Watches x Chill: Wei Koh and Tim Talk Luxury for Lazing

In the newest episode of our Wei Koh special series, Tim and Wei are back home in the studios to discuss what watches they wear when they’re trying to kick back at *their* homes. Gevril’s homage to the Paul Newman Daytona, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Sohne, and more are talked about while the two explain what kind of watches they want to be wearing when they’re not out and about and get some time to themselves. Whether it be musical minute repeaters, hidden Reverso features, or large dial displays to easily read (after copious amounts of wine, if you’re Wei Koh), there’s something that makes a watch the perfect “chill watch” for everybody. What’s yours? We’d like to hear in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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Wei Koh, founder of Revolution Magazine and The Rake, joins WatchBox for a special series during his quick trip to Philadelphia. While Wei was in the city of brotherly love, he dives deep with Tim Mosso into the culture of the city to share a unique perspective, and, of course, talk the watch talk.

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Paul B says:

This was a cool collaboration guys!

Brendan Long says:

Proud of Tim for keeping the glasses on in this interview!

Alexander Marquardt says:

I find myself smiling a lot when I listen to Mr. Weih Koh, seems to be a nice guy.

Guenounovitch says:

How can we EAT like this during an interview, I wonder what type of education is it in china

Jake Needleman says:

I don’t think he knows Netflix and chill has a sexual underlying meaning

alvinnzx1 says:

Tim really deserves an endorsement by jaeger

Steven P says:

Enjoyed two of the greatest in the world of watches today.

Xiaoyao Yao says:

lose the glasses tim! love the show btw

Dr. J says:

really? u need a different watch to hang out by yourself in your own house?

Amin Ellahi says:

Wei Koh’s career summed up in a sentence: I wear my Richard Mille during soul cycle

Paul Barton says:

I know the glasses are part of your schtick but please …. your knowledge is phenomenal but I just can’t get past the sports glasses as you talk about $100k watches. Bowler hat? Wayfarers? Cuban hat? Anything else please…

Amintas Neto says:

Great watch talk gents.
Please keep it up!!

__mr_black___ says:

awesome video

Adetola Atoyebi says:

wei talks too much

Kevin says:

whos gonna tell him Netflix and chill is a fucking thing

JavasBest says:

Ok, this was a very long watch commercial! lol

frips1000 says:

Wei Koh is the boss!

Tim S. says:

Netflix and chill means smth different ;))

Reggie Dwane says:

nice stuff again you guys kill !

Reaper__23 says:

Wei Koh started talking at 0:15 and didn’t stop for a breath for over 2 minutes until he remembered his sandwich lmao

steven uk1 says:

so cool, Tim & Wei, a good combo.

Richard Baptist says:

lol “I get super ploughed” Great conversation guys I enjoy what you do

1000lightyrs says:

Tim’s just the coolest watch nerd of all time!!

Pedro Saenz says:

Intetesting! I am a very big fan of homages. They are very enjoyable.

Peter Ayolov says:

What’s with the sunglasses? 🙂

__mr_black___ says:

awesome video

Ari Oper says:

Koh seems like the nerd who got money but doesn’t know how to be cool. Also he def hits on 19 year old girls

MrBusytimmy says:

Nice commercial for Gevrail. Also the chewing is fucking disgusting

Toffee says:

Pretentious yuppies discussing watches that cost as much as a house, am i missing something? or is this decadence that would make a syphilitic Roman Emperor blush.

infinati says:

LMAO watching (and hearing) Wei Koh eating a Philly cheese steak is hilarious

Brian Valta says:

Although Wei comes off as well spoken, he still has lapses where he clearly hasn’t done enough research and is talking out of his ass. Such as speaking of Lange’s german silver movements oxidizing upon human touch. German silver isn’t silver at all, it is actually a nickel, zinc, and copper alloy with no silver content at all, and is specifically known for its anti-corrosion properties, also known as Nickel Silver. So… clearly Wei still, at times, is just told some stuff or overhears and makes up his own conclusion and presents it as fact in the mix of actual facts he happens to have, and I’ve seen him do this more than a couple times. So for me, Tim remains the absolute watch authority because you never catch him talking bullshit.

法蘭克Frank says:

the flow between your conversation is getting smooth(compare the museum ep. but man, the topic(and content) of that ep. is amazing)

Meltdown grfx says:

Yeah found someone who talks more than Tim.

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