The John Price Watch Collection Review – Chopard Mille Miglia, CWard Trident C60, Squale 1521

After much delay, I finally get to review a fantastic collection from a highly valued regular commentator and supporter of the show.
A massive thank you to John Price for his generous donation to a charity of his choosing and allowing me to share his wonderful collection on the channel.

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patientx77 says:

This is one of my favourite segments of your channel. Very nice.

illermenerti says:

The British legion helped me tremendously when I left the army. I was hastily discharged after a severe health issue came to light with no further support from the army. They helped me find a home and furnish it with the basic necessities (following a brief time being homeless due to my health making me unable to work), and pointed me in the right direction to get help with my PTSD. although I was unaware of it myself at the time. Very pleased to hear that you encourage their support. They do an incredible job for no reason other than helping our veterans. I owe my life to the Royal British legion I am .As do many, many others.

JustinMiles17 says:

I do love the look of the CW Trident. That being said Squale still has my attention at the moment though. Another great vid TGV!

Steve Smith says:

I always like to watch regular people’s watch review, it gives me inspiration to get my watch game up

Karlo L. says:

Hi TGV, yes you are very conservative regarding watch styles, and you should feel ashamed, BUT not because you aren´t extravagant enough… don´t get me wrong, all these feelings you have toward your collectibles is just what makes collecting so special… you and your taste are still evolving. Nothing wrong in exploring all of the conservative watches and then spread out. Its the constant change and the endless thoughts about your collection what makes it fascinating, It´s almost as fascinating as sellers remorse and rebuying… how could you explain to someone that anticipation when you buy something you already owned.. That´s the true beauty of collecting 🙂

Roberto Salgado says:

This is my favorite collection of all reviewed until today.

stephen rhodes says:

An interesting collection. Not to my taste but his leftfield approach should be applauded.

Timepiece Addict says:

Also, since you mentioned Tudor, the Heritage Advisor might be a great option too. Right in his size sweet spot, and has a mechanical complication you don’t see often, an alarm.

Mr Cholmondeley says:

Great review of a great collection. Thank you. I really like the Lew and Huey Cerberus. It puts me in mind of the 1970s Seikos like the 6139 Colonel Pogue took aboard Skylab.

Vincent swissvince Blake says:

Hi Tgv
Great little video. What I lovely little collection and that chopard is awesome looking. Going to get one of chr ward tridents next year.
Looking at this collection I think it really goes well together.
Anyway hope you are well
All the best

Ooh Arhh says:

Great collection. Variety really is the spice of life

João Vitor Amaral Silva says:

This guy’s philosophy is a little bit like mine…he likes watches with different colors, and 42-44mm is also my sweet spot

Ignited911 says:

My eyes were on that skx the whole time…hypnotically gorgeous!! Just getting into watches with a montblanc dress watch and a g shock from my parents as a gift. Need a nice dive watch for daily wear at uni!

Jay McGowan says:

+The Urban Gentry I am really enjoying your videos, can you check out/possibly review Swiss Military Hanowa watches? I need some advice on what you think of them, your input would be much appreciated. Thanks

FR33STyla72 says:

Good to see the poppy being worn there TGV, kudos mate.

Lest We Forget.

Orologi, Moto e Viaggi says:

I would suggest to pronounce Mille Mill-ya. That watch is very famous in Italy and in my opinion a stuning piece. Regards

Renovar Wwis says:

My first impression is clearly a collection from a gent who knows what he wants. One who is secure about his style. Plus the photography skill is not too shabby either. Often (on some other channels) you see collection of sheeple who doesn’t know what they want, or insecure of who they are. Thumbs up for sharing.

Centurion Coles says:

just wondering what the poppy is for, in New Zealand we wear tje poppy for anzac day

Sandro S says:

Hi TGV, quick question: What is the name of the painting on your right monitor right at the beginning of the video? It looks stunning! Thanks for the great videos!

K.D.P. Ross says:

Ha, hadn’t occurred to me that Ernie was named for Papa Hem. :~}

Nice Chris Ward! The red-black combo. looks really good on that leather strap … –and– TGV, having owned both the 1st and 2nd gen. of Trident: The 1st was good, but the 2nd is almost-incomparably better: Case shape, dial, date, ceramic bezel …

That blue Squale is *gorgeous* … Hrmmm, my collection could really use a blue watch at some point ;~P

R Ramirez says:

TGV, thanks for another great video. I love this channel to death. Also looking to getting my hands on my first Squale. Looking for a 1521 blue but everyone is sold out.

