Apple Watches are struggling to connect to LTE | Engadget Today

A bad review storm is coming.

For those awaiting their new Apple Watch Series 3, be prepared for some connectivity issues. The Verge’s Lauren Goode reports that during her review of the new smartwatch, it frequently struggled to connect to LTE and often linked to an unknown WiFi network instead. While surfing, and away from WiFi signals, Goode says that her watch either had a single bar of service or no service at all. And her connectivity issues spanned across two separate sample units. The Wall Street Journal reported similar issues with LTE, also across multiple watches.

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n8neiTen8n says:

Apple is selling not working devices (beta) for a big coin and then they are saying it’s a software issue and they are looking for fixes, which is a lie, because this is not problem of few devices, but for ALL of them. And stupid iDiots are buying not working overpriced shit.

Graham Bonne says:

I love android users. The second Apple has an issue they always start screaming “it’s the fall of Apple” and yet Apple keeps rising. Software bugs happen any time a new operating system or new piece of hardware is released. Windows 10 erased peoples data when upgrading. Samsung’s phones caught fire. An issue with connection can be patched. The iPhone 4 had the antenna issue, the 6 has the bending. Why is it that people always hate on apple when they have an issue but I could easily point to hundreds of terrible android phones.

Antonio Dennis says:



delete this video NOW

Barry Dunn says:

“Ho Ho Ho” – Apple

Sky King says:

The Wall Street journal won’t be invited to anymore Apple products release.

Heng Theng says:

That why you don’t skip number last time:
Samsung: boommmm
Iphone x : wait and see
It a sin

Richard Servello says:

LTE on watches is a joke. I have an LG Sport and had a Samsung Gear S3….both worked great on LTE…but can’t last an entire day.

Heather M says:

Lol I would never buy the first LTE version anyways. Bound to have issues, and that’s why I got the one with GPS only!! Besides who wants an extra bill?!? Nope I’ll pass….lmao

Dwiata Chandra says:

Media always trying to find another “gate-hate” EVERYTIME apple come out with new products. Why? Because people’s like it that way. Damn people are salty af

r56mini says:

I pick up my LTE apple watch tomorrow! i cannot wait!

Deann Gonzales says:

Apple watch 0 Samsung watch 1

Eric F says:

I don’t know about the WSJ method, but the verge review was completely flawed and designed to fail. No one tests a cell device in an area that is KNOWN to have poor cell service, it defeats the whole purpose of the review. This is poor journalism.   (Again, maybe the WSJ review was valid, who knows, but the verge, LOL, nope, they should have fired that girl who did the test, really).

Derek Knight says:

So Engadget just reads reports from other sites now? How about you folks grab a test unit an put it through its paces. Own the story instead of settling on here-say reporting.

Adam M says:

I put a red sticker on my crown a couple days ago. seems my LTE works bout as good as yours

ThirtyPlusGAMER says:

Who it this Drama Queen

Domenico Lattuca says:

If the key strength of new Apple Watch turns into its weak point, Apple has failed remarkably.


Apple Just Chinese Stuff And Claim it American Goods!

Rick Perry says:

Apple is the next Sony. They’ve really $#!+ the bed this year.

TheMutedVid says:

Apple disappoints.
even a fcking knockoff watch for USD$10 has a camera embedded in it and apple watch doesn’t…

Luis Velez says:

I don’t list to the verge. There was probably no service in the area lol. She obviously did not check her phone to find out if she had service or not

Eli Yang says:

Pam Beasley’s doppelgänger

Wilson Eng says:

Time to wait 3 to 5 years later.

Arturo Fuentes says:

It’s a first GEN product There’s going to be some bugs

IndyShepherd says:

Can’t you just turn of Wifi and solve the cellular issue ?

Bryce says:

I ordered a series 3 watch with just the GPS

tiburonroano says:

cell phone reception issues?you don’t say? its been a while back when the iPhone 7 came out intel chips had reception issues compared to the qualcom chips. this is nothing new for apple.

unknown94 says:

I don’t wear smart watches. They make you look nerdy. I like standard watches more.

Stuart Mills says:

I have had massive issues with my series 2 nike apple watch since the day i purchased mine back in January this year, I have spoke to Apple many many times and I have 18 separate  case numbers !!  – Apple say my issue is with the nike 3rd party app and nothing to do with them …..   when i speak to nike they tell me its an Apple issue and also refuse to help !!
My days of buying apple products are now OVER   !! –  their customer service is awful !!  – goodbye Apple !!

Pareekshith Bhoopathy says:

fuck wsj!!!

Bassam Abulela says:

Thank you Tim Cook for destroying Steve Jobs’s legacy!

Jay Green says:

It’s the software same thing happening to iOS update it’s not stable

Matt Buffo says:

people don’t understand that with new products means bugs and issues people just need to calm down it’ll get better this is just the start the iphone dre didn’t make beats in a day

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