Rolex Cellini Rehab, Patek Philippe & Failed Watches By Audemars Piguet, Omega, And Chopard.

Luxury watch buyers and watch collectors join Tim Mosso for a night of discussion; Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe headline our main feature for the evening; rehab for luxury watches. Along with Chopard, these brands have issued a series of well-made but poorly received products; the Rolex Cellini Prince; Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Survivor; Patek Philippe 5091 “Sculpture”; Omega De Ville Hour Vision; Chopard L.U.C. 16/1860. None of these are inferior timepieces, but all carry image and reputational baggage that has discouraged watch buyers from seeking these models. Tonight, Tim evaluates the prospects for these Swiss watch flameouts and which timepieces can expect to rise or ride the pine down the line. We discuss dive watches – specifically, dive watch clasps – and Tim shares his favorites from Tudor watches, Omega watches, and Rolex. The “Time to Run” feature stars two off-key IWC watch listings; one is a bogus IWC Pilot’s Chronograph, and one is a real IWC Aquatimer hilariously overpriced given its damaged condition. Tim responds to a viewer question about why watch collectors don’t seem to respect Panerai; the answer is complicated. First, Panerai touts a combat heritage that seems at odds with its reality of luxury living for the wealthy. Second, Panerai’s claim to be a true movement manufacture is clouded by the involvement of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Richemont’s white-label movement specialist, Valfleurier. Third, Panerai’s public image is associated with action heroes like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Jason Statham; not everyone buys into this lifestyle pitch. Finally, Johann Rupert, Richemont’s controlling shareholder, has spoken of Panerai as his “single greatest” profit-driver; this implies low production costs relative to retail prices of Panerai watches. Is a Panerai Luminor just a fashion watch? Tim acknowledges the criticism and pushes back against Panerai’s critics. The Swatch Group’s withdrawal from Baselworld 2019 has sent shockwaves around the Swiss luxury watch industry. Tim offers his analysis and recommends a superb article on the topic written by Ablotowatch’s Ariel Adam. All of this and watch collector wrist shots will be live this evening on Watches Tonight!

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Slapshot 007 says:

Always thought it was a shame about the cellini prince, those deco looks and lovely movements were gorgeous. Just too far from what the public expects from rolex I guess.

Zander Brown says:

Easily the best Watchbox show. I really appreciate all the knowledge you share Tim!

Ian Gault says:

Hi Tim. The Panerai critique was, in my opinion, without parallel in objective content or subjective emotion and stands as, by far, the best commentary I have ever heard on the subject. Simply outstanding and, from my perspective, bang on the money.

Cheng Hong Seah says:

Great insights n analysis of the watches Tim. Just got my 114060, thinking should I flip my TOG 116264 jubilee. The TOG it’s like one of those watches you stated that might not have a come back.

zzeuss87 says:

Chopard via Parmiagiani is magic at a crazy low price. Too many can’t see what is truly special.

KingMinosxxvi says:

Hi Tim,

This is of topic but I doubt Ill find related content. I notice sifting through watchbox a Pequignet. I m sure i came across them combing chrono 24 years ago but I didnt pay them allot of mind. What is your stance on the brand. I know they have something a kin to an in house movement and they seem to have a few pieces that for various reasons standout to me (the equus regualtor which i dont think is manufacture) for instance. Ive never handled one or seen one in person. Thoughts?

JD Michael says:

Tim awesome show. I really liked the analysis of Panerai. You gave a fair argument what people might perceive as a negative and you gave good points on what there is to love. Well done as always.


Kevin Elias says:

What’s with the sunglasses on the head all the time?

john dandola says:

Fantastic Cartier Roadster picture…my favorite Cartier.

zzeuss87 says:

I like the the Celinni. I live on the fringe to be sure.

JizzyNinja says:

Chopard LUC is so underrated, totally agree!

jumboJetPilot says:

I liked the Sculpture and the Neptune, especially the latter. Too bad they didn’t do well.

Dietmar Koenig says:

Tim you are so right about the Cellini Prince. And so I tested the white gold version 2 times on my whrist and it doesnot work for me … absolutly no emotions on it.

