WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? Federico Talks Watches

WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? Federico Talks Watches

Where have I been? Am I still with WatchUWant? Is Federico Talks Watches back? All these questions and a few more are answered in this episode. Thank you to everyone for your support during this very difficult time. It really has helped! It is good to be back on the Federico Talks Watches Channel!

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Lawrence Rogers says:

So pleased I saw your name highlighted in my subscription box. Great to have you back and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects. I am sure, with all your contacts, you will make a success of your unfortunate situation and get that rent paid. What happened to you is a real bummer.

gregor kolbeck says:

Oooooh keep on strong Big man

Bernardo Courrege says:

Welcome back Fed! Unfortunately some things in life are out of control but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger man! You’re a good guy and deserve all the best! What you have can never be taken away.

Jollopukki2 says:

Decision to go to Watchyouwant was bed : they are small channel , weak content , strange formats .So we are happy to have you back on a normal channel !!!

Henri L says:

I’m glad Fed is back but what’s with all the negative comments about Watchuwant? They’re still a great resource and I doubt the guys on the show like Tim are to blame for the relocation thing.

slickwestwtf says:

Ohh Shit no Wristcheck :/

Jonathan Dacharux says:

Great to have you back!

Tomasina Covell says:

Viv Federico! 🙂

Duben De Fresh DJ says:

welcome back bro.

Zuker Gill says:

Welcome back Fed! You were missed. Looking forward to future content.

Mr. Morris says:

I roll with Fed ..
Guardare u vogliono andare a cazzo stessi.

Corbett Williams says:

Great to see you back Fed!

Peter Blomme says:

You’re back! I’m so glad 🙂 I hope everything works out for you 🙂

P TH says:

Hi Federico! Sorry to hear the difficult times u r going through now. But its great to see u back! I’ve just resubscribed the channel and looking forward to your video. Keep going man!

Donna Thomas says:

So glad I don’t have to watchIdon’twant and the 80’s sunglasses on the top of Tim’s head anymore. Pure Fed. Looking from the outside it looks like they used you to get to your subs. It was so tacky to ask you to move months after you already moved for them. Good luck and I’ll be watching.

Drawing watches says:

Duck yes! It’s great to see you again!

Raul Andrade says:

Great to see you back! I’m sorry for what happened to you, but I’m very excited to see your videos and looking forward to seeing you succeed

Fun with Turtles says:

good to hear from you and you will find the next opportunity

John John says:

how do you still like panerai after the whole pam 318 scandal??? isnt rolex a much better piece?

David Stevenson says:

The channel sucked anyway good to have you back fred

E. Eeyore says:

Welcome back Federico! Thanks for the update! Been worried about you!

Nick El says:


Joseph Smyth says:

Looking forward to the new content! I have watched every video from this channel so far. I did enjoy the watchuwant vids also, but they have nothing on the original Federico talks watches. This channel is much more personal and enjoyable to watch.

Maher Haber says:

Welcome back!!!

Chris Willetts says:

Welcome back… Looking forward to more videos.

Stephen Berry says:

Sorry you have had a rough couple month but it is nice to have you back.

Eli C says:

Welcome Federico, It´s good you come back, my best wishes.

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