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Santa PHISTS Archie says:

Archie that Audemars Piguet is unsaleable, chop the price your next sales op before NEXT Christmas is Valentine’s day.

Ming daMerciless says:

Whaaaat??? Where was the steel stunners advice Arch? You only pulled out the good old reverso. Just cause she’s a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t try to get her on a MOTFM or an explorer ii polar used of course!

Matt Todd says:

good vid Arch wish my Mrs had a better apprication for watches

Tomasina Covell says:

Her white-balance is all wrong then!

Get rid of that smelly comb over and have those spider eggs removed.

Mad Man says:

Review for a female co-worker? Come on, we know this already… I think David does not only wear womens watches but also silk stockings and high heels at home…

The Greek Decca Millionaire says:

I think this lady needs a Cartier Roadster and it just so happens Archie has one available, enquire within!

Mike Dennington says:

I see the AO arsehole is changing his Youtube name as he gets blocked and blocked and blocked. What a dildo.

Des Falon says:

Brilliant product placement earlier big boi up sell on the $20 review fee

Johnston Pettigrew says:

anybody consider the BKK Tour with Archie and SUck a Horn?  I personally think this is a huge mistake, when you consider the “ladies” Archie gets and Suck with all that smoking, I can only imagine his pull power.  What you want to meet, you cannot with that team.  If you are a youngish, good looking guy by Thai standards and want to get model quality women who are not prostitutes, you are going to have a spend a year learning whas up…………there are no short cuts.  If you are n older guy….maybe a “bit” overweight, you can have a look around yourself……with better results……just say’in………..

Caligula says:

I just bought a VC Traditionnelle Small for wife as a Christmas present. What else would you guys recommend for a women who usually only wears business attire and prefers understated watches?

john g says:

no arch – ladies do not want a manual wind – they prefer quartz as it is easier

Mike Dennington says:

I only have one word for Archie at this point………………….panties.

Mike Dennington says:

That ain’t no woman on the side of the fridge its a fukin ladyboyz pic from bangers that Archie analed some time ago.
Archie ya need to do some panty reviews.

john g says:

come on Archie – this guy paid you  -put him on the front of the fridge for fuck sake

21centurycaveman says:

Great bit of advertising that Archibold. Bet the punters are queuing up for some space on the side of that fridge mate. Lol. ATB

Fenway Fan says:

You’re not wearing a watch Archie ‘cos you’re “doing a photo shoot”? Is this a brief unintended insight to your “other life” as a stand-in Mr. Tumnus at the local Narnia Convention???

bisrama says:

Shitter Review. Both Archie and Chopard have Quartz in the Arse

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