Tudor’s Most Controversial & Underrated Watches + Unboxing A Red Ranger & NTH Catalina

n today’s video I attempt to catch up with Hugo Mountbatten for an ETA on his long-awaited Daniel Wellington watch review. I also share a first look at the “Catalina” diving pilot watch, which is the first official Urban Gentry watch made in collaboration with NTH.

I then discuss an interesting period of Tudor’s history. During the late 1950s and 60s they introduced five new watches with the goal of diversifying and distinguishing the brand from their bigger brother Rolex. Inspired by my lust for a Rolex Explorer 1016, I then unbox one of the most infamous and controversial watches Tudor never made…or did they? Join me to find out!

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Tim v1.0 says:

I hope someone won’t mind answering a quick question. I just ordered my first Seiko Flightmaster. I understand the lug width is 21mm. Does this mean that I need to buy special 21mm nato straps? Or can I use a 20mm that just sent quite the right fit? Any thoughts on this, and where I can find a quality 21mm strap if that’s necessary? Thank you! I adore this channel.

Andrew Fournet says:

Could you contact Tudor to determine if the Red Ranger was real?

stimboi says:

i had a chance to own the tudor red ranger, for about $500. it just didnt come with any box and papers and the reason that it was going for that price is because the seller wasn’t sure of it’s authenticity. i regret not getting it till today.

Smuckers T says:

Why cant Tudor end the debate over this watch?

dmntuba says:

Thanks for a great Tudor history lesson and exposing me to a beautiful, classy watch.

vinny8vinny says:

I own the modern tudor heritage ranger, i love it. I call the hour hand the trowel hand, then again i am a bricklayer. If you don’t know what that means google bricklayers trowel. Great video as always.

Plutonium says:

That Ranger looks like garbage, history or no history…

Ben Arthur says:

0:31 I think we were all chuckling with that dinosaur!

The Urban Gentry says:

Hello Gentry! 
Please forgive the 360p. Youtube sometimes take their sweet time to process the video into the full HD I uploaded. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
Thank you and have a great weekend,
Best regards,

miguel xorrea says:

I saw you’re review on Yatchmaster W u think about YM everrose chocolate?

Jason Gennero says:

Who cares about the Benchmade grippy? Oh you know just the best pocket knife in existence today no biggie, lol

Flex Mentallo says:

Ha ha ha ha ha, oh my god…

Sam Down says:

I think Hugo needs a range of gentry T-shirt’s…..with “what would Hugo do” on it

tsdon1 Smithee says:

beg to differ old chap. Tudor is nothing more than an unabashed copy of Rolex. Ripoff. And it’s not ok even if owned by them. And at $4k you can get a real watch and brand with their own history in Omega. Don’t understand why watch community gives Tudor a pass at total copies but if brands like Invicta merely imitate a Sub they get scorched. No respect for Tudor until they start abandoning the copies and go forward in their own merit. Cheers Governor…love your work.

Terry Tudor says:

I agree with your decision to send it back. I was also once looking to buy a vintage Ranger but my research uncovered too many Frankens. So eventually I settled for the BNGE Tudor 7908 with a custard tropical dial. They are much better priced and less well known than the Ranger and hence less faked. They use a non-eta caliber 390 FEF which is the same movement used in vintage Tudor submariners. Coupled with the history and the significance of the Tudor 7908 BNGE, I prefer it even more than the Rolex Explorer. I see Theo & Harris have one for sale.

esa062 says:

Hugo’s Ben E King impression is spot on 🙂

Wingi says:

Hugo Mountbatten should so sing in front of Simon Cowell ! 😀 I absolutely loved the hilarious intro!!! Actually enjoyed the whole video as well but that intro is just pure genius! 🙂

AmishNinjaMaster says:

I believe Hugo is a Sigma Male, as he certainly enjoys poking fun at the Alpha Male.

Syndicated Satellite says:

As long as you don’t say, “Woops, the red tag fell off”…

Mi Az says:

Hello i would like to win this watch

Endre Varga says:

Hugo is a true junglist!

Grzegorz Adam Kusior says:

LOL, the best intro ever !!!

gurkhaman says:

Hugo should do a colab with the t-rex and turtle from the Minute Watch channel.

Moz etor says:

alpham isnt a watch slut, hes a slut for mvmnt

Mannuel Festoli says:

I know people look down upon inexpensive watches but, 95% of humanity owns inexpensive watches. Is there a way to evaluate “value” of the inexpensive bracket of watches? Not crap watches that don’t function, but watches that function really well, keep great time, are designed and work, and in a variety of classifications (dress, field, diver, tank, sport, pilot, digital, etc.). Like, “surprisingly inexpensive but you’d never know by the price” watches? For us “Joe’s” out in the world.

Tuatha DeDanaan says:

Tally ho, you saucy buggers!

William Miller says:

That was a franken watch in my opinion.

nubix says:

Ah finally 1080p!

Hey TGV, have you ever thought about giving the Traser watches a closer look? Especially because the tritium vials are essentially the grandsons of the here used tritium paint. The watches are made by the same company who makes thoses tritium vials.

Nikolai says:

“Who cares?” I cares! Benchmade is about 30 minutes from where I live.. they’re literally near and dear to me XD In other news, I got my Catalina last Friday and am chuffed to bits—taking it to the coast tomorrow for some wrist checks with ocean/sunset backdrop.

Iain Huddart says:

Love the channel and your content, kinda surprised that you haven’t reviewed the upcoming Direnzo watch, what an absolutely beautiful watch.

Croatian_German says:

We want a review of the Catalina!!!

Jason T says:

Seems to be something wrong with this video. It won’t play on my Fire TV using either Silk or Firefox, or on my iPhone. But it will play on an iPad and a PC.

TheCronan says:

Sorry but the red print was notably glossier than the rest of the dial, this is a partly redialed piece.

heriberto Merced says:

LOL! Hugo techno dancing and karaoke in the jungle! How does he power his devices in the jungle! Hilarious!

Spartan Buff says:

Another smashing good video. 🙂 Regarding the authenticity of the Ranger, I decided to have a look in my trusty “Tudor Anthology” by Alberto Isnardi. On p. 266, it reads “This is one of the most counterfeited models. Various counterfeited dials can be found around. As illustrated in the official catalogues, the logo on the dial is only the Shield and never the Rose. According to the most accepted thesis, the writing “Ranger” is in white color, despite appearing often in red.” Looks like returning it was a good call.

[USDMX] says:

He didn’t actually say that.. no please no
That is like saying DW is better than Patek… come on….

JJ B says:

KEEP IT!!! You’ll come to regret if you don’t.

hugeshows says:

Almost got away with faking the red RANGER but despite using the proper font and spacing, the paint was piled up too high. And a red date disc? Total frankenwatch IMO.

Edward Black says:

Grea t video perhaps Hugo could have authenticated it? Seriously though you didn’t want to send to your watch maker to have a look?

ficko88 says:

Greetings from Maribor, Slovenia. Cold, windy and grey day today – my favourite kind, and perfect kind to enjoy a lavazza, whilst watching your latest video. 😀
Keep up the good work!

TGVG says:

OMG AlphaM!

Bill Bargar says:

Outstanding aviator for those of us who are pilots.my first aviator was in 1986 a Breitling Navitimer.

Frankie Eisenberg says:

I found a Seiko Arnie H558 at the Thrift Store today for $80!!!

Sam Jep says:

Great show! That Catalina is a classic.

BenFairbank says:

Perfect for the Catalina Wine Mixer

kranski says:

What’s the name of that banger Hugo is raving too ?

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