Spending Time: Responding to the aBlogtoWatch Community & Some Cool Chopard Watches

Spending Time: Responding to the aBlogtoWatch Community & Some Cool Chopard Watches

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In this episode of the Spending Time podcast Ariel and David share their views of and experiences with online watch enthusiast communities and also discuss some obscure Chopard L.U.C watches that David finds online.

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Neo says:

Given all the watches you guys touch which ones did you actually buy?

mrg1911 says:

You have by far the best watch channel.
Straight ahead, no nonsense content with appropriate production quality.
So many others are tedious and a Wayne’s World parents basement quality mess….or TOO hipster cool.
PS: Always wear a sport jacket at Basel World……and NEVER ever wear sunglasses on your head.

ubuntuandroid says:

Stop promoting crap and shitter watches plz .

Bubba B says:

Trolls trolls trolls, they are out there. Keep to your beliefs. Good conversation.

ToxicDonut81 says:

What, no mention of my hilarious, witty, totally non-antisemitic question under the Tissot V8 review if only Jews are allowed to work at ABTW?! Otherwise, this is a pretty nice, entirely self-serving venting rant. Hope you guys feel better now and can get back to earning money by having the people you basically just insulted look at ads on your sites and channels.

Kel feen says:

most content created is great and commenters are gunna hate because they cannot create!. Do as your mother said and if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all, as David andAriel said negative comment without basis loses all effect. You continue to provide a balanced argument thank you.

senfnas says:

What makes me angry about some reviews
A: The price sometimes is such a rip-off. I hate it when shitter companies make a fortune selling shitter products and you are giving them a boost ffs.
B: Just mention the price at the beginning of the video, so I don´t have to waste my time if it´s once again fucking overpriced

GB10014 says:

Hmm…who paid you guys to complain about people griping about you being paid? Nice one AA!

Adamn Sandler says:

You should do a draw my life or avideo about you reacting to tg stupid ass videos

Watch Aficionado says:

Aren’t Chopard LUC movements created by Parmigiani Fleurier (Vaucher)?

Northstar says:

So many faceless cowards out there, hiding under a made up avatar and a pretentious made up user alias, not acknowledging all the work and effort you guys are putting into this serious work – Those types are just scum, man! pure scum.

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