5 Awesome Smart Watches Available Now

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Fitbit Blaze http://www.fitbit.com/
LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition http://amzn.to/1WQArgT
TAG Heuer Connected http://www.tagheuerconnected.com/
Pebble http://amzn.to/1WQAs4o
Link www.wearatec.com
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Wreck Youtube says:

This video SUCKS. It didn’t have an iWatch!

Tomas Av. says:

I see NONE of pros for smartwatches, they all require phone to be in 10 meters range…so what’s the point. Also best features like heart monitor, and so on is not accurate anyways.

András Sásdi says:

who wlse waiting for a smart pocketwatch?

Oscar Navas says:

3rd view

bharat choudhary says:

wearatec watch background music name please….????

Alpha Male says:

“ya son get it ! some thing fresh!!! “LMAO

Alex Stavi says:

the last one: yes, innovation. but i prefer the 3rd one, the TagHeuer

ali shadid says:

what is the cheep one.? i want one for 30-50$ and good one

Maria Ceja says:

9th comment

test says:

Edox Women’s Grand Ocean Ultra Slim Watch Model: 26025-3-BIN – $229 (Retail: $1,809)

xzaviah milton says:

first comment and liker

CupcakeCrush 360 says:

2nd view

Borna Gredicak says:

what a stupid commercial video…. there are watches 1’00 times better that this

Mr Hancock says:

look at 0:59 beautiful blonde arm hairs.. that blonde is so hot!!

Amazon-Bestsellers Store says:

http://www.watches72.com 2017 new watches models

SUNNY LI says:

can pay attention to the NO.1 G5 smart watch if somebody like the outdoors sport and love the reasonable price

Barry kay rex says:

I prefer the wearatec,the first one

Gioele Bezzan says:

The last one is the most beautiful and innovative!

VampCaff says:

fit bit…. most worthless smart watch ever

Joseph v12 Autos says:

why the lg watch urbane of 2 generation is in te 4 place?, is the first (whell the second with the lg watch urbane lte)smartwatch that you can make calls

stalemate 88 says:

1st view

LILguardofhonor says:

3rd view

Manel Bertrand says:

none It looks for me actually great$work perspective

Msdj Jdndn says:

Dz09 anyone?

Christopher Alvarez says:


Chris Bowen says:

that screen on the time round… it should fit the entire face of the watch not be all small and in the middle of a big bezel or whatever that part is called around the screen. wtf was they thinking. I’d rather have a smart watch with no space around the screen… I’m just saying. don’t hate on me.

Grave Intentions says:

Anyone else found the lack of any audio aside from him talking awkward or is that just me?

unlogo says:

7 rt

Roast 123 says:

first ad needs music..

TheDivineHustle says:

Took too long for the video to get to the fucking point. Dislike

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