WWT#23 – Baselworld 2015 Favourites, Squale Watches Resale Value, & New Channel Schedule

In this 23rd episode of Wrist Watch Talk (WWT) I announce my new broadcasting schedule starting next week.
I also discuss selling one of my Squale and its strong resale value. I share an email from the new owner and his opinions of the dearly missed peice. I conclude the video taking a look at my favourite offerings at the 2015 Baselworld from Omega, Rolex, Oris and more.

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eco8gator says:

Oris is a good bang per buck brand in my opinion…definitely agree with you here.

I do like the new Tudor Pelagos…they got me at the blue.  I think I like the new North Flag better.

The Style Khan says:

I watched my last Archie Luxury video, I would consider him along with most of his viewers as classless and unrefined.     Keep it classy my bother.  

eco8gator says:

Archie is the Al Bundy of Luxury watches…its definitely a unique flavor of entertainment….where this channel is more representative of the typical watch forum of guys.  I do not agree with a lot of what Archie says he is so ridiculous with how he delivers content that its funny.

$700 buck sale on ebay (15% total transaction and final sale fee) = 595…so you did take a bath but you rented a watch for 4 months for 200 bucks.  A preowned vintage Blue Tudor Submariner (have one love it) could be picked up for about 2500 bucks and sold for the same price…or more.  The best place to put your money if you are a perpetual flipper is to go preowned and to stick with good names.

One thing I have not seen is people focusing on good undervalued vintage watches.  For example the Longines 8224 watch series with the legendary Valjoux 72 movement in it…it is an amazing diving chronograph…and yes I have one.  They can be had for around 2.5k which is an amazing deal considering whats inside and that is looks really cool…way better deal than the new Heratige series Longines released.

Basically anything with a Valjoux 71, 72, 88 in it is amazing and there are so many available for beans on the Flee.  I could see this type of content on this channel.

Seiko vintage dive watches are also a good buy and are climbing in price.  I have the legendary 6159-7010…absolutely amazing and much more accurate than my 16600 SD.

Gruen Airflight Jump Hour…if you don’t know about this look it up.  Sweet watch with a surprisingly useful function especially if you need to know military time.

You did hit on a good point here…  Heritage watches are a little silly.  Again Longines releases the Heritage but you can pick up preowned 8224 Diving Chronos with Valjoux 72 movements for about 2.5k…why buy the heritage?

Ross Anthony says:

Hi TGV. I’ve only recently caught the mechanical watch ‘bug’.  Every week it seems that I discover a beautiful piece that I must own. I watch some reviews, do some research and decide that, yes, this is the one.  But then I stumble across something new from Oris, or Seiko or most recently from Orient, and I find myself researching and watching reviews all over again.

I’ve hardly begun a watch collection, (and your videos aren’t helping me start) but I’m already getting plenty of enjoyment out of it. Keep up the great work!

bob smith says:

what heritage? anyone can just buy an 2824 Movement and put their own face disk and bazel on it and name it after your self.

99transamws6 says:

How do you feel about Tag Heuer watches? I am planing on making a purchase on a watch with 1k budget. 

Lippo187 says:

Iam 100% sure that good old Archie would lable Squale as “absolute doooooog shit!!!” LOL

Commanche says:

I have a strong feeling that you are getting squale atmos 50 pvd

Morris Nell says:

Great show as always.

masiveproductionz says:

Sorry I got your name backwards

Stefan Kalchev says:

Hi mate, the Oris GMT Diver is absolutely incredible……

jasio kowalski says:

What music is in the background? Is it something by Vivaldi?

watchesali swiss says:

i love this work(watchmaker) do you knew any school in switzerland of watchmaker ??

atul chandra Tiwari says:

my dear sir,do need your advice about a Carl F Bucherer 18k Admavi 38mm auto watch which i have come to like and am on the verge of buying it ,ref no. –00.10307.03.25.01-really waiting your comments—with regards -a c tiwari,india

stephen rhodes says:

Not too many are floating my boat either but tbf we have had it pretty good over the last year or two.

PS loved the email.

Ian Hand says:

Great review. The company I work for have a stand at Basel. I’m hoping I will get to go there next year.
I’m currently in the Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex. I’m repairing the 3D printer at an orthodontist tomorrow.

rgd1977 says:

Good idea restricting the amount of videos you put out. Quality content is better than quantity, it’s clear to see you enjoy making videos and I think it would be equally clear if it became a chore for you, also like you say hopefully nicer weather coming soon so get out there and enjoy it, I know I will be! I also liked the look of the vintage inspired 65 Oris, I love the way Oris puts the date at the bottom to keep the dial symmetrical it’s the best place for it if you have to have one at all. It has a really nice domed crystal as well and perfect size at 40mm. I would of loved to of heard the watch/woman comparison before the edit, ha ha! P.S. Have you got the Watchville App? No shortage of watch news on that, probably a bit too much but you can adjust the settings.

stephen rhodes says:

I don’t think i could ever part with my 1521. I’d even go as far to say that it’s as dear to me as my Cart Cab.

MercifulFate says:

I think that you are doing the correct thing prioritizing interacting with the viewers, good decision.

Rob N says:

Excellent vid TGV, I think you are right in your feelings for the Squale. I know how it feels to have something that you feel can never be topped or replaced but then something else comes along and slowly it begins to grow on you until finally you now have a new favourite. 

As for the Smart Watch issue, I do think that we lovers of classic horology are in trouble. I don’t think kids are interested in it anymore. Its almost like they are not even “human” any longer. Kids just don’t have passion for anything anymore and the up and coming generation of kids are going to be even more far gone. I hate to say it but If companies like Rolex and omega don’t get into something like the Kiaros they won’t be around in another 100 years. I bet they know this and already have a working combination smart/mechanical watch in development right now. 

