WE FINALLY DID IT! Channel Announcement – Federico Talks Watches

WE FINALLY DID IT! Channel Announcement – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I announce my new business venture with my partner John. Delraywatch.com a website where we sell a curated selection of cool and off the beaten path preowned watches. Everything from preowned rolex and preowned patek to vintage cartier. Please check out delraywatch.com

CHECK OUT www.delraywatch.com

http://bit.ly/2wyTyZH Another link to the website

Please subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2f3DZ3X

Contact me: federicowatches@gmail.com



Roger Paris says:

Great. Good luck. You guys work well together, good team!

John GT3 says:

Love the website, great watches, great idea, but can you add a currency converter and do you ship to Australia? Love the safari AP

mark jones says:

I much prefer what are you wearing rather then “wrist watch check” i prefer the laid backness of the channel,
plenty of people love watches from all sorts.

Sam Elison says:

wishing you great success – just about to go and view those watches ! best from England x

brian duffy says:

So glad your back on an moving to the next level. I have been watching you from the beginning an think your o e of the best watch guys on YouTube. Keep up the good work

Eric Kelly says:

John, be confident, take a propranolol and wash it down with a double shot of rum. look in the camera when you talk. fuck. otherwise, good shit

marcus copley says:

Nice selection sadly in uk so can’t do business whilst the pound is taking a beating looking forward to some high quality pics.

Tom J says:

Best of luck to you guys, I will be checking out the site and look forward to more great vids.

Ivan Hristov says:

Good luck with the new business venture!

WildWest WatchWanter says:

Congratulations, glad to see everything is going to work out. Not to sound to selfish but I hope your channel is not impacted to much because I love it the way it is. Already saw you on a channel that felt like you were always trying to sell me something, and I prefer your unbiased opinion.

Taiwan Explorer says:

This is awesome, Federico. I wish you all the success. You’re a trusted source, that’s so important these days.

J Lo says:

Congrats!!! on the business endeavor. Will check it out from time to time.

Federico Talks Watches says:

Pictures on the website will all be reshot in much higher quality in the next couple of weeks. They are a work in progress… Thanks for watching everyone!

Richard Teevan says:

congrats guys!!!

AyeBee says:

Its totally ok to sell watches for us to broke for an AP but cocky enough to never wear an invicta watch snobs…. jus sayn

Rocky P says:

The Submersible and Rolex DateJust are both a must have for me.

FlorianLify says:

All the best!
John is hot by the way 🙂

Matt S says:

Congratulations guys! Best of luck to you!

Mickey Mouse says:

Nice surprise! Vi auguro tutto il bene del mondo, Federico.

John Gentile says:

fedgreat idea.  Maybe I can participate in some fashion. I am here in Miami and met you when you were with WUW. Maybe a collectors show? Let me knowdrjohngentile71@gmail.comJohn

Denman Schmid says:

Good luck with your new business/website. I’m glad to see that you will be upping the quality of the photos (hopefully you will be able to zoom in more when you do that). I also think it would be helpful to have more description about the general condition of the watch. Again good luck and I am glad you are back!

sdm107 says:

Best of luck to you both, I’ll keep an eye on the website

Tomasina Covell says:

If you’re going to do anything cool with vintage watches you’ve got to go into modded classics, like how they do for 1947 Cadillac, with an emphasis on labs, show the watchmakings!

John H says:

I’m loving it Fed, good luck and way to go! Definitely a solid selection

Ben Segovia says:

Awesome news, Fed. Congrats on your new venture. Am running an online watch store myself which runs along the theme of being “anti-establishment” and yeah, it’s a lot of fun! I wish you the best, champ!

Joshua Mann says:

Here is the thing. You staying that you would not wear all the watches on your website makes me loose some interest. I watch this channel for your expertise and it intrigue s me when you find a watch interesting. I hope you show which watches you pick versus your partner.

Locutus D'Borg says:

Great idea. Best of luck.

James says:

so…i’ve been sort away from the watch channels for a bit….and now apparently federico and the urban gentry guy are not friends anymore? the heck happened?

goondu86 says:

I’ll like to see more watches in the range of the USD $1000 to USD $2000 range

Mario Boglione says:

Congrats on the initiative !!!

Johnny Johansson says:

Could be greeat if you have mdest prices. Also in the future try to tie a watchmaker to your business as well. Not many overseas will buy a unserviced watch from the other side of the globe

Prof Moriarty says:

This looks very promising indeed. I’ll be watching. One of the secrets of success: Variety! Originality is cool too, but don’t overdo it. One last remark: Do not be as blatantly mercantile as some other watch channels — I think you know what I mean. Toodle-oo!

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