Watches Not Worth The Money ? Underwhelming Watches – LIVE! W/ The Time Teller

Watches Not Worth The Money ? Underwhelming Watches – LIVE! W/ The Time Teller

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Chip Wong says:

Hydronaut > Aquanaut.

MrGTI05 says:

While on the subject… my wife LOVES the Tiffany & Co. Metro 3-hand. I haven’t been able to find out who makes the movement in it, (there is a quartz version 2-hand). I have no idea if they make good watches or not. What is your opinion on Tiffany watches? If I end up having the cash for one I will likely get it for her anyway, because she loves it…. and I assume that anything Tiffany is going to be overpriced by default… if you can really call any luxury item overpriced, since they are sold on desire not practicality.

Hendra Gouw says:

Fed.. my hydroconquest 2011, already have 2892, not a stamp clasp, bracelet are better then my speedmaster.. maybe its the early generations of the hydroconquest u discussed…

Marceau Ratard says:

I’ve tried on an aquaracer and it’s a decent watch. It’s it’s double the price of an Oris Aquis and it is hard to see a reason why.

Buying a Calatrava has got to be the most boring $25K purchase in the watch world.

James Carter says:

Agree on Hublot so overrated. Any thoughts on Richard Mille?

Esa-Pekka Leinonen says:

Fed I know you’re buddies with Christian from T&H, but I really don’t get how he’s selling vintage omegas, that you could get within the past 1-2 years for 300-600 USD, and he’s selling them for 2000+ ! I mean.. if people are buying them then good for him I guess. I just don’t get it myself.

Dan says:

Yeah, Tag suck until they land on Delray watch, right? Tell me how much that V4 on your site blows Fed, tell me it’s not worth the money.

The Knight in the Panther Skin says:

Guys would you approve Longines vhp gmt? I bought already :/…:DD

TheSpritz0 says:

What about Wittnauer???

aaron schen says:

Fed please start selling more vintage stuff at delray. Only stock nicer examples with original dials, hands, crowns etc. I think there is a real market for sensibly marked up watches that have been vetted by real experts. Most of the online vintage places charge 2-2.5x private party value. For example, The internet is full of $800-1000 seamasters. About 80% of them are crap. Its tricky identifying the other 20% though. I think a lot of us novices would be happy to pay a 50% premium if it came with some confidence that it was a good example from a reputable source.

aaron schen says:

Its always depressing searching for a particular vintage reference and finding it for sale for half current market in an expired 3 year old ad

10:10 Tock says:

Hate the tiny roman numeral calatravas….but gimme a 5196P ALL DAY. GORGEOUS

armando cardenas says:

Before meeting any celebrity in the world ( with the exception of Kylie Minogue ) I would love to hang out with Jory and Fed together and talk about anything but watches . I just worship them both .

Richard Ely II says:

Hublot is Invicta for people with too much money..

Luke W says:

Any steel Rolex is not worth the money.

Daniel Ribeiro says:

I like fed but t3 is just awesome but I’m glad these 2 are together . Sorry fed tgv dissed u but u got a new buddy.

David Williams says:

Good discussion, and good to see other watch YTers join the conversation. Cheers

John H says:

IWC MK18?? Eh? Eh?

Samuel Kullens says:

The MSRP on an aquanaut is $18.9k, not $25k (which is approximately the price on the secondary market). The IWC Yacht Club uses their in-house 89361, which is a flyback chrono. Stop spreading misinformation, or at least do your homework if you’re gonna make a video that is purely negative criticism.

James Wong says:

I guess these vintage watches with patina are so desirable is because they are in limited quantity. You cannot just buy one even you have the money. Each piece is unique and any modern vintage replica piece is meaningless. Age and its history add value to the watch as well.

kongmw says:

Nothing screams quality production like a blurry stream with terrible audio in portrait.

David Lacour says:

The longines hydroconquest has ceramic and a longines exclusive ETA 2892

SoCal Entourage says:

Check this out Federico –

James Ferrara says:

What’s your take on the Baume & Mercier MOA8462?

TheSpritz0 says:

Gotta say though, girls who wear Michael Kors watches are SEXY!!!!!!

David Cooper says:

The Patek Aauanaut is a great watch for young gen Patek Nautilus for older gen

Michael - says:

Federico, if i ship you a Vincero or DW, would you do a full review on it?

Blake Stewart says:

Bremont sucks ass seriously

Bob Rouleau says:

I’m with you Fed – I see no reason for the pricing of vintage pieces. Going crazy for “patina” – really? Lume that no longer glows is better? Really ..I could rant.


Invicta ? Is it worth it?!

Marc Smith says:

LOVE both you two…

Dale Taylor Jr. says:

I own an aquaracer. It was my late father’s so it stays. But a Seiko SKX on a stock Jubilee is a much better watch. That is why I never wear my Tag.

ivan kerr says:

Patina! Patina! What you really mean is that the watch is destroyed by water damage or sunlight or that the manufacturer couldn’t be bothered using decent materials on the dial. If you look at most pre owned watches the majority of sellers are at great pains to point out that the watch is in fine/ mint condition. This is great I can’t see why anyone would want a watch that’s in shit condition and my god even pay more for it than a pristine example. Rolex faded GMT dials are a great example seen a guy the other day with a faded Pepsi it looked crap. Mind you so did the owner .lol

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