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There’s Chopard, and then there’s L.U. Chopard. This is the same brand, although the latter costs more than the former—a lot more. It’s unusual for a brand to split itself so clearly down the middle—this kind of move is usually spread across group brands, like with Rolex and Tudor. Is L.U.C. the real deal, or is it bluffing with a hand worth nothing?

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Chopard L.U.C Classis Small Seconds 1860
Chopard L.U.C Lunar Twin 1930
Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Twin 3001

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Amin Tj says:

they should call Mr Biver !

WatchKek says:

Well I suggest they win a few trophies at the GPHG for a start… Oh, wait

YuZhong Ng says:

why is the number four is IIII instead of IV?

Johnny Vineall says:

There’s something weird going on with the video at around 3:12 – look just under the “22K” on the rotor

Aptisign Productions says:

Awesome job!

Francisco Santiago says:

Beautiful watch. I love the raised thick roman numerals.

bigdick heavyweight says:

better advertising and sponsor someone (tho i dare to say) like drake; sadly that would make the brand huge.

Aziz Hussein Z says:

I never think that Chopard takes their quality thus far

David Whiskey says:

How to get the word out for LUC? More videos like this!!!! Keep it up!!

Ernesto Kling says:

ahhhhhhh so good!!! thanks for filling my request to showcase some LUCs. Great awesome video. The hands of the LUC are really beautiful. Such elegantly and well made watches. They’re slowly giving rise to the hardcore watchmaking name. Give it 10-15 more years!

Conner Ferguson says:

I really appreciate this because I never considered LUC as an “serious” watch brand, until now…

KL KL says:

That is a beautiful watch! Absolutely love the detail on the dial! Thank you for introducing me to the brand!

DEXVD says:

If they want to get the word out they are going to need places like Hodinkee or this channel to take some of their watches and do head to head price range comparisons with offerings from JLC and A. Lange & Sohne. They don’t have the brand cachet of Rolex and Patek so they need to make their argument purely through form and function.

DonjonArmory says:

Where do you get all of these amazing watches from?

IndeedBeni says:

This is, quite possibly, the most high-quality series of watch videos currently on youtube.

Benendes C says:

Do you mean Tudor , not quda

Tinh Nguyen Quoc says:

the quality of the video is so nice but could you please keep the moment of machine longer, I love to see the movements longer !

Suresh Obhan says:

Beautiful watches especially the perpetual calendar…!!!

Charles Field says:

Could watch for hours!

J Lo says:

“Jenny on the block”comment just killed me LOL

Michael Gomez says:

This is unmistakably a timely shot across the bow of Hodinkee. Subtle, Watchfinder. 😉

Dylan Calvert says:

L u c just needs to get out there and throw more punches.

Andrew Steel says:

Great video.

Javid Bunyadzade says:

I wish the micro rotor were also used on more budget offerings. It would be great to have an unobstructed look at all of the movement through the caseback, yet not give up the convenience of automatic winding. I realize that in this particular movement it is possible due to the solid gold rotor, which is denser than steel, but aren’t there other, cheaper alternatives that would also be denser than steel, yet still usable in a watch movement?

Anyways, a top-notch presentation for a beautiful timepiece. Thanks!

Akaji Blubb says:

0:51 thats one beautiful watch

Richie P says:

If the hand is a royal flush, then they are playing it right because you’re not supposed to let on that you have such a strong hand.

City of Gentlemen says:

Love the moon phase variant. Chopard may fail similarly as ML and Grand Seiko. Just too much brand variant and price range for a high end collector to buy into.

Gerald Brienza says:

Love the “cool hand Luke” reference.

Phi Estrada says:

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” – Guns N’ Roses’s opening lyrics in Civil War. This video channel is always as poetic as it does on every review. Nice, nice!

J G says:

I don’t think much of the leap Year hand tip….. would drive me up the wall. Is it by design?

Pavlin Lako says:

Incorporate their watches (L.U.C) in high end cars as IWC does (S 63 AMG)…that 22k white gold rotor is gorgeous..gr8 vid..

Mark Thorpe says:

Maybe their marketing is not as slick and organised as some other brands.Really beautiful and refined pieces.

jason starek says:

Wow, these are both stunning.

crybabyteamo says:

Great video yet again. Btw, if I’m not mistaken the dial on the 96 came out of the same factory that produced Dufour’s simplicity dial? I can appreciate Chopard’s design, a UNIQUE balance of sporty and dressiness, but I’m hesitant to say it’s a good balance. However, there’s just so many imperfections under the loupe. Casework, for example, there’s still unpolished raw cutting marks left behind on the lugs. Same with the hands – even if it’s a superior design, and I’m not saying it is, I can’t stand how the cut marks just trails off into randomness. I’d rather see a perfect execution of a simpler design, like that japanese brand that’s been gaining more and more recognition. And some of the colored elements are not painted perfectly? Movement side…anglage are not very well cut, and not well polished, brushing looks hand finished but somehow looks coarse…I could go on.

Jeffrey Bowden says:

Absolutely stunning pieces, wipes the floor with Rolex or the like. I wouldn’t do anything, to protect their uniqueness.

david vallin says:

Longines heritage 1973 with white dial and black subdials

Travel Guy says:

A good video would be comparing the Speedmaster Reduced to Different Speedmaster, and the future of Speedmasters’!

Bear Grylls says:

I’d tell watch finder to make a video about them!

Wait a minute…

Fred Hal says:

While the level of decoration is decent and various methods are employed, the overall finish is similar to that of a $300 Orient or Seiko i.e. abysmal for this price. Rolex and Omega do it slightly better albeit with less decoration. I noticed that nearly every “scene” reveals at least a finishing flaw. If your eye is sharp enough and you’ve seen high end movements, this is obviously not quite in those leagues. Having said that, LUC are very nice watches still because we don’t all buy watches just for the finishings.

railgraf says:

LUC makes absolutely beautiful watches in many aspects. They are top notch design, finished to the highest standards and what is probably the most important for me – possess complications that are not necessarily found among competition. My favorite time peace is LUC Regulator, 8 days power reserve + dual time + date + regulator layout + COSC certified in 10mm thick case! Brand deserves much more recognition and exposure which I hope happens with the time.

hey Jude says:

I video on skeleton watches would be cool I’ve heard they have a super interesting history

H Jones says:

Very good presentation.

Rodney Thomas says:

Another great video!!

Ryan E. says:

I can’t get over how AMAZING literally every video you put out is. SUCH good writing, audio, & camera work. Even down to the manicured hands, haha. Can’t help but learn something every time – absolutely love it.

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