Watchmaker Breaks Down Swiss vs Japanese Made Watches | WIRED

Professional watchmaker Ryan Jewell breaks down two different Carpenter watches; one watch with Japanese movement and another with Swiss movement.

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Watchmaker Breaks Down Swiss vs Japanese Made Watches | WIRED


bigemugamer says:

how many of these synthetic rubies are in a Swiss watch? 14:13 the plate holding the center wheel, does that plate have a doughnut shaped ruby in its center?

Alexander Kruszewski says:

Why would you compare a miyota 8200 to a 2824, wouldn’t it be more fair to use a NH36 or a 9015 ?

555 Gear says:

Love the concept of this video!

Chem Hung says:

Neurosurgeon Breaks Down Brains

Boneshaker Boy of the Highways and Hilltops says:

I’ve seen guys on speed do this way faster

Allen A says:

this shows how stupid old mechanical watches are
digital ftw!


I didn’t know the el primero was famous for the highest bph. That was Sonny Crockett’s watch movement

Michael Burt says:

so basically finger condoms, haha thats funny il post that as a comm…… nope, literally everyone else thought the same 😛

Colin Leiker says:

That would be interesting but this dude/narrator really creeps me out

Pramaap Singh Teotia says:

*They did surgery on a watch*

Peter Hornak says:

It would be great to see the difference between 200$ watch vs. 1000$ watch

Stjepan Repanić-Gotal says:

Nice video but, you make great mistake…what if Miotah have loaded spring and you remove main plate? Watch gear will shattered all over your room. After you remove “beating heart of watch” most important is first to remove pallet fork. then whole tension in watch will be released by turning gears.

GeorgeHumph says:

This induces an unexpected amount of anxiety in me.

themza912 says:

Uhh, nickel is not softer than steel…why do you think they nickel plate things for wear resistance?

aaron schen says:

Fantastic video

Attarsanah Resources says:

I have tried this before to figure out what actually determines if the watch goes clockwise or counterclockwise. I still don’t get the answer and ended up with a bunch of watch parts in a plastic bag.

JannisDavidZwahlen says:

Why am i WATCHing this?

Andrew Hiljá says:

That hat comes with the job.

Francisco Salazar Jr says:

my vincero and mvmt watches are better

Gary Gray says:

Great vid.. would watch ur vids even u were making a sandwich

AlluringAzura 【・ヘ・?】 says:

“The differences between Swiss and Japanese movements are mostly that Swiss movements are typically more aesthetically designed, whereas Japanese movements are built more with precision and accuracy in mind. Both are used to power watches of all different kinds, and used by many watchmakers around the world.”

GoofyLeo3 says:

This is pure mechanical pornography….and I LOVED IT!! The only drawback was the douchebaggery upnote at the end of a lot of his sentences a la a kardashipuss. Other than THAT; well done. 🙂

etmax1 says:

Very interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Being an engineer I’m more likely to call them cogs or gears. with nano-manufacturing where it is today none of this is a surprise to me, but when I think of what was available in the way of tools pre 1960 I am thoroughly amazed and have the deepest respect. The stuff I deal with has feature sizes in the 14nm region, but it isn’t hand wire cut or filed.

Michael Breilein says:

The Swiss got tired of losing their own chronometer competitions to the Japanese. So they stopped holding them. Then they reinstated, but with a rule saying that all watches had to be made in the brand’s country of origin and that country had to be European.
This is fact.
The Japanese are known for doing EVERYTHING better than anyone else.

swolleneyes says:


røb ee says:

I was gonna take my watch apart today but now I’ve watched this I know not to.

Fester Blats says:

Why the heck did you put music on this? It is annoying.

Choco says:

The things I do for procrastination

Nader Safwan says:

Swiss flag is wrong 😉 it’s a square!

ammarovenas says:

only one sneeze

Graeme Roberts says:

I loved this so much. The ingenuity and precision of the engineering is inspiring, and Ryan Jewell is as articulate as he is skilled. Bravo!

PyroRomancer says:

Hi i used to walk around with a digital nightstand clock that ran on an AA battery in my windbreaker pocket.

Then cell phones became affordable.

That Guy says:

The guy is genuinely happy while working on the watch.

Max Collection says:


Brand Malone says:

Those finger condoms tho.

What those phalanges do?

zszs22334455 says:

“While Japan isn’t necessarily known for its watchmaking” You are the frog in the well that knows nothing of the great ocean. lol

Sophrosynicle says:

Don’t mind the finger condoms, hasn’t anyone noticed how his arm hair looks … groomed? Pause at 0:32

cosisthebest says:

Finger condoms!

Uros Drapsin says:

For me is interesting part is the level of precision manufacturing on those small pieces he kept pulling out. And also I’m wondering if those pieces are assembled by a watchmaker by hand or is it like a factory process where all of this is automated.

Hue Man says:

Was it a Miyota and an ETA?

antigen4 says:

both are very impressive – comes down to an east vs west dichotomy in the end i guess

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