Kavinsky Smith says:

the Mile-ia Migilea is how I’ve heard it pronounced roughly, Via Harry Evo’s ferrari 550 Barchetta video where he took it on that route, complete with bumping into 5th gear presenter Tiff Nedell on the way, as he’s friends with him. its a great channel by the way, and I highly recommend it to any serious car enthusiast, especially the video on the countach, Woof! The Italian cobra, no iffs ands or butts that’s an italian shelby cobra through and through.

and at 5:08 and I know that model by the way, the one behind the watch, that’s a 1:18 model of the Jaguar XKSS made by Autoart, not cheap FYI, they usually make high quality stuff outside of sadly the aston martin DB5 model, and some of the proportions and details of the miura and countach models. which really stings quite frankly, as with Kyosho, all three of mine have had serious problems and are not worth the money, but yet they make the most accurate lamborghini miuras and countaches despite the serious production flaws.

but as for the XKSS its a civilian version of the famous D type used and raced at lemans back in the 50’s, and that civilian version that the model is based off of is the one that was owned by Steve Mcqueen and Driven by Jay Leno on his garage channel here on youtube a little while back if you want a really good look at it.

quite the car and quite the handful lol as it used a live axel, just like the 250 GTO, no independents until the mid 1960’s along with the discs in some cases, which is all the funnier considering how much those things are valued now. and yet none of the people who treat them like money symbols know that lol its kind of a perfect lie detector test really to separate the speculators and bankers from the enthusiasts

plus disc brakes were abit spotty back then, hence why most cars for regular use used drums in america, given the precision that was required for the crudely designed disc brakes to work well, like namely on the corvette and other GM cars, frequent leaks and the like if they were so much as something like .00005ths of an inch out of alignment and would not work anywhere near as well as they should.

and thank christ for restomodding because of that lol hence why the resto mod thing usually follows the heading of extra bracing, new brembo disc brakes, aluminum radiator, as its as a rule because of its contstruction 20 degrees cooler vs steel.

along with a modern ignition and power systems so your not fiddling with the points all the time based on what atmosphere you live in, and that alone can add like 30 HP to a car without really touching the motor.

and sadly I fully understand why the do it, but it just feels wrong, although I might feel differently if I was stranded on the side of the road with an overheated battery depleated classic car.

oh and also the cooling fans ran off of the clutches, hence why if a car like that sits in traffic or hot weather, it overheats, modern ones use electrics that are thermostat controled.

and if your wondering why I know all this, I plan to own, upgrade and overhaul a Corvette C3 some day in the vein of my fathers old black and red 61 chevy impala convertible with a 262 V8 engine I think.

kind of the ultimate throwback to a better time in the corvettes history, as that new one is hideous and looks like a frankeinvette.

Woody says:

What the HELL kind of name is soap ?

Gino Fornaro says:

Great videos, amazing content! Hope to get an awesome timepiece soon
Huge fan from Milan, Italy

John Price says:

Thank you TGV for doing a review of my small collection.   I really enjoyed your comments.   As for your advice on where to go next, I do see myself adding an Alpinist or perhaps a SARB035 as my next watch.  The Cerberus is for sale to fund that.   After that I’ll probably begin saving for a higher end piece.  One piece that I have set my sights on is the Omega 57 Speedmaster with the grey/blue sunray dial, applied indices, and lancet/alpha hands.  But with used ones going for $5000-$5500 it’ll be a while before I add it to my collection.  As for the Tudor Fastrider recommendation – that’s a tempting model indeed.  I also like the Monte Carlo inspired Heritage Chrono.  Hmm, may just have to squeeze one of those in there somewhere too!    As for miglia – try pronouncing it like  “meal lee ya” with a bit of tongue roll on the “lee ya”.    Once again, thank you for the video review and give pat to Ernest for me!     Ciao,     John

pablomanc says:

“over the moon with this watch” nice pun TGV 😀

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