555 Gear says:

’65 Diver is tremendously fun and a very fresh model for Oris. I think the main story of Basel this year was all the new in-house movements. ETA reigning in their ebauches seems to have done good for the industry after all. Of course Patek’s new split second chrono was magnificent, but alas it’s only in my dreams!

Commanche says:

Would you be interested to review Longines Hydroconquest new dial? I am trying to decide between HYdroconquest and oris aquis, and I am stuck :/.  When I tried to google on which one is better between those two, the results are always inconclusive

masiveproductionz says:

Thanks for the reply TVG I also am looking at the PRC200 Tissot but I’m torn between that and the Squale 1545m . I’m new to the watch game and I’m looking to get my feet wet with a nice entry level quality piece

George says:

this was a long time ago, but still I find it funny you were talking about how you have no time. All these watches, yet no time.

Lippo187 says:

I really understand and support your decision concerning the amount of videos you are going to release. Sometimes less is more – and 3 videos a week is still a very solid output!
LOL Awesome that you get another Squale! Iam going to purchase the 1521 (polished, black face) by the beginning of May. Can’t wait for it!

Jonny Casual says:

Nah, I don’t necessarily think it is (or now was) a mistake to sell your black Squale, especially if you’re replacing it with another (hmm…the 1000m professional diver?).

Your love of Squale is infectious. Long Island Watches should be paying you (or giving you discounts!) to review watches for them.

Re: Baselworld, I can’t seem to find many pictures or videos on the website. Is there a place where one can look at all the new watches?

Anyhow, great video – I enjoyed it.

TimeKeeper says:

TGV, what do you think of Fortis? I have a 70’s Marinemaster chrono, and it’s seemingly bulletproof, it was never serviced to my knowledge (It has the Valjoux 72 movement). My father wore it every day, with a Rolex Sub bracelet on it. Looks great still.

masiveproductionz says:

Thanks Ron . The Tissot is looking at has a black rubber strap with a black dial . It is pretty sweet . Thanks for your input .

Nicholas Hall says:

if u dont mind me asking what other jobs do u have ?

Maximillian Max says:

hey guys , I was wondering if anybody could offer me some help, I’m 16 and want to buy my first watch , i’m thinking carrera twin time , but what do you guys think if you see a teenager wearing a nice-ish watch..is it too much? thanks 🙂

David Boyle says:

Just when I thought the previous videos couldn’t be bettered,along comes another Gem!
Congrats TGV,fantastic my friend.

That Guy says:

Absolutely awesome video! So happy you are covering Baselworld! What’s up at the other channels?! Seems like everyone forgot about watch Christmas.

I love the offerings by rolex, especially the oyster perpetual and I agree that most of the other companies dissapointed this year.

Although I am a rolex fan, I love that you cover so many other brands! That Oris diver tribute is awesome. A little curious about the quality of the lume though.

Thanks for talking about all these watches! This channel is becoming my must watch content!

James Parus says:

I think it’s going to be a crisis for swiss watches, but smartwatches are not going to effect Patek or other higher level watches. And smartwatches can also make more people interested about watches in general.


You did it again TGV, very good video!

Hoss Magnum says:

Enjoyed the video! An idea for a future review: Seiko SRPA21 “turtle” =)

danfrisco says:

I don’t agree about “smart” watches. Smart watches currently don’t have the history or lifespan that many automatics produce. Good quality mechanical watches are still seen as generational heirlooms. Smart phones and watches are going to continue to be viewed as throw away tech no matter how many $10,000 Apple watches are sold (if any).

Stewart Craig says:

Great way to spend Sunday morning breakfast watching TGV watch talk.
Thanks and bravo.

algreen says:

I welcome the new schedule and hope it helps you find a better balance. Looking forward to the new Squale. I have to say you buy and sell a ton of watches and I hope that it doesn’t stress you out feeling like you need more watches for content all the time. You are more than just the watch you wear. Some youtube channels I’ve seen constantly bring up new products every week (way more than you) and I can’t help but think, how can they genuinely take the time to enjoy all of that? It can get a bit out of control especially with youtube. In your case I think it’s just the collector mindset but that has it’s stresses too. Personally I love seeing the new watches of course but I also love hearing about your dog, history, stories, discussions and stuff like that just as much. Best wishes and good luck, al.

Moment in Time says:

Can you do a review of the Squale 101 ATMOS? I’ve been thinking about buying one. I think the blue face with the mesh metal band is amazing. However, I don’t think it’ll go with anything I wear. I also didn’t realize how much more comfortable on the wrist having the crown at 4 o’clock is. I almost bought the watch on the spot, but I always sleep on big purchases.

Jeremy Pitotti says:

Interesting video TGV!!
You mentioned that the advent of the Smart watch could cause another Quartz like shakeup in the Swiss watch industry.
Valid consideration but I personally feel that it could cause alot of trouble to producers of the Hi tech Adventure genre!!
I think that the Classic timepieces, such as the Speedy/Sub/Gmt , plus all those iconic models will weather it out!
It’ll be the daft prices and over production that will do a QUARTZ on the lot of them!!!!!!


atul chandra Tiwari says:

have you seen this book,Fear nothing by Dean Koontz ?need your comments

silkhead44 says:

watches and woman…hey now I have a harem then

maitrehg says:

The watch that caught my attention is the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer 43 mm. I wear diving watches most of the time (Steinhart and Squale) but I also like marine chronometer watches. Its a nice addition in the Hamilton deck watches lineup (the 40 mm model is quite popular).

Andrea Crema says:

Haha, great video. I need to look at the Squale!

Moneyal says:

So funny to see having watched the Sinn video 😀

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