What About High Accuracy Quartz Watches?

What About High Accuracy Quartz Watches? on the JustBlueFish YouTube channel, home of high quality wristwatch and horology related reviews and videos.

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Today we are discussing quartz watch technology and specifically the topic of high accuracy quartz watches. Our subject, the Bulova Precisionist, and the Bulova Ultra High Frequency quartz movement that powers this watch are looked at as we explore this underappreciated segment of horology.


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Jeffrey KRUPA says:


Night Swimming says:

If you are trying to find an impressive quartz watch look at the Casio Oceanus. It is good looking, solar powered with a 30 year battery, titanium, and syncs with the atomic clock.

mastermachetier says:

I have been wanting an excuse to get a Bulova moonwatch

Miguel Toro says:

Grey market is your friend here. I found a Certina DS-2 Chronograph at US$ 350 and it is running at around 7 to 9 seconds per year (it is a thermo-compensated movement). Certina is unfortunately an underrated brand with very interesting pieces. They also have a Diver with this HAQ movement. It is worth to go see their products. Also, I am very interested in seeing what Citizen is preparing with their 0100 caliber. Thanks for the video, very informative. I hope it will make more people aware of this technologies that are not necessary expensive, and really high quality.

Itsalgud1 says:

Interesting video. I’ve heard of these before. Before I was a collector, I had many quartz watches but no collection, I just bought inexpensive ones and wore them until I broke them as I was very hard on them. (I even destroyed a Rolex oyster perpetual and it’s legendary steel bracelet while wearing it doing things like handball, motorcycle racing and mountain climbing). Back then, I loved the quartzes because of their accuracy and durability. Since I have started collecting, I’ve gotten much more interested in the aesthetic of the watch as well as the quality of the movement. I no longer care about accuracy since I rotate my watches virtually every day, and I have to reset the automatics every time I wear them anyway. Listening to your story and your desire for accuracy is interesting to me in that there are so many different reasons why we collect watches and it’s fun to discuss this hobby/obsession with others and learning what motivates them and how it differs from my own motivations. It is indeed, a fascinating proclivity.

J Johnson says:

I’m a long time fan of Citizen watches. I’m eagerly awaiting their new quartz movement.

World of Tanks:Jaegerkorpset says:

Heres my personal guide-line, to myself: anything quartz, over 700,- US, is a no go. and yes, i often seen high quality luxury watches, that i really wanted in a specific lay-out (dial color, etc.), but..then it turns out, its a quartz inside, and for the same price as a Omega smp!!. so, as long as the watch im wearing is going within COSC-specs, i dont look at quarts at all, well i might look, but i wont buy!. im gonna stay true, to the watches with a heart n soul. Great review, good topic.

Giovan Nino says:

Great video, I used to have the Bulova moonwatch which has the same type of movement and the accuracy was very impressive. I cashed it in some time ago but have been thinking of replacing it. I had it on the strap but should have got it with the bracelet, they are not interchangeable unfortunately. I replaced it with the Citizen Satellite Wave-World Time GPS Quartz watch which has the Eco Drive and it’s great, and super accurate always spot on anywhere in the world. It’s a bit on the large size for your liking I know at 44mm, but I find it really comfortable to wear. I’ve heard about the new citizen Eco Drive movement and am keen to see what they come up with but I guess it will be on the expensive side.

Peter E says:

Bulova military hi freq is amazing and makes my other watches seem obsolete. Works for me. It was £95.

Richard Wentz says:

I have 2 Accutron 2 Spaceviews . I love them . Sweeps better than an auto.

Tony Wong says:

Love Bulova, but their designs are not to my taste. Too big and way too modern.

DesTroisCents says:

I really respect the solar eco-drive technology. I also have a Longines quartz conquest and it is a juggernaut of a watch, 300m wr. But for the most part l like to fidget and fuss with my watches thus mechanicals. There is that gamut we have with collecting these non-essential devices, from jewelry to tool range. Choose your weapon. Some choose cell phones, just shoot me.

Chris Searle says:

I keep a Bulova Lobster in my watch box and use it to check my other watches against. I occasionally check it against my Casio which updates to atomic clock daily and have yet to see more than 1 second difference.

