Best GPS Sport Watches 2018 – Top 5 List!

As usual and like everyyear, here is an updated list of the top 5 Best GPS Sport Watches you can get in 2018, you can check the prices in the links below:

►Garmin Fenix 5
USA and International Price:
UK Price:

►Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
USA and International Price:
UK Price:

►Samsung Gear Sport
USA and International Price:
UK Price:

►Fitbit iOnic
USA and International Price:
UK Price:

►Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
USA and International Price:
UK Price:

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John jsmit says:

The Garmin 5 in 4th place ? Fitbit in 2nd ? No Apple Watch ? dude do you even know how to breathe on your own without assistance ? I suggest you find another way to make money , this is definitely not for you

crni_tekac says:

None of them but the forerunner 935, if you are a serious runner/triathlete. Light , has it all and best battery out of all.

I live in a garage says:

Garmin says you can’t change the battery in these watches. I know people their watches are dead after two years! THIS IS SHAME and this is GARBAGE PRODUCTION. Expensive garbage…

Ricardo Campo says:

Maybe the best of these watches is the Suunto Spartan. Thanks.

ArcziKuz says:

Is it some kind of provocation? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Fenix 5x on 4-th place? 😀 😀 😀

M J says:

G-SHOCK RANGEMAN GPR-B1000 not on the list!!! get out of here

Narutoanimestore. com says:


Yaro says:

delete this channel. please

Chinese Companies says:

Wholesale Sport Watches In Bulk Online Supplier&Distributor in China
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Sam Lawrence says:

The Fenix 5x wins hands down!!!!
It has built in maps… sat nav….upload your own maps to the watch….no phone needed at all!
No other watch can compete at the moment….It has the best GPS map based features.

Peter Carlsen says:

Do you have -any- practical experience with any of these products? Or do you just compile a bunch of stock/ad clips and blow off hot air?

Nabil Kenzari says:

Forerunner 935

relikvija2 says:


Dont buy garmin!!

the sensors will die and then they will charge you for repair.

i spent 750 on a piece of junk.

goodluck with garmin altimeter, barometer, temperature sensors…

paisan paisellie says:

Which watch is in the thumbnail?

Osvi Rivera says:

you need to dig more on fenix 5. Also which one can take more punishment.

Akram Hossain says:

How price Fitbit iconic

Luis Billaud says:

You are confused. impossible that the samsung is better than the garmin or suunto. It shows that you do not play sports and I use those gps

anthphoto says:

Haha what a joke! Does the “Fitbit ionic” even have GPS? I thought you needed your phone for that and other features to even work? Fenix 5 in 4th place? What the hell do you do for a living, because it clearly isn’t using sport watches!

Argetho Ehemm says:

Now Fenix 5x Plus is the winner !!!

Justin Hollowell says:

What’s the watch in the thumbnail

Josue Nieves says:

Fitbit “water resistance” is a joke. Owned two, they get foggy after a while. Designed to last about two yeas, no more.

acolyte04 says:

I almost spat my drink out when I heard the words “Fitbit ionic”…….Those 2 words just dropped this review into the dustbin!

Andrei Pav says:

Suunto 5+

smokerxfiles says:

Fitbit is out of Biz… That is in this list

Mariusz Chwałek says:

Samsung Gear is better watch than Garmin Fenix Series? Give me a break..

Shivam Rajput says:

Any smartwatch with Google access or search engine

Javier S says:

I have owned the Garmin, Fitbit, and Suunto. Suunto is still the best. I don’t like the square face of the Fitbit. Ugly design. The User Interface on the Garmin is not that good. The maps are not the best to use and interfacing with your laptop or app are not that good, either. If you want a really good GPS watch, the Suunto is still #1.

Fabio Lemos says:

Amazfit Stratos??????

TxRi Y says:

What’s the watch on the thumbnail ?

The CrazyBishop says:

Next time I am struggling to sleep I’ll listen to this..geez

spicelink m8 says:

Sounds like reviews from a guy who doesn’t own any of these watches because he’s clueless.

Dinesh Ojha says:

I need the thumbnail watch

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