A- Wall says:

Glad you got a kick out of the horribly fake IWC listing! I missed the beginning of the live stream so I didn’t see that you used it. Too cool! Great show as always!

Wongsarun Chatamornwong says:

The LUC is beautiful!

zzeuss87 says:

Is it two ells and one en? I think I made a mistake.

steven uk1 says:

Panerai is not the problem, it is the pay-master Richemont decision making. LVMH is not too different… these bankers have hoovered up these brands like an investment bank buying up equities (the same thing) so now you are buying a watch from an Investment Bank, and you can tell as they deploy corporate fashion design, price hiking, and personality killing strategies into the marketplace. Be interesting to see what CVC and George Kern do to Breitling; they both actually thought oversized was the future. Watch Companies need a proper watch guy at the helm, not a finance banker salesman type, look at the smaller independents​ to see the difference.

Andy Kiesling says:

tim can u actually tell us more about urself. how do u know so much about watches ? how can you speak flawlessly ? do you read a lot or just a natural talent ? if u were to start new, which 3 watches would u chose for practical wearing ?

edwardo Don edwardo says:

I’m debating on buying a breitling, either a navitimer or an avenger hurricane 50 mm, I’m torn, I like the avenger 50mm with the yellowish dail, or the 46mm navitimer with aurora blue dail and blue alligator strap. I currently have a couple Tissot one being Nicky Hayden first T racer and a Tag Heuer, Heuer 01 ceramic with ceramic band, any one got any suggestions, cause I might just say fuck it and get a bell & ross GMT and call it a day

rrp925 says:

Hey Tim, great show! I have been wondering for weeks: sometimes you wear a very bright green watch, what is it exactly? It wasn’t in this episode, but I finally remembered to ask xD

zzeuss87 says:

That 3571,my my. Back in the day, wow. Remember when Concord was as good as it gets? That was a while ago.

Brad G. says:

Great Panerai and Baselworld assessment, and the Chopard LUC is absolutely beautiful.

Amintas Neto says:

Another great show Tim.
Boy, I’m still shocked about Swatch group getting out of Basel.
Definitively sign of times.
On the timepiece valuation best best, my pick is the new Rolex GMT Master white gold with blue dial.
A few support points: 1-It still use Rolex 3186 movement which should be valued by purists; 2-It’s scarce since and expensive piece; 3–It will be even rarer given it should be soon replaced by a new reference with the 3285 movement; 4-It will become a transitional model which tends to value a lot of the money over time.
In summary, the perfect combination for an icon within 20-30 years down the road 🙂


fernando sanchez says:

Jacob and Co is probably the biggest failure of the 2000’s decade

HAHAahahahhahahah says:

can you do a review on the ‘drive de Cartier’.there isn’t any on the watch and i think it’s a pretty good watch.

george varughese says:

Panerai needs to control distribution, limit size to 42-46mm, too many different types of Panerai, perception that their quality when compared to Rolex is substandard and a very poor resale value.

zzeuss87 says:

This was a good one. Thanks.

Bob Rouleau says:

Fantastic show. Well done indeed!

Danny T says:

Panerai still looks fugly. PAM’s only nautical value is as an anchor.

Thamer faisal says:

That object on your head is so distancing

nick_o_shay kendall says:

That pacer x is like an ugly kid. Only its mother can love it ….sorry i just couldn’t resist its that bad.having said that its a little Waynes world so it redeems itself a little. Finale comment .i have been shopping around to see what the first will be and i really am likeing panari for the rage in me and jlc for when the Teddy bear has been set free .i love the memovox models i havnt narrowed it down much yet tho .and for the pam i like the wire lug models for functionality and the look. Im in heavenly bliss looking aroumd so much dreaming of what may be proudly on my wrist its exciting.

Scotty H says:

I would recommend skipping the “live” stream format in the future. Concentrate on improving your video content (editing is your friend), that’s what get subs for your channel and customers to your store. Also, lose the sunglasses.

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