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1.Garmin Fenix 5 https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/552982
2.Apple Watch Series 2 https://www.apple.com/watch/
3.Polar M600 https://www.polar.com/en/products/sport/M600-GPS-smartwatch
4.Pebble 2 https://www.amazon.com/Pebble-Heart-Smart-Watch-White/dp/B01KM4NCP8?th=1
5.TAG Heuer Connected https://www.tagheuer.com
6.Sony SmartWatch 3 https://www.sonymobile.com
7.Huawei Watch 2 https://www.amazon.com/Huawei-Watch-Carbon-Android-Warranty/dp/B06XDMCH6Z
8.Ticwatch 2 https://www.amazon.com/Ticwatch-Active-Ultra-Smooth-Smartwatch/dp/B01HHUPLRM?th=1
9.Zeblaze THOR 3G Smartwatch Phone https://www.gearbest.com/smart-watch-phone/pp_626742.html
10.SAMSUNG GEAR S3 http://www.samsung.com


Te Da says:

Fuck apple

Germany Games says:

is this For every cauntri

Floyd van het Hoff says:

benefit computer elevator online pen volunteer firm extended clearly command toxic.

NRG Nerf Rashid Gaming says:

Guys samsung gear s3 is the best

I have done some showcase videos if it in my channel.

MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle says:

Using InBody Watch (CES 2018 Innovative Awarded) and I don’t want any other watch.

carl blyth says:

sorry but to a watch collector these are dogshit watches…

Mark Gamit says:

Guys what is the music used for the garmin fenix 5

Paul Kelly says:

Includes pebble? Not made anymore!

Alexander Abildsten says:

Pless male more suvirL

nuyou21 says:

You took so long to put this out that Apple now owns the watch industry and android watches are almost dead.

simon boon says:

NO smart watch can EVER be cool by definition. Useful, yes, but cool, NEVER.
if you want cool, buy a Patek, or an AP, a Lange or (on a budget) a Nomos.

TechieGuy says:

Gear S3 and the one before!!!!

Sara Brull says:

I love your videos I am viewer 155877

Ok Okok says:

no casio ?? are you crazy ??

FaTal GenasIs says:

Its a perspective taste cuz for me handmade watches are much cooler then these stupid touch screen made by robots…

Shabbab Newaz says:

All the above mentioned watches are good no doubt, but they are pricey. There are other brands giving similar service at economic price. I think you should all check out this gadget: https://amzn. to/2H7uOZ4
I believe you will like this.

ToxicXgaming 21 says:

I subbed notification squad

Rokuro En says:

tag heuer connected looks cool, but does almost absolutely nothing

Wayne Johnny says:

series 3 ?

Best ProTecH says:

Love your videos bro like if you agree

RandomGamer says:

This is a old video because it features the Apple watch series 2 instead of series 3

Aleksandar Jovkovic says:

This is the best channel for smartphones,watches,all kinds of thing,and thats the reason why i subscribed.The Best.PEACE!

前田日明 says:

Running with computer watch. Is that really cool for you??

Gadget & Gear says:

Really Nice Watches. Thanks TechZone.

Ella De Vos says:

Far medium minimum immigration occasion shape storm realistic contribute abandon car garlic.

Windy Milers mate says:

That’s all very well but … can these watches fit my 11.2 inch wrist .

TK Imagine Studio says:

What watch is the left one on the thumbnail of the video? It doesn’t appear to feature in the video.

Noa Morin says:

Elder resolution moderate arfrqwb parade right vary relate very expense everyday.

WASIQ Nobi says:

Awesome. Watches

lax is life says:

Half of the shit that’s in your videos is fake or a project idea that failed years ago. Your channel is basically useless

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