Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address | Full Speech

President Trump delivers his second State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

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max 19:26 says:

African Christians we love you Dear president Trump God bless you.

Wolven P says:

Great speech. One of the best. Shame it was tarnished with the tag along propaganda speech from the haters that has no place sharing this video. Thumbs up to the State of the Union. Thumbs down to hate speech that followed.

Lloyd Wright says:

How can’t those idiotic democrats clap, smile, stand up, for the great acheivments that President Trump has done for the America..It shows you that they absolutely hate president trump, no matter how great he does. Socialist fools…!!!!!!

pete travis says:

Melania should have a special meeting with Bernie to explain to him what communism actually is.

Christopher Vecchio says:

I love to see that this news source has more views than CNN now. Really says something

Mister Berzins says:

What a wonderful and majestic speech and presence. This is Our President.

Chuck Groth says:

We have the “Speaker of the House” talking to herself and many others talking during the speech.

Eddie Yoshida says:

Good thing about these speeches is that no need to do squats when going to the gym

mcsedis says:

Trumps a good man.

skytree7777 says:

Love this man Thank God for him Baby killers in white, just like satan to dress up his own.

Lloyd Wright says:

Look at these democrat fools, One question i have for the people who don’t want walls? do you keep mexicans from coming over the border without walls or fences?..
Answer is you cannot!!! would need a few million men in the army standing 10 yards apart for 24 hours a day 365 days per year. for thousands of years!!!!..
It’s impossible you fools!!!!!!

Miroku1226 says:

President Trump: “We are born free, and we will stay free.”
Bernie Sanders: quietly choking back tears.

Sunny Light says:

“America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.”

― Oscar Wilde

Williiam Windsor says:

Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address will go down in history as The Babble of Bull Run. Trump’s address was so full of bull it gave people the runs. Trump brags he created such a great economy and touted record low unemployment numbers. Clinton predicted a huge worker shortage around 2016 back two decades ago because of Babyboomers retiring not Trump. Trump who is the biggest criminal since Nixon took time to whine about all the investigations looking into criminal activity he thought people were too stupid to see through, the only dumbass is TRUMP.

xdanman 117 says:

Besides Trump’s first State of the Union address I don’t think that “USA” has ever been chanted before like that with other presidents giving their speech (please correct me if I’m wrong), and that’s pretty badass.

Ciprian Rizea says:

Writing from Spain… Not only do you have a great President but that First Lady is such a beautiful thing to see! Such class, such presence. The most beautiful American First Lady ever!

moonsaballoon1 says:

President Trump could you come to the UK and sort out The Brexit fiasco please….We The Brirish people Voted to Leave the EU…so as to get Our Country Back Again.. Nearly Three years later and they’ are still stalling, doing everything to Stop It happening. They refuse to believe they are supposed to be working for us, The Public, Not themselves.

Rorschach from Watchmen says:

Much love from the Netherlands. All my friends hate trump but I support your country’s amazing president. God bless America. Trump 2020

Bina says:

I am watching this a second time and I can’t believe how disrespectful Nancy Pelosi was…not a very good role model….

land says:

Just watching now… Pelosi must be held together with Botox and bailing wire. Nice that we have to display our differences and identity politics with the all white suits/dresses. We had one immigrant ingrate curse the President upon arrival, another newbie not respect Congress by standing. Two turds that are attention ho disrupters, not representatives.

Abraham Gideon says:

Obama said that he could only imagine Trump giving the SOTU in a Saturday Night Live – Eat crow Obama!

Jim McCracken says:

Who invited the women’s auxiliary of the Klu Klux Klan?

meme channel lol says:

Oh yeah yeah

Do little and get nothing says:

GOP doesn’t hide their crimes anymore?

vernon smith says:

war never stops it gos one then the other worrie about whats next i like the things he says freedom they might get but middle class no

Rick Johnson says:

Socialism will work so I don’t have to!!! Ocasia-Cortez 2020

Michael Holman says:

That was a beautiful speech! God bless America!

Major Ramsey says:

I can’t believe those witches can’t even bring themselves to stand for ending infanticide.

Mr. Pink says:

Nancy looks so uneasy but as a reptile you’d think she’d be very comfortable in the swamp.

She must be one of those desert dwelling reptiles. What do you call those? Oh yeah. A SOCIALIST!

charles binion says:

Democrats looked like fools.

sanders6277 says:

The Democrats should be tried for treason.

BGSLAM81 G. says:

People need to use their God given discernment to filter out the traitors in this country. Because they will say anything to get your support but will stab your back once they are in office! Take nothing at face value and do your own research.

vernon smith says:

trumps good

Celestial Wayne says:

Youtube video sound keeps going out. I hear nothing. I hope someone is not doing this on purpose.

Kiamichi Ozarks says:

Try it, the things that you will see… I have watched just about every state of the union address since the inauguration of JFK. Never have I ever wanted to watch one over and over again at top speed. That’s my Super Bowl. You are so right CAK when you say ‘literally better than’.

g a says:

So proud to be under this president’s leadership.

Hampton’s Woodshop says:

Democrats see black voters as controllable pawns.

Innerstanding says:

The hidden hand orchestrating this has for sure evolved beyond the intelligence of most.
They give you what you want, but take what you need.
The carrot is jobs, more jobs, yet your lives and your children’s lives are drowned by work. Time to activate Tetragrammaton.

Stars Stripes says:

Obviously the Democrats are not happy with all the accomplishments because they’d rather have people be poor and dependent on the government for votes than doing what’s right for the American people. If the Democrats can’t see that it’s sad. I hope more Democrats wake up and stop voting for the Democratic Party they are evil and all they care about is themselves and they could care less about us

M L says:

Those statistics has provided evidence that those people who hate Trump are mindless .

elmaestrodepr says:

There is no doubt now, that the democrats are SICK! SICK! THINGS! Great! historical moment! for TRUMP. God bless our best most effective hard working president ever. ALL BASED ON FACTS!!!

Do little and get nothing says:

I hope we learned from all this? Our politics are out of control on both sides. We need stability not drama.

Jon R. Olsen says:

You can certainly see Mike Pence’s love and admiration as he listens intently to this great man.

Ginseng Road says:

Trump is the people President

JohnDaWhale3 says:

Best speech ever…

Minus the psycho Democrat in Maroon at the end.

megafortress84 says:

Oh my gosh, this may be the first SOTU speech I watch more than once!

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