Android Wear watches on the iPhone: hands-on

There’s a new wave of Android Wear watches coming out this fall and they’re going to have a new trick: they work with the iPhone.

Read more on Android Wear’s move to the iPhone:


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metamurph says:

more than current MSFT Band too, big loss being inability to respond from band. I get notified but can’t respond or of course use cortana ahh the wonderful world of closed systems.

Lorna Fletcher says:

will the lg g watch r work on my iPhone?

Kleyderman says:

It would be pretty cool if they could have WatchOS on the Android watches.

Ved Shah says:

Does it work with the g watch

Rahadiyan says:

‘it can’t work quite like apple watch’ it was made by apple, for accompanying an apple products. oh…..

Kyle Printon says:

0:42 what is the watch second to the left?

MAD-RAI says:

what can apple watch do with android ? nothing

Nick Hoskin says:

At 0:42, what is the black watch second from the left? Anyone know?

China Gadgets TR says:

Very nice video

Justice says:

If you can’t beat’em, join’em

Darby says:

does the lg watch urbane 1 work with the app?

PinkMidnight says:

So this is 2018 now, can I use Spotify with my iPhone and Android wear watch

Andy W says:

Will the together watch face feature word for iOS as well?

Vad Kovalenko says:

Watching in 2016, still nothing happened. Suffering my Moto 360 with Iphone. What you guys suggest me to choose? 🙂

Jaco van der Walt says:

Word play five

SUMO says:

Please come check out my Chanel and Mabe subscribe. Will be posting more in the future

zac says:

watch and strap at 0:54?

Fun Hopes says:

So…… maybe rolex should rest now

Trrnit says:

So I can’t use my old LG G Watch R with an iPhone?

Benneen says:

What about the wifi? The Huawei watch has wifi if I connec it to iPhone will wifi still work

Lucio Aguilar says:

Thanks for the info. Im a iphone user but i really like the Pro trek f20 smartwatch. As today the Apple Watch looks girly

Samson Zhang says:

All those puns

kobe Cornelis says:

will this work with my lg G watch?

Chris Sorreda says:

That Huwawei smart watch is hella sexy man.

UDontKnoAThing says:

Whatabout applepay? For 5s?

Travis Younker says:

that’s so damn annoying that the og moto 360 won’t work. This isn’t something I would expect of Google, very disappointing

Danny Crow says:

But will it read messages From iphone?

Nate Adam says:

Hey Android Everywhere….

Nasir Mire says:

Is it possible to pair an android smart watch and android phone, load some 3rd party apps, and then later pair it with an iphone and have the apps work fine? Please if anyone knows let me know

Uegene Dyalnburke says:

so our precious phones became too much hassle to use . whats next? smart ring ?

Fabi Eli says:

i get my text and i get my calls but i CANT RESPOND TO THEM!!!! ugh i love the android watches “look of them” way more than an apple one but please PLEASE PLEASE allow us to respond to our notifications pplleeassee 🙁

eetu53 says:

Lg Watch Urbane works great with iPhone 6

Bass Junkie says:

Once he said I can’t install third party apps on the watch I was like welp that’s ashame.

50Abu50 says:

so are messages supported on the watch or not ?

Paul A. Fernandez says:

Does wifi work when paired with an iPhone?

Anardo Cuello says:

It sucks that iOS limits competition like this. I like different looking watches

Huggan 935 says:

fuck the iwatch

Khôi Châu says:

How about Gear S2?

Golden Boi says:

Id be happy if Apple made a circular watch

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