Tony Hill says:

Always interesting, thanks. I own a couple of standard Eco-Drives. To all intents and purposes they seem to be set and forget. Whenever I check them they seem just a few seconds off. If Citizen can add high frequency quartz accuracy and sweeping seconds to the mix they will have a winner. I like the Bulova but it’s hard to see what Citizen plan for them long term. They have already off-loaded their inventory of Bulova Acc-Swiss automatics at low prices. Is that now going on with these? They are available at well below normal selling prices here in UK.

Jayjayhooks says:

Maybe I just got stupid lucky, but after messing around with the eta 2824-2, regulating it myself just a few times, my Steinhart Ocean1 seems to run at about -10 to -15 seconds a month. And that’s without trying to negate daily effects with positional night resting. Do you think this could happen with most mechanical watches? I know I wouldn’t want to fiddle with the movement in anything that cost a lot though, maybe that is what stops most people from self regulating mechanicals to extreme accuracy?

woostersheer1 says:

I like all types of movements as long as there is great engineering or innovation involved! More people shopping in this price range should look at this Bulova.

Stephen Pruszenski says:

I love that watch. Thanks Guy. I was never much of a Bulova fan, but this is pretty good. 10 seconds a year is mind-boggling. Nice video.

TinBin - Craig says:

gee nice watch for the price really like it

Daniel Mewes says:

I wonder how the sweeping second hand impacts battery life.

I have a Sinn UX, which has a thermo-compensated quartz movement made by ETA (the 955.652). It comes with an impressive 7 year battery life, but the second hand ticks once per second like on most quartz movements. To be fair, a long battery life is much more important with the UX, because it has to be sent to Sinn in Germany for a battery change since the oil filling must be drained and re-applied. They are the only ones who can do it at the moment.

1bentley4ever says:

If Tag Heuer was smart, they would go to Citizen for their quartz movements. Japan has simply left Switzerland behind in quartz watch technology.

Hugo Lopez says:

When I want high accuracy, I pull out my phone.

Ramon Alberto Tamayo Isla says:

Interesting! Good vid. as all done by you. What about a video of Seiko Kinetic mov. I quite dislike the hate by the watch community…….

Shino2600 says:

That Bulova is nice! I never saw that one. Only the ginormous ones (like invicta sizes). I have 2 citizens (perpetual Calendar and eco drive) and a quartz luminox and just got my first Tag Carerra with Selitta. All have their pros and cons… I love my Tag, it’s jewelry and also everyday, I love the citizens because of 0 maintenance and calendar is always right and the second hand hits markers all time (and has sapphire) and my other ones are gifts or sentimental quartz watches. Good to have a mix, good to keep an open mind. Just know on the citizens that have all the features, setting them or changing time is a programming nightmare. A 3 handed auto is so basic and easy, so is a basic quartz too.

James Duffy says:

I am a fan of Citizen’s Exceed line of JDM high accuracy quartz watches but they are hard to find.

Christian Mick Bailey says:

I’m one of those people who actually prefers quartz in many ways and will usually seek out a quartz version before a traditional one. My Omega SMP 300 has the Omega 1538 quartz movement (which yes is pretty much an ETA) and it works great and I love its accuracy and dependability. I know that for a lot of people this is blasphemy but it’s just my preference. Great video as always and keep up the great work!

Fernando Sbert says:

That Citizen you mentioned sounds real interesting.

SevenW25 V says:

I wish more manufacturers would just use radio controlled quartz. Kinda negates any accuracy worries. Swiss quartz has a tonne of catching up to compared to Japanese manufacturers.

Peter Shallis says:

Interesting video, thanks. I know it’s not within the realm of quartz, but I’d like you to have talked about electric watches, such as the Bulova Accutron and if I’m not mistaken some Omegas. I’d be interested to know how they work.

Jaden Abed says:

The Bulova Moon Watch is freaking awesome … The best quartz horological time piece $300 can get you ! ….I just wish it was a little smaller hahaha

Bill Cosgrave says:

Very interested in high accuracy quartz. I find it just as interesting to see how far they can push quartz technology. Unlike current mechanical watches, quartz technology has not reached the end of its potential yet. It would be amazing if we could have atom clock accuracy on our wrists, then we could conduct our own General Relativity experiments (semi-serious)! I wish Casio would put one into their GPW 2000 Gavitymaster. It would make this already extremely accurate watch even more so. Take care man.

Carlos De La Cadiz says:

Bulova has a rich horological history. Glad their staying relevant.

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