WHY I BOUGHT 2 NEW WRIST WATCHES – My channel is dying – Two Discount Divers

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Buwsur says:

You can hear the buyer’s remorse in his voice.

Christopher Shea says:

Arch—you can’t make up poor with volume. Sell the World Time and regroup.

Nasty Vinyl Cun7er says:

To resell obviously

Michael Dietsche says:

Don’t get me wrong, I love shitters and luxury watches too. But if you’re gonna go down the shitter ladder, why stop here? Real shitters on the horizon: Seiko, Orient, f’n Steinhart… And don’t forget the custom mod community! You can become the guru of swapping hands and bezels, pink dial seikos, etc. F’n hell

Jake Roth says:

That Tudor is the first semi decent of the recent shitters. Now that Archie has one, none of us will ever buy one though.

thomas walsh says:

Seriously are you fucking retarded???
Three bites at the apple and you still bought the wrong breitling, the black bezel with blue dial is atrocious.
Maybe you will get it right on the fourth attempt fat boy… let me help you blue ceramic bezel with blue dial is the only heritage shitter worth buying…

Private Parts says:

What a bozo

Jake Roth says:

New intro: flying on a shitty budget airline

Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah says:

Get a Seiko Marinemaster 300 you filthy pleb.

Arthur Watts says:

Arch, lets run this up the flagpole and see who salutes. Lets assume you cant afford to do YT fulltime and you’re forced to seek some form of paid employment – exactly who in the name of Jehovah is going to employ you ?? You’ve touted yourself shamelessly for longer than Salim Mehajir, and he’s in jail : perhaps that will be the next chapter in the Archie Luxury saga.

frieswithmayo says:

These are expensive, not discount divers.

My Opinion says:

Stop repeating yourself every few seconds, you sound like a parrot.

kaunas888 says:

Youtube seems to have gotten more competitive for content creators. Even very well made videos often do not have huge numbers of viewers.

Bison News says:

Will the last person watching, please thumbs down and unsubscribe!

My Email says:

He has lost the plot. So what discount did you get? If you want to buy a proper new watch buy one Rolex that holds money and you will keep forever. If he flips these too he will take a bath

marcus copley says:

Much better choices than the ETA Breitling shitter

Tom Sawyer says:

Hi Archie, you don’t have to buy every watch you’d like to talk about…

Everyday Carry says:

3:23 smackaroooooniees!

deee dawwwggg says:

rolex is so daaaaaam expensive. poor fat cancer face

None says:

Shiteling on time!

Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

If the Shitling uses a Tudor movement, then how can it be “in-house?” How is that any different than, for example, Oris buying it’s movements from Sellita…..or Longines using movements from ETA??? Can’t the over-priced Shitling manufacture their own movement for their watch??? Total phistery! Total turdery! Phisting the viewers again.

Timemachine Eddie says:

Well Arch you call any watch you don’t likea shitter.. That maybe the heart of the issues. Aragon, Invicta, Seiko and Deep Blue are Hot Hot Hot to the next gen of watch lovers.

Ian john Horwood says:

What do i buy, i buy grand seiko

Logos says:

Sell the Breitling

Bravo tango Charlie says:

Bring back the paul pluta prestige style review!

iDid says:

Flip-flopping for views…not good!

Marcelo Martinez says:

you dumb bastard

flukom says:

You’re going to need a jumbo pack of extra thick TP from Target to get through this.

Dis Count says:

archie ……..youre a genius ! ………..now sell them with a 30% mark up ( I wont tell anyone)

Crappy Watches & Cheap Whores says:

He told us in the previous video that the Shitling is actually a second-hand watch someone originally bought a year ago. Not the full retail experience. Phucking the viewers again.

Patrick Olarubofin says:

archie you have been serving YouTube. punters for the past six or seven years and you have no more than hundred subscribers on both of your channels and you are talking about two discount divers with a price point. of three to four. thousand Aus dollers and they are some start up YouTube. watch channels like TNH theo & Harris and yes the urban gentry channels to name a few ok you may say. they buy subscribers which I don,t think its true. but if it is the case they are doing it with three to five hundred doller sekio classic tissot watches back up with good photo screen shorts filming & graphics and most importantly watch history content and professionalism approach to their work with no swearing or eating icecream when filming. archie you may be the first pioneer to bring watches to YouTube but you be the first to sink. big boy.

Mike Dennington says:

DYING?  DYING? Its fukin dead in the pan.

kaunas888 says:

The Breitling looks very nice. However, for me the bezel is just too wide.

JohnstonPettigrew says:

The burgundy was another mistake…..go black Phatboi.➡

Mr Natuur says:

i give you shoowweehh

Kieren Moore says:

Gotta love what must have been a VERY obvious ‘boob-plunge’ with the camera at 7:28 … Archie, you devil, you …

kamiljp says:

reboot loop

jenniferf says:

Luxury don’t have to be watches only.. can be dining can be fashion can be cars can be a property or even a luxury furniture.. luxury is a lifestyle. What you doing now is suicidal

Buwsur says:

5:02 Poor Archie can’t even sustain his trademark SHITTER squeal. It’s all over, red rover.

ForbinColossus says:

So you bought a *copy* of the *Squale Lion Shark* ??

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