Trying Out £50K Watches With Rachel Riley | Peng Life

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Countdown’s Rachel Riley joins Elijah and his mates to check out some of the world’s most expensive watches!
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jzilla1234 says:

Nice to see Rachel but she was completely unnecessary and made this clip look like an intro to a brazzers video

Name of the Rose says:

A malt a day would take him 114 years to finish

GreenXrays says:

Start 1:31

numan safi says:

This is shit

Michael Deighton says:

He’ll b nicking them on a moped in a year

sucksqueezebangblow says:

Holy shit, what a train wreck of a show.

Not J says:

Why would Rachel have anything to do with these Twats? I thought she had some smarts. She’s getting dumber in their presence…

Kristof says:

Y’all ever heard of the piper perry meme?

xempt. one says:

What the fuck is this, why are those little twats hosting a show, and that the fuck is peng? Did rachael do this for charity?

LifeSucks34 says:

Damn. The chicken connoisseur has a show now? Since when?

Barack obama says:

Rachel now on BLACKED
Only true homeboys will get this

DD DD says:

Utter shite

Calous 43 says:

Not a bad show to be fair. Not amazing, but not as bad as what people were expecting.

orgman cuber says:

ples reply

Damo 666 says:

As much as I Iike Rachel and she is easy on the eye, what was the point of her being in the video as she hardly said or done anything

djvertical says:

Air tight

The Chewbaccacabra says:

To be honest, I couldn’t give two shits about the damn watches. I’m here to watch Rachel.

Team Op says:

Rachel was here why ?

Alien Behind The Door says:

What low level IQ cunts watch this shit.

ZakAshChan says:

Fuck off with this shit.

Forgotten Lawrence says:


Rowgly says:

Fresh prince tv show called, they want their hair cuts back

lolol lol says:


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