Stupid video

the flash says:

I’m looking for a nice android smart watch I can download apps and make calls on for school any suggestions

tricia fe parrenas says:

any info I want waterproof smart watch

Brian Feutz says:

Can anyone help me out? I need one that isn’t too pricey but will also withstand swimming and can also track running and such

roeslan1969 says:

What about Garmin Fenix 3 HR? The one built like a tank (with sapphire lens & 100m water resistance), that has tonnes of features (GPS, WiFi, ABC sensors, virtual partner, VO2 max calculation, peak training effect, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, recovery adviser, sleep tracker, race predictor, interchangeable watch face, text & email notifications, mp3 remote controller, long-lasting 10-12 days battery unlike other smartwatches out there, etc etc not to mention advanced running metrics like cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, stride length, lactate treshhold, etc) for running, swimming, cycling, trekking, fishing, snow boarding, x-country skiing, even parachuting etc. Not even on the list? C’mon, man! Better review your list & make a new video…

Alen C says:

And Apple Watch which have more sport modes? Like swimming

محمد ال دليم says:

اريد واحدة هل توجد في العراق.. وكم سعرها.. ؟؟


How much it costs

Sr. Solowinski Bravo says:

300-400€ almost every one of theese… fck my life

The God Effect says:

No Garmin Fenix 3? None of these can touch that watch.

prodigy pro says:

samsung and moto 360 not waterproof .

Вася Петров says:

очень ими доволен! все режимы включил! держаться часы в среднем сутки, я понял что нечего их жалеть и экономить ведь на подходе Samsung Gear S4 !! на ночь обязательно одеваю, так как все данные о сне прописываются в телефоне,
ночью их совсем не ощущаю – привык за пару дней! утром приятно будят и круто что можно голосом ими управлять, ставлю будильник напоминание на время и всё безошибочно – а также поддержка 4-х блютус устройств одновременно!!

Ahmad Alkh says:

Samsung & Moto is water Ip67 not waterproof

Marzarella Fitness & Sports Conditioning says:

I have a 10 inch wrist. Which is the largest that can withstand a shock from a deadlift?


polar m600 good or polar v800 good?


I see polar v800 good and m600

Mohammad Shihab Howlader says:

Can anyone tell me the music name at 0:01 ?

the fort nite gang says:

is gear s3 frontier wearable in pools

Infotainment Hub says:

*Battery Life Matters*


polar m600 can waterproof?

Milena Preijer says:

This video is wrong. All those watches are waterRESISTANT up to 10-50 m, so that means they are resistant against rain or water splashing. Exept nixon mission which its waterresistant up to 100 m, you can’t take the watches for real swim!

Josh says:

Motorola doesn’t support smart watches anymore. They threw in the towel.

Rodrigo Souza says:

only 2 rugged and really waterproof

Mojo1444 says:

I think the most important thing for a smart watch is battery if you can’t use it for 3 days without charge it’s useless¡!!


Casio wsd f10 can take pictures ?
casio good or polar v 800 edition good?

Jack M says:

Hi sir . Can you please introduce me waterproof smart watch support sim card and WiFi with camera and long life battery?

Vishnu Das says:

amoung fossil q marshal and samsung s3 gear…which one is the best

P Riddle says:

Total fail if including the Polar over the Garmin Fenix 3 HR.

666pJLcJI says:

Women in Moto ad is hoooot

Emirsito Qué bueno es eso tú lección Estrada says:

donde comprarlo​

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