ARCHIE EXPLODES – Foolish Doctor buys Ralph Lauren and Chopard LUC

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Westley Greenhalf says:

The Chopard and Ralph Lauren are elegant watches. If you an afford them, why not?

bostero y boliviano says:

09:23 I just love how there’s always somebody out there fatter than you.

User Name says:

The funny thing is this guy asked Archie to eat dinner while doing this review…then he ends up getting chewed out by Archie.

Ryan says:

one of your best videos in a while arch!

Arthur Scargill says:

The new camera angle, and the occasional flash of trouserless leg, makes it look like Archie is shouting out his views while he’s sitting on the crapper.

Rachel Delgado says:

you let him off too easy arch. that “collection” is one of the biggest pieces of shit i have ever seen on your channel. except for the reverso that doc should just throw it all in the bin and start over.

Dis Count says:

phoolish Doktor pays $35 phor an mental patients prognosis

Salvador Garcia says:

The Ralph Lauren probably cost more money to make than a steel daytona and the Chopard LUC is finished to a higher standard than most entry level JLCs, great purchases on the used market doc.

Ronny Paul says:

Great Vid Arch.  The Good Doctor needed a stern talking to so that he ceases to continue buying these shitter watches on his path of destruction.

John J:son says:

If you continue be the good ol archie again I might start to subcribe again

Lycosa says:


Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

That Ralph Lauren is a colossal phucking overpriced hot steamy pile of dogshit. Good video, Archie..

Jay Paster says:

Good one Archie.

Chairman Mao says:

Ralph Lauren isn’t bad but wholesale is 90% off retail so you better not be paying more than 20% of rrp. Long term they might spike in value but it’s a gamble. Oh yeah the other fatso was correct on the RL blowout richemont has pulled that shit before.

Robert Padilla says:

Didn’t even know Ralph Lauren made watches

Benoit Landelle-Théberge says:

That’s my Paul, good job!

Abv21 06 says:

New intro, classic content, swearing. The past few days have been a true return to form for ol’ Arch. Well done fat boi

JohnstonPettigrew says:

Muckbang….there was a problem with the network.

ottowes says:

Now Mr. Paul, what if Doc had bought a RL Safari model, somewhat reasonably priced at the mid-3000 (U.S. funds) range for the entry level model with a Selita movement. The model depicted, the 867 on a strap, last sold for $17k+ -a rather costly mistake.

PKdoes says:

Explodes are definitely the best Arch vids

destiny2k6 says:

A few wonderful pieces mixed in with some utter garbage in this collection. I agree with Archie on pretty much everything…Glashutte..meh…not what I would buy but not a bad watch. The JLC and the Snowflake are fantastic picks. But the rest of it is just trash…I mean what the fuck? If you want a daily beater get a regular Seiko. The money spent on that Chopard + Ralph coulda been put to something cool like a Milgauss. For the total money spent on this collection, could have also gone with just the Reverso and a Royal Oak and covered both sports watch and dress watch bases.

Pawel Hrebenko says:

Love the way you say Rolex and I owe the same RL watch 32mm 😉

Nelson Oliveira says:

Rollie Rollie Rollie

Stephen Dove says:

Nice vid Archie, why aren’t all of them like this?

Eduard M says:

This guy is going to come back for advice on ladieboys

Mad Man says:

Fatboy is a watch idiot (not a watch snob).

Brian Connelly says:

Archie at least hand the doc his ass back he sent you $30 big guy

Frank V says:

That’s why he’s rich and you’re broke

Ronny Paul says:

FYI, Kilbassa is a polish sausage.  They’re great on the BBQ with yellow mustard and rye bread fucka’s!!!!

bluemystic7501 says:

He keeps it real. Nice one, Arch!

DajuiceMain says:

Kielbasa is a meat dildo

holdorf333 says:

i like how glashutte is for someone who can’t afford the lange, but the CHEW-DUH is the better submariner than a submariner

Bison News says:

Ralph Lauren watch? Duhfuq was he thinking? Nice job Archie

Mixel Plick says:

If you’re dumb enough to pay $35 to a guy who doesn’t want to work, just beg for money, to yell at you and tell you how terrible all your watches are, is a dumb ass that I would never let treat me as a physician, or even a shoe salesman.

Watch Aficionado says:

Chopard LUC are pretty cool with the micro rotor etc…didn’t they win a watch award recently? They are not unsellable…then again, why buy a watch if you intend to sell it from the start? Same stupid advice…Omega + Rolex ..boring boring boring..Like this channel..I am tempted to unsubscribe … However, Ralph Lauren is a fashion watch to be avoided..unless you really really love it.. Looked down on by WIS

louislungbubble says:

Phuck ,n doctors many days off do you want , take these antibiotic ‘s come back and see me in a week and I have no clue what is wrong with you …your two minutes is up ………..NEXT !!!!

valgehiir says:

Archie, this is your best work to date!

Brushingamol says:

“kielbasa” means sausage in polish fyi

ihopetowin says:

……and Archie stands victorious over the battered and bloody corps…………..Great vid by the way

Blair Masschelein says:

Smart ass fucking doctors… Lol

Rod Boone says:

Solid GOLD Arch. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite some time.

Airtoad Rhubarb Pie says:

Great outrage, Archie! Laughed out loud. But in the next rant add an educational element and explain why a Chopard is such a crime against humanity. Us Seiko 5 guys need to know.

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