The world watches as Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki

The world’s two disrupters-in-chief started the day trying to out-disrupt each other – President Putin’s opening gambit, arriving an hour late, leaving President Trump twiddling his famously small thumbs.

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But at their joint press conference it was all talk of co-operation and understanding, President Trump criticising not Russian interference in the US elections, but the investigation into it, describing the probe as a “disaster for our country”.


Crozbyguy says:

I don’t want to hear another word until they seize and examine the DNC COMPUTER SYSTEM
If you agree and had enough, copy and paste this message to save our country.

irene gewinner says:

not in a state of war? en contraire … and djt, this obsequious factotum, is a traitor.

Lyn Utermark says:

24:00 Are you kidding me???
Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga in front of a blue screen, and we are suppose to believe what you say?

Cancer Sauce says:

Wow, some news, starts out with an opinion right off the bat…


‘ Who’s listening to you ‘ you’re an absolute drop kick … MSM boo !!!

Dominic Shaw says:

they’re all bought n paid for, business as usual.

treetababy says:

Bias much?  She’s insufferable.

Jan-Erik Sandli says:

looking at the body langue it seems Putin bicth slapped Trump all day.

Charlie's Cartoons says:

Ha ha Cathy Newman…What a smelly Yeast infection…
British are so ridiculous

Stephen Duquette says:

If USA ,Russia and N. Korea joined forces , thy could defeat NATO by air ,land and sea. It would happen faster than Hitler’s march against the world. If they are already planned and organized it would g9 quickly. First the USA civil war with help from Putin and Kim Jung un ..…

Frans Dav says:

The lying and evil group in America is busy seeing their asses without a mirror. Well done Putin and Trump!!!

The Celestial says:

i saw you trump 🙂 yeah you the brother and harmless now 🙂

Ariel Sharon says:

Look you have more dislikes than likes. It needs to turn a red light on or ring a bell. Something is wrong with your reporting. Anybody home?

The Celestial says:

yeah and here they don’t see it the sun rise is always covered by the clouds

it s their HiJAB

i am having X Helping Me

NaderR says:

What a shitty biased report.

Andrzej Kakietek says:


irene gewinner says:

mr. putin, you lie.

Diti M says:

God, I feel like vomiting at those skunks of media who pretend to own the truth. When you listen to them you understand how they manipulate people. Media is on payroll who do this shameful propaganda. It is so hard to comment on their filthy propaganda because every sentence they say is crafted with lies. Someone needs to write a long article to dismantle all their lies. My question is what do you do when you have an army of paid liars, who serve the most dangerous people, who have plans to annihilate any form of democracy, any independent country and turn people to slaves? As it was in the coup that installed communism, the most barbaric regime, as an alliance of Rothchildes money and jewish communists in Russia (90% of 1st Soviet Government was Jewish), now you have a jewish media all over the world, the big banks and corporations (you know who owns them) and the democrat liberals (who are communists in fact) that want to exterminate white people of Europe through Soros theory of so called “open borders” (his organizations do the illegal immigrants smuggling) with massive emigration from Africa towards Europe to create the negropeans based on the theories of Calergi. While in US this is done through illegal emigration from Mexico, and through liberal immigration laws from Africa and Asia. Russia fully exterminated communism, Putin destroyed jewish oligarchs who purchased for pennies the national property in Russia. He turned Russia into a national state, that protects its own interests not turned into slaves of big corporations. That’s why left/communists hate Putin. His model of Russia is frightful, and is their end. That’s why EU politicians sold at Globalists are not ally of US or their people, but their foes because they serve the plans of Globalists, they are part of it. The front now is- in one side Nationalists on the other side Globalists (internationalists). It doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat, but where do u stand, what your beliefs are, nation state or Globalism/internationalism.

Michaels Roberts says:

How do we as Americans believe. The absolute bullshit the news media feeds us! My God who do they think they are the discrase they have the nerve to feed us. The news media will be the beginning of the fall

NorthernWilds Lifestyle says:

Nice batch of propaganda from this “news” business.

Andy Rise says:

hahahaha this would usually scare me at the level of propaganda being peddled but i can tell your desperate hahahaha

Martin Mcalonan says:

What planet is Elvira from ?

Sandra says:

Putin owns America.

Stephen Duquette says:

Patriots have been commenting on Douglas M. Decotes Sr. On YouTube ” When are we going to start this civil war ?” And talking about exterminating liberals. A lot of mad , gun carrying , crazy people in the USA…..

Michael Kinsella says:

Nobody believes that the Russians poisoned those people.
Stop peddling it.
It’s a dead story.

Larry Mangus says:

Some ancient Chinese strategist said,”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Actually the Russians should be our friends . Trump is working on that. The deep state loves a cold war , it is great for Gov’t. contracts. How is it we can find the Russians guilty of murders when we can’t solve any of the deaths surrounding the Clintons, STFU ! Failure in resolving Clintons associated untimely deaths tells me they were offed by Intelligence agencies contracts.. you people are part of the deep stare and it shows.

Brandon Householder says:

Democrats are cancer

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