Why Grand Seiko Is Not Overrated! – They Make Incredible Watches

In today’s video I discuss why Grand Seiko is an incredible watch brand worthy of your praise and attention. Grand Seiko is often misunderstood. While they lack the status and cache of other luxury brands, there watches are no less worthy of your money. Grand Seiko is as good or better than any equivalent Swiss watch.

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james stockman says:

So….when are you picking one up?????

loyd walters says:

A Rolex say “ here’s a person that may have money!” However, a GS says “here’s a person with exceptional taste.” Whenever I see someone wearing a Rolex, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it’s real or fake. When I see someone wearing a GS, I think wow nice watch.

Mahmoud Ghoneim says:

Sports cars are Italian , luxury clothing is Italian or French and luxury watches are Swiss , then there are tens of sport cars and luxury clothes brands and same for watches but they will never reach to those original icons .

Doug M says:

Sorry but they just look so anonymous and boring, there is almost zero fresh design input here that would mark it out from a $100 Timex or similar. If I’m going to spend $10k on a watch, its aesthetics need to reflect that kind of design added value and brand identity, the accuracy of a timepiece is really not that big a deal nowadays given that we are surrounded by clocks and smartphones and computers 24/7.

Phillip Pugh says:

Just got my first grand Seiko quartz 40mm man this thing is special . The dealer I purchased it from had most of the top 15 brands so I was able to do a direct comparison. The fit an finish is second to none . An to me dollar for dollar looks way way better then Rolex . The oyster Perpetual was on my shortlist until I compared it to a grand Seiko . Do yourself a favor and check them out

mountainhobo says:

What’s the service cost on the Spring Drive like Snowflake?

AjaxForever says:

Watchfinder & Co

Look for the video comparing a Grand Seiko GMT and a Rolex GMT.

John Fromularo says:

You did a good job on this watch. I would have liked to see the watch shows more than you did. I agree that only watch nerds appreciate the watch. I have a Piaget Antiplano and no one noticed but I know how awesome it is.


I get all that but no romance from a huge corporation that makes electronics as well as watches. I like Swiss Brands and yes with some cache. If I am spending that money yes this is important to me. If I was a Hedge Fund guy I wouldn’t care what I wore then I would have one in the collection.

Peter Cervelli says:

Just bought a GS Peacock. I’m very pleased.

Richard Anderson says:

I’ve always thought the Spring Drive movement is somewhat like the CVT transmission: new, weird, and hard to accept, but achieves better performance. Also, I love Grand Seikos. IMO, they are mechanically superior to the luxury swiss watches (Rolex, Breitling, etc.)

arupian666 says:

I don’t think the Grand Seiko are overrated, or even misunderstood. The negative comments aimed at GS are just knee-jerk reactions for anything not Swiss, by the elitist fanboys who can’t tolerate the idea that a watch that’s not Swiss can possibly equal, and even beat the Swiss marques for quality. Sorry fanboys, dollar for dollar (clearly I’m not comparing a Grand Seiko to a $150,000 Breguet Tourbillion), but dollar for dollar, Grand Seiko is superior to MOST Swiss marques.

Come to think of it, Glashutte and Lange are superior to MOST Swiss marques, again at a like for like price point. $25k for a Hublot. Or $25k for an A. Lange und Sohne “Richard Lange”. Not even close.

Overrated ? Swiss.

Tony Hill says:

Anyone know if it’s possible to pick up a GS new in UK with reasonable discount?

MetalGear SniperWolf says:

For the price point alone, GS should be considered a luxury watch. You should buy one JA, it would make an awesome video review.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

There is room for a Seiko or Grand Seiko in every collection.

Got the Presage SARW025 and imho the nicest watch under $1000.

Grand Seiko is a very interesting brand but is often looked down upon by the snobs that buy watches for the most part for bragging rights.

A true watch enthousiast can appreciate a Grand Seiko.

Ant G. says:

Just picked up a Snowflake and I love it. The purchased actually encouraged me to look into SD a bit more and the mechanics of the system is definitely an achievement in watch making. Don’t doubt Grand Seiko they’re well worth it and will be around for a long time!

Trieu Nguyen says:

I wish i never bought a Grand Seiko, now every other brands seem over prices or under refines. I recommend people need to try out other brands first before purchased a GS.

wazrasta says:

Cool vid. Is your microphone playing up? I was getting left ear only and hissing on the right.

Harvard Ford says:

I agree.. I saw a Matt Farah video on what he thinks about watches and he does seem to know know his thing haha. He says “seiko” is lexus, and “grand seiko” particularly the spring drive movement is the “Lexus LFA”
And I can kind of see that. He said that its the pinnacle of Japanese watch making technology trying to incorporate traditional watch making with modern day quartz utilization.

It’s an interesting video.

I just honestly believe that if you like a watch, get it.. Be it a quartz watch or a high end 6 figure watch. Wear what makes you happy. This is why this hobby exists

I for one am sticking to seiko, personally. This love for watches started with seiko, and it’ll end with seiko. So my goal when I graduate university it to buy a high end watch and that would be a grand seiko spring drive 600M diver.. And I’ll probably have to wait for one to exist in the second hand market since its a limited edition lol

mdem says:

Nobody should ever buy something to impress anybody else.
People who buy a large bright gold and green Rolax for the purpose of showing it off more than reading the time is just wasting his/her money in my mind.

John Chen says:

I pick my GS’s over my Omega’s and Rolexes any day of the week.

Mark Playford says:

One day one will be mine or perhaps a Credor if your talking under appreciated! Agree 100% with you.

David Gansert says:

The spring drive doesn’t tick. It has a glide just like any other mechanical except that it is a perfect glide

alex t says:

People don’t wear a watch to check time, that’s what we have a phone for, it’s a piece of jewelry now.

chris marchese says:

I own 2 grand seikos. A hi beat and quartz f9. There both amazing pieces that you can get at a discount at an AD or second hand. I purchased both mine new at an AD and have not 1 regret. Both will be passed down to my kids if I ever have kids. You should never buy a watch if your main concern is resale. If so go buy a rolex lol My 9S85 cal is running at plus one a day and my quartz is plus 3 per 6 months! Perfection is right:) zaratsu polishing and finishing must be seen in person to truly appreciate.

Pawel Hrebenko says:

no thank you

Rey Charles says:

my left ear really enjoyed this video

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