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Ever caught yourself looking at a watch that’s well out of budget, thinking, ‘What if?’, only to mentally slap yourself back to harsh reality? Those most exquisite and expensive timepieces may forever be consigned to only the wildest dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something rather special for the price of a mid-range Breitling. Here are three underrated watches that offer exceptional watchmaking for much less than you’d expect.

Featured Watches:
Girard-Perregaux Laureato EVO3 80180-21-611-FK6A
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph 146.8.25 Q1758470
Chopard L.U. Chopard Pro One GMT Cadence 158959-3002

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H_V_Z says:

Still waiting for <£500 watches

Sebastian Aguirre says:

The Glashutte Original Senator panorama date!

_ deftapathy _ says:

not sure to be honest how did i got to this video.. I would rather pay £40 for a watch that does not have that huge crown on the side.. I do have a visible hole on my hand from that.. I do not prefer anything on my hand that i have to constantly look after… you got it “i am the working man” ..
Some two years ago i searched on internet what is the small pocket for in jeans . next thing i got myself with a pocket watch.. From Ebay Silver £56 not working.. £160 to be fixed £89 for the chain(one short clips on my belt loop and one long for my suit), and i still love it today, and i wont change it for any of the watches in the video.. With all this i learn a lot about the watch.. 1884 Birmingham made by Max Steyerman.. Great watch and those are still selling on Ebay for under £100 .. That is the best bargain watch you would ever buy.. The price on those would never go down….
Any way nice watches in your video , for who like that kind of thing.. But not for me and the tech in them makes me think.. Nah i have my phone for all that.

Cesar T says:

Cool video, but where are the bargains? :’D

Samy B says:

This is the best watch channel. They’re concise, articulate and very informative.

Itsalgud1 says:

Just curious. Have you tried holding it upside down to open the clasp?

Yakena1 says:

None of these are worth more than 20% of retail used. They are dogs on the reseller market.

Owen Treadgold says:

Please do more of these videos

Kevin Smith says:

Great video as usual, keep them coming.

tokekkk says:

That Chopard lume tho.. what a beauty

hockingham says:

That Chopard is by far the most beautiful dive watch I’ve ever seen. Thank you for introducing me to it. ‘I want one so bad’!

cubex68 says:

I’m interested in buying Patravi Scubatec as a high end diver since they are heavily discounted these days…what do you think about it?

Ed Reumann says:

This guy is full of it. I checked the prices of these watches and you can’t touch them for less than $8000.00.

Siddharth Bhomkar says:

With narration and production values like that,one could sell horse dung all day. On pre-order if I may add. Absolute favrt horology channel on the tube.

Nelson Fernandez says:

I enjoyed so much the video what a great choice of watches for the money thanks very much for the information you have a new subscriber!!!

kulloma mk says:

Awesome pieces, but i would like to see Longines up there. and of course great video.

Bad Larry says:

another great vid thanks

Politically Incorrect says:

anyone have any good recommendations on affordable perpetual calender watches? i want one so bad, montblanc seems like the only one to make one under 10k. Even the stainless steel models from IWC, JLC, Blancpain, exc are all over 20k.

Rick Cheetham says:

Surprised to see the JleC watch’s timer seconds hand is malaligned!

Jay S. says:

You should do 4K videos my friend.

sungfp3 says:

I just invested my saving for last three years on Seiko sne031 solar and I am happy that I made the right decision along with my wife about purchasing Seiko. When I saw it from the AD Walmart I knew I had to have it so I asked my wife for a permission and she said yes. That night I was jumping for joy and we hi fi’ed the sale person. I bet he was happy because he made a huge commission from my sale. I am 51 years old and I will be happy to pass down this current Seiko to son later when I am 60 years old.

sutats says:

That Chopard looks fun

E Larson says:

Horological legitimacy? Really? This applies to only odd overpriced brands that are not any better at telling time than say a seiko diver yet you fawn all over this crap. How are these watches more “horologically legitimate” than seiko who has a longer history and in house movements?

david mccoy says:

Does anybody think the value of these watches may go up in future due to the valuable movements and engineering? especially the choppard?

1701spacecadet says:

The Chopard is a thing of beauty!

YOHA says:

0:48 – when he gets started

Eoghan Aston says:

What’s with the shocking application of lume to the JLC?? How can they charge that much for a watch with such shoddy finishing?

Charles Walhingford says:

Very well done as a video. Well done, for bringing “Better” watches to light.

Trey Perry says:

That jaeger lecoultre is absolutely gorgeous. I need it.

Edit/update: I also need the Chopard. If I ever get to a point of having a good amount of discretionary income, I’ll have both.

Femi Awo says:

God! I freeking love this channel. Crispiest videos with calculated yet entertaining monologue.

hitrod66 says:

Lol get off your high horse and buy a Seiko this fancy pants dude needs to grow some testicles.

Suresh Obhan says:

All watches are wonderful but I love the Chopard…

Alexander S. says:

How about Pagani Design?

Jeffrey Lim says:

The JLC’s chronograph seconds hand seemed misaligned in the zero position.

stockegsix says:

That Chopard looks fantastic

BestOfTheNorthWest says:

Am I the only one who sees that Chopard illuminates blue not green?…Anyway Great Video!

snackouzi says:

Fantastic as usual. Can u please have a review for Glashütte PanoMaticCounter with calibre 96-01. Just tried it yesterday at a Glashütte retail in dubai. It is rated at 21KUSD!

Declan Walker says:

Seiko SARB017 alpinist better bargain than all of these combined

maurikw says:

There’s crazy value in pre-owned Ulysse Nardin in my opinion!

M Radha says:

Chopard is my choice

Rashik Sharar says:

The Chopard is an absolute stunner!

Aaron Cannon says:

My wife bought me a Tudor Tiger in 1999 for a wedding gift. I’ve loved it, but until I stumbled on your channel I knew next to nothing about watches. Thanks to you, I’ve developed a fascination and admiration for fine mechanical watches. I’d love if you’d review more Breitling watches and the new Rolex Yacht-master 2.

Craig Johnson says:

Ok. Where can I find this JLC? I need it.

David Butterworth says:

What average salary are you talking about that can afford £3000 on a watch

afarhan21 says:

I can’t help but say I really like the ethics of JLC.
The watches here are exquisite. Chopard is the stand out for me.

JAY SHAH says:

Love this channel. Keep the videos coming.

Gickel Arasu says:

can you review Lang & Heyne please

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