Sustainability & Transparency in Luxury: example of Chopard

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We all know that the world of luxury brands like to maintain some kind of secrecy around their manufacturing processes. It’s often part of their communication strategy, but today’s consumers habits have evolved and the notion of provenance and work ethics have become more important when it comes to the final purchasing decision.

In this video report, Eleonore talks with Caroline Scheufeule, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, about the new responsibility luxury brands are now facing. This obliges them to more transparency and in particular the sourcing of luxury materials such as gold and precious stones used for their products.


mongodlx says:

The only gem I see here is the readhead..! Very fine

Kris Oluich says:

Am I a horrible person if I don’t care where the materials come from?

sheeraz ali says:

She is so sweet I only watched her video’s only to watch her . I became fan of her

sutats says:

4:26 Looks great

watchesali swiss says:

Wow Diamond is the Best friend of woman

Herman Ingram says:

You forgot diversity, tolerance and equality.

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

Eleanor outshines all the jewels….

An Sung says:

I do not understand what do you mean by ”recycle’ and ‘sustainable’. Do they melt metal and collect diamond from old jewelry then reuse it?

Adamn Sandler says:

la neta esa morrita si esta chida, saludos desde México pandilla

Nils Eik says:

1. Luxury goods and precious stones

2. Sustainability
Pick one.

Vortic Watch Company says:

I personally haven’t seen anyone talk about sustainability in the luxury world (maybe excluding cars?). I think it’s a very interesting topic and love hearing about it!
Best, IC

Mark Job says:

I’m looking forward to seeing more of the excellent young lady in future segments 🙂 🙂 🙂

Peruvian drummer says:

already im very pleased to see that wacthes tv is making a video about sustainability in watchmaking. Coming from a chimical eng student
and hello again Eleonore!

903lew says:

”Luxury should be transparent”
This is the future of the industry. What piece is made where by whom will become more and more important in every industry with luxury being the most critical industry. It is, when you think about it, the next step of the in-house vogue.

Jude Skye says:

can we have a video with some one English like roger smith this would be great no one talks about the English any more

Rafael Lastra com says:

Luxury = Pride = The sin of sins = Satanic scum That is exactly what your culture represents.

culturehorse says:

Every future episode must feature stunning Eleonore or I unsubscribe tout de suite (; Life is too short.. Many Thanks

Miguel G says:

Is she single?

c'est lui XVIII says:

c’est très joli, un grand merci pour ce travail.

Rafael Rodriguez says:

Beautiful pieces of jewelry , interesting as always, thanks Eleanor nicely done. All the pieces suits you really well, green is your color if I may say so. I know the Gold comes from Colombia and that’s great to know how Chopard support my country.

H Jones says:

Just absolutely beautiful. And so were the watches too.

matthew chen says:

Eleonor is an absolute stunner!

Kris Oluich says:

Chopard’s esthetic and execution is stunning.

Kovacs Kovacs says:

Why are women’s watches almost always blinged out? Ew.

Y&S FOOD! says:

Superb online video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we adore to check out these sort of contents. We produce Travel & Food movies as well, around the world, and so we are frequently aiming for inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

Bill Cosgrave says:

Beautiful! Oh, and the watches were nice too.

Richard Scott says:

“ Said James , in my opinion, there’s nothing in this world, beats a ‘52 Vincent and a red headed girl “.

Alvin Aw says:

Hi Marc

thabest007 says:

beautiful designs by Chopard, especially the one at 4:33

Michael Verzosa says:

What caught my attention was how the interviewer liked to interrupt Caroline Scheufele while she was explaining. You guys should’ve edited that out cause it turned my focus to that and how it seemed like she got annoyed (scratching her head, etc…)

Laurence Heaney says:

“Sustainability is the Western myth of eternal life and the transcendence of nature.”

hanz peter says:

4:25 0.25 speed

SkySpirit says:

Oghh….one of those episodes for ladies only…

R Mac says:

Eleanor must be the most beautiful person in the watch industry. If she sold a Casio for 1k I’d buy one

Przemysław Jan says:

Great episode!

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