Top 10 Best Value Analog Watches Around $100 With Real Brand History

In today’s video I give a 2018 update to one of the most requested price ranges I am asked about on my channel. Whether you are just getting into watches or fancy an inexpensive bit of extra fun for your collection, this video is for you!

A common misconception about traditional analog watches is that you have to pay a lot of money to buy a watch from a brand with a rich history of watchmaking. In this episode I look at 10 affordable and great value options from brands with either a long established past or that are of horological importance.

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Kel Solaar says:

I’m a sucker for yellow seconds hands! My first watch had one.

Alexander Smith says:

Am I the only one who thinks Swatches are super ugly?

planet4allofus says:

My “Rolex GMT Pepsi” rep. at $56,- delivered , deviating ± 4 sec./day should make an (un)honorable mention. 😛
You can hack it up (yes , it hacks) all you want but you can’t beat the value for money , btw , it’s an automatic movement.
I prefer the oriental version over the original any day.
No worries about scratching or getting mugged , or even getting bored with it , in 2 weeks I’d get an “AP Royal Oak” or “PP Nautilus”.
It’s all fluff anyway.
Make no mistake , the rep. fanatics know more about watches than most owning the original.
Now if it’s worth wasting your time on is another story in itself.

Lara L Zinn says:

Loved this selection, especially number 1, Seiko 5!!! My all time favorite and actually the first watch I ever owned gifted my grandfather. Got very surprise about that Braun watch! I did not know they make watches too!!! Thanks, great video and selection.

joseph burtulato says:

I want that Rotary watch!!! You rock showing the Timex Flyback Chrono, that is one of my favorite watches.

David Graber says:

What do you think of skagen they are nice and thin had mine for several years

Daniel Culp says:

I love that you include watches for people like me who have a much smaller budget. You’ve shown me that a good watch doesn’t always mean expensive. Because of your videos, I recently bought my first automatic watch; the Seiko SNK807, and I love it!

ihavealsoheart says:

Rotary at 14:43

Kavinsky Smith says:

Hey TGV long time no see, but I just wanted to post this here
kind of a facinating look at rolex prices really from a guy called the Kavalier based on that army privates pay, from a famous rolex video posted awhile ago, also the guys videos on bonds suits and faux paus is quite interesting, as I’m not a suit guy in the least, I kinda hate formal looks and how much trouble it is, as it just seems hoty toyt, and just not worth the effort

but even as a non suit guy, its quite an interesting watch, as I was just in a bond game kinda mood and was watching the bonda thon videos from two best friends play and saw one of those videos

figured that could make an interesting topic of discussion, given how many people put down budget watches that go for about that sum that the army private paid back in the 50’s for his rolex.

as not gonna lie that was one of the reasons why despite having the option to go for a rolex like 10 years ago as a graduation present, I just thought it wasnt worth the money.

however in buying a timex that looks like the tudor fastrider in that ceramic with gold, sort of cream look, I think I may start saving up for the almost porsche design like chronograph from them.

as I dont generally like most watches, hence why i’ve never commited to buying a fancy one, but that timex is such a clone of it that I really like I may go for the real one

as the funny thing about the timex, the damn hour counter is broken lol plus generally you cant get good long lasting battery life out of chronographs, no matter who makes it, so its worth the money to pay for a good one.

while with other watches like the GMT, the submariner and the other types, it just feels like it isnt.

Michael Currie says:

please review the seiko SRPA29

Ricardo Fajardo says:

Hi TGV. Recently discovered your channel and I find it very informative and entertaining. I even got inspired by one of your reviews for my most recent purchase (Laco flieger watch), so really admire your dedication and I’m very thankful for it. I just wanted to mention I’m very happy to see the Braun brand featured. I own the BN0095 Prestige chronograph. Despite being a quartz movement watch, I truly love the design, particularly the monobloc case (I think this is a feature that you would love) and the history behind it, which you referred in this video. It won three design awards, including IF, so no surprise it’s linked to museums and so on. It’s a shame that they didn’t release this watch as an automatic and also, it’s very sad that only the first versions of this watch are made in Germany. They are now made by a company called Zeon, which I think (but I’m not sure about it) are done in China. It might not be something that it’s noticeable to many, but when I see my dial and read “Made in Germany” it gives me a lot of confidence on the piece. It’s now on its fifth year with me and still going strong. It would be really cool if you do a review on these Prestige watches some day. The digital is truly good looking and definitely a couple of watches that are true representatives of Dieter Rams principles. Cheers!

Fit OutPost says:

Great review of old classical watch designs. “The ‘good old times’ – all times when old are good.” ~ Lord Byron

Radio X says:

I have the Orient Automatic CEM64, (if you google is you’ll see the pictures of my specific one because I’m the one person who’s posted it on the internet) and It is the same watch as this Orient in the list but it’s nice in my opinion, better bracelet too, I bought it brand new from someone who had never worn it for £60

randallace says:

For my money – you cannot beat the Casio duro , but I would recommend a crystal protector and a NATO strap – class , style and function – amazing for under 100

Warthog UK says:

Glad to see Rotary was on this list since I am planning to purchase one soon and I cannot find reviews for them anywhere.

Rob Edmunds says:

Great list. Not one I would not want to own

tskwared667 says:

Could you do a video on something similar to the Seiko SNK23? Every channel on youtube raves about it being the nicest Seiko 5 but now the cost has been driven to around $190. I love the styling of it combined with a leather strap, but there are so many other varieties of the Seiko 5 dress style that I don’t know where to begin looking.

S700KY_FPV says:

I know its not new, but I paid £100 for a Citizen Seven Star V2, with the day/date complication at 12 o’clock. It was running -38s per day, quick tinker and now it runs -1s per day. Very happy. Brushed silver on a brown soft leather strap.

