What’s going on with my channel…

Just wanted to sit down and update you guys on what’s up with my channel now! Hopefully you guys don’t mind the changes!

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Kevin Burczyk2 says:

2 points: You care more about views

Kevin Burczyk2 says:

Stop it.

Joshua Biondo-Ballard says:

Ssundee please reply is Crundee Craft Season 2 still a thing

Cameron Stayton says:

“Your beautiful just the way you aren’t” -Me (kinda)

rutger kloos says:

I am oké with fortnite but 1 thing I do hate is clickbate titles.
So don’t you dare posete anothe clickbait title
Thank u and have a nice day

Devonnte Hardy says:

I understand but do a little more minecraft

Sony Playstation 4 PS4 says:


TalityPlays says:

Who ever says fortnite sucks has no soul and wants to die

mrlaocee says:

play murder run

MarshMoon Gaming says:

So… Your only interested in making money

No Name says:

Why not post everyday and 4 days is fortnite and 3 days of Minecraft

Ty Prince says:

You should try fallout 76 when it is available!!

xXUnknownRX says:


Bad Pikachu says:

I used to like ssundee but i hate fortnite so bye

Yoopha says:

Can u play horror games?

Nito2Raw says:

U make fortnite fun 🙂

Cassidy Daly says:

Your amazing and don’t stop being you.

Ps: please do tnt wars again

Gabriel Hinson says:

i am also a christian and love to play fortnite but suck lol so i was wondering if you could give me lessons plz let me know

Default Boii says:

Your a horse

Caleb Smith says:

i feel ya ssundee, both ways lol

Thomas Dolce says:

May the lord be with you. and my name is Thomas i’m 11 and a crischin and a cathlic.

dgustaramirez says:

When we going to see bo4?

Tylen says:

Bring back SkyFactory 😀

SpeedySloth 2048 says:

I mean, I don’t like fornite that much, but I guess for god you can

JJ Kestler says:

You are my favorite YouTuber you inspire me and always have a postive aditude you make wanna be like you I Also Am in Christianity just keep up the good work and I’m sure you inspire a lot of people when I told my parents my favorite YouTube was saved it made me happy and my parents just thank you for being a positive and inspiring role model not to just me but so many people!

Cecon Riv Cunanan says:

play mobile legends so you get more views, subs, and like

FZgaming 5452 says:

Try blackops 4…maybe the views is twice bigger than fortnite…i dont know…some people says fortnite is dying

Coopio Johnson says:

I used to watch his minecraft stuff in like second grade but now im in eighth grade and watch his fortnite stuff

Jakescode 123 says:

I wish my channel was as big as yours ssundee I am trying to grow mine to 20 subs

gio Toy Reviews says:

You should play minecraft pocket edition the ocean update

Aboceo 101 says:

I’m a Christian

Kim Galipeau says:


Devos Junior says:

Bring back pixelmon

Bobby Smith says:


Hypixeleer09 Hyper says:

do ark again i loved watching you play ark it was very funny

Keri Little says:

I like him doing fortnite

Hypixeleer09 Hyper says:

ark gets some views too

ImApple says:

trend rider, unsubscribed

Francis Sedo says:

I literally unsubscribed since he play fortnite for weeks now ill comeback when his back

ThermalVision says:

100 Ways to die S3??

Troy Owen says:


mrlaocee says:

play murder run minecraft pleeassse

Matthew McGloughlin says:

hi im a Christian

Arcade King says:

Tbh i literally watch anything you put out. Wether its mad mainstream like fornite but remember when Minecraft was what everyone else was onlyplaying. He still has variety like sims and other random games.

Tomas 92 says:

I have 1 question: Where is try not to laugh videos??

Alexander Elbittar says:

Brin back family feud plz read this

Kian Curtis says:

Cool video I liked subedscribed everything

mrlaocee says:

Play murder run

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