6 Luxury Watches at a Great Price – Federico Talks Watches

6 Luxury Watches at a Great Price – Federico Talks Watches

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I discuss 6 luxury watches you can get at a great price. Everything from Cartier to Oris to H Moser. It is all about doing a little digging. Adding these to your watch collection shouldn’t be too painful.

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Seiko SKX:

Seiko SKX: http://amzn.to/2kX3li8
Seiko SKX Black: http://amzn.to/2krNATS


Hamilton Khaki King: http://amzn.to/2iUhtqZ

Luminox: http://amzn.to/2jWl0qG

Tissot PRS 516: http://amzn.to/2iL2Rzh

Victorinox Maverick: http://amzn.to/2jyk3VB

Tissot Powermatic: http://amzn.to/2iU6tdc


Mario Lopez says:

the cartier all the way!!

one2freeflaw says:

very insightful and impressive

hyperchord says:

Dude, I would love to be 8k in the red and that Cartier on my wrist. Can even find one for sale

1000rm says:

Federico, great vid. What’s your thoughts on a Tag aquaracer automatic? How much should I expect to pay for one new vs used? Tks.

Moment in Time says:

Frederico, what do you think of Christopher Ward’s C1 Grand Malvern Power Reserve, which was awarded one of the 2016 watches of the year? The watch includes Chr.Ward’s in-house movement with 120 hour power reserve and power indicator…. all for $1,800.

RPAYNE1990 says:

Great video, love the Chopard!

J.R. Regenold says:

What about a Chopard Pro One? Cool sport watch with the in-house micro rotor … can still find some NOS 2005-2009 in the low 3ks …. any opinion … I think Chopard makes amazing watches.

Rafael Y.G says:

Love the knowledge Ikeep the good job and now u have a subscriber more

Kevin Levinson says:

I thought the Aquis had a sellita movement

Anthony Damiano says:

Thanks for all the great videos. What do you think about Aerowatch? I’m looking at their skeleton watches. If, what other deals are out there for skeletons?

Brandon Crow says:

Great watches

K.D.P. Ross says:

Some great choices; love that Moser :~}

Dusan Veselka says:

Wow, that Girard Perregaux looks so good! That would be a nice watch to pass down…

More videos about small independent watch brands please 🙂

stefa4k0 says:

theres nothing sweeter than buying a high end watch on a massive discount

Hector Soris says:

I’ve seen Oris Aquis for a little more than $1,200 but this one blew the crap out of me I got it for $981,00 it’s got the date on the 6:00 o’clock # amazing watch for the money and thanks for clear the fact ,that isn’t house movement ,Federiko

adam johari says:

That Cartier goes for around 14k to 16k. How did he find one at 8k??

Michal DreamKiz says:

I found lately a cool and rare watch maker in France -> Marc Arnaud Pavageau. Is it worthy to buy expensive, well made, automatic watches from not known creators ?

GG WP says:

I knew a guy that owns a Moser. And he told me Moser actually has some … ‘dishonest’ decorations.
He told me Moser only decorate the parts of their movement on one side, which is the side you are going to see from the display back. They don’t really decorate their parts on the ‘invisible’ side, which most of the other big watchmakers/independent watch makers do decorate all parts completely.

However, I’m not sure if it is true or not. If anyone here ever handled a Moser movement. I’d like to have it confirmed.

labrada painting says:

congrats on 9k subs. channel growing fast…

Leptospirosi says:

Problem is… the moment something goes wrong with these movement (Oris aside) you will regret the purchase, like buying a Rolls Royce second hand and then having to service it… the cost of the repair will outpace the cost of the watch.

Squirrel says:

Can you do a video on luxury well priced doughnuts?

Juan Fernando Pérez Pasquale says:

Great video! What is your stand on corum? Regards

fldiver jc says:

great video!! love the chanel content. I’m seeing watches that I never knew before..
keep up the great work

jmcrofts says:

Got any suggestions for a fellow big wristed fellow? Seems like for luxury brands the bigger the watch, the bigger the price tag. I’d love to be able to wear Nomos but they’re just too small for me.

Mike Chan says:

Great video, Federico! You should consider doing something like this, but with brand new watches 😀

Pinoy Watch Fan says:

I believe the Oris Aquis uses a Sellita movement, not an ETA one.

johan eugen says:

I like your videos. But goddamn its so annoying you so far to the left! Im abit ocd

Christopher Harnett says:

It would be worth doing a segment like this regularly. Good content.

Anil Jethwa says:

Excellent video of some fabulous time-pieces, thank you so much for uploading

Tal Agam says:

Great video. Well done!

Julian Farinas says:

hye Federico, could you make a video about watches $500 below for students like me?

Mickey Mouse says:

Enjoyed this very much, Federico. I think you referred to this Moser video:
Brilliant! “No plug, not even once a week.”

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