Steve Sandwich Productions says:

TGV, I love your wonderful use of adjectives: stark, graceful, robust, mesmerizing etc. Great channel, I never miss a video. Keep up the good work!

Aidan Riley says:

Hey would anyone be able to direct me towards that Seiko 5 manufacturing table.

Bernard Manansala says:

You and your viewers will probably crucify me for saying this…

How about Fossil?

Miko says:

These videos are good for the younger generation who are looking to get into the world of watches. Great video TGV !!!

one_who_knocks says:

Would have kicked out swatch. Included vostok. Maybe honorary mention to seagull and luch single hand

Jim Randall says:

As I write this, the Bulova Classic is $69.99 at Jomashop.

Petar Babac says:

DANG T you”ve been cranking out videos of great content by the Loads, Great Job !!!

Felix Lamb says:

Could you review the theorema oslo because there is basically no reviews, would of be so cool, I loved the vid

Marco von Catfish says:

I am not a fan of the Invicta business model, and I absolutely detest their absurd, garish, oversized, puke-inducing models. Having said that, their Pro Diver is a FANTASTIC watch! I bought one earlier this year and paid $80 for it new! That is unheard of!!! It is a far better watch than many others at 5 or 6 times the price. Consistent with what TGV says, mine features a signed 40mm stainless steel case, Seiko AUTOMATIC movement, 200m water resistance, lovely sunburst blue dial, unidirectional blue rotating bezel with silver markings, signed screw-down crown, luminous Mercedes hands and markers (and pip), scratch-resistant mineral crystal, date complication with cyclops, see-through case back with signed rotor, and a solid, stainless steel oyster-style linked bracelet with signed fold-over deployment clasp. And the Pro Diver comes in a variety of color and metal type configurations. I mean … WTF!! Can you get better value anywhere else?!? The answer is … NO!

Daniel Jafari says:

Anybody know where that picture of the Duro with the new bond nato is from? I literally got that same exact strap with the raf keeper but I don’t remember ever seeing this picture before!

Stoney Lonsome says:

Great list but, I would’ve picked a different Timex- they have an explorer homage in their Waterbury line that’s just extraordinary. Comes on a nice oyster bracelet with polished center links framed by brushed steel, simple fold over clasp, raised and beveled mineral crystal, and has a date display a 3 o’clock. The cream colored indices and hands are trimmed in the same mirror polished silver as the date window- and it all sits on a dark grey dial. Uses their indiglo technology so, no lume- but it’s not missed. I think these run about 100-110 new. I bought mine used so, I could be wrong but- I think that’s about right. They’re difficult to find to be honest, glad I grabbed one while the grabbin was good. I upgraded mine to a strapcode endmill bracelet- brushed finish, ez adjust diver’s clasp. Finding a Waterbury is easy, it’s finding one with the explorer dial that’s the challenge- happy huntin’ fellas- see ya out there.

Lea Frydman says:

As a lady I like watches with color dails Can you advise me of a blue dail watch no more than 40mm as I have small wrist My taste? Well I did inherit a Rolex Explorer and love it.

Chris Grabowski says:

Arrrgh! What’s the model of the Bulova on this list?

mike kilfoyle says:

Another one to add is Blenheim London Navigator, 40mm case size, 316 L stainless steel, Miyota 2115 quartz movement, sapphire crystal, date wheel, cyclops magnifier, stainless bracelet, what’s not to love, oh yea and all for about $50 U.S.D. on Amazon last I checked. Giv’em a look.

Brian Hartman says:

I’m glad the Invicta Pro Diver made the list. I’m wearing mine now, and it’s one of my favorite watches. As you say, it’s not the most original design, but it’s a good, solid watch. No solid end links, but at least the rest of the links are solid and not folded. (Even though I also love my Seiko SNK795.)

It’s not a Submariner, but you’re paying $80 for this watch, not $8,000. 🙂

XnMojo says:

the first watch i spent my own money on was a seiko 5. it couldnt keep time within even 30 seconds a day.

Down Under says:

Awesome Video! Does anybody know the Name of the Invicta Watch at 5:37?

phill ollard says:

Ding dong old boy …

aniger818 says:

TGV, you’re the classiest, most cultured, well mannered, stylish, well spoken, articulate, intelligent, aristocratic gentleman I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

fary T.P says:

affordable watch with an alarm bell like Patek

DonKon17 says:

By the way- I got my Seiko 5 for $60.00 on amazon, amazing watch!

tookallyourmoney says:

top ten ani digi watches

1Piasek1 says:

Great list, I totally agree TGV 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bruno F. says:

Loved the ending!!!

Lea Frydman says:

The watch brand is pronounced BOO LOW VAH

Eetu Lahti says:

I would appreciate if you made a review of the Sinn 356 with a copper dial. That’s one heck of a watch!

DonKon17 says:

Is there any brand that produces the disk like effect that URwerk does so amazingly well but more affordable, like in this price range? I know sevenfriday is similar but still at least over $1000.00. This is something I’d like but it is a novelty piece and I wouldn’t like to spend that type of money on it. Any help????!? Such a great conversation piece!! Thanks guys!!

Juan Barragan says:

Hello TGV, great video. I have notice you like Sinn, and moderate size watches. How come you haven’t review the Flieger 356. This piece has a vintage feeling with a 38,5 mm case. I just bought mine and very pleased.

Евгений Коржов says:

Couldn’t guess when are you going to name Seiko)
I have a hard choice, do I save more for furniture or buy new watches ><

akash sharif says:

what’s the price of citizen eagle 7?

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