The Truth about Replica Watches

Sometimes a serious watch channel dares to talk about the mysterious dark world of replicas and this week ArchieLuxury made the point that its better to own a replica than a shitter watch – (I totally agree with Archie) and Simon Crane made the point that the Panerai fakes he has been playing with just dont feel like the real thing. BOTH Simon and Archie are right – but not all replicas are bad in fact the TRUTH is some are totally amazing…


Kev Badger says:

Nothing wrong with reps, I have several and all look and feel the part. I’m not prepared to pay thousands for something that’s very overpriced. Plus if they get damaged or stolen, it’s not a big loss, also the servicing costs for genuine watches is astronomical. You pay 5 grand and they need a service every 4 years!!!! I don’t think so.

Thomas Margolis says:

At the end of the day, its not the real thing. Another commenter made the comment, better to have a $100 Seiko quality time piece, versus a replica. I am not sure I agree with that particular watch, but the premise works for me.

Mediocre Clarinet Player says:

Where did you get the AP Royal Oak mate? Or does anyone know a website I could get a perfect replica from? Or a great Cartier Santos 100 XL?

Mihai Pascu says:

They look like replicas even on this low res video. But more importantly, this says a lot about you as a person, I wouldn’t imagine wanting to be friends or do business with someone like you. For me, if one is wearing a replica, it tells me everything I need to know about that person. You can sugar coating it as you wish, but there’s no departing from he truth.

rachael m says:

When you travel around the world you get the impression that many branded and replicated products are sold either side by side, from the same place or involving the same people. If the quality is good then the only concern is the pomp that surrounds marketing and advertising.
Does faking something even affect original sales?
If I’m naive feel free to barrage me!!

MakeMYday420AntoineB. says:

Noob AP is designed by THÉ GENIUS designer Genta thé name royal oak Come from HMS ROYAL OAK BOAT gréât watch but thé réal.
U dont know about history of thé brand.
Sad …

Truthfears Guilty says:

dolly parton’s fake titties are more REAL than REPLICAS

Mick Mick says:

I have replica watches and they feel GREAT!

Swazer Swazers says:

Women have fake tits fake hair fake nails fake tan fake eyelashes fake high heels fake smiles fake eye colour fake nails and fake personality, so why can’t I have a fake watch?

Carlo Filippo Pezzoli says:

fake Copy watch= fake copy people. Replica watches are illegal you know that ?

Matt Grey says:

How is this video “The Truth about Replica watches”? All this is, is a guy who is showing off his fake watch collection. And with each replica he states “its exactly the same as the real thing”. Why do I get the feeling this guy never once wore the real thing as he shows of “just a few of [his] replica watches”.

paolo922 says:

I mix my replicas with my genuine watches in my weekly rotation. I’m a bit picky with reps and only buy those that are appropriate to my style and financial capability. It’s useless wearing a rep PP Aquanaut if people know you can’t really afford one. Plus, i only buy reps when they are really good reps! Nice and fair vid. Kudos

craig kendall says:

I would rather own a cheaper genuine watch than a replica, i don’t like to fake being able to own a luxury watch, and i don’t like supporting criminals either. Counterfeiting is illegal and the people who do are mostly involved with organised crime.


whoever owns a fake rolex is truly just a fake person PERIOD!!!

Yatharth chaturvedi says:

The point of buying a rolex is not getting a watch. It is getting a rolex. Rolex is not just a watch it is something you earn after saving and working hard for it if you are someone from a middle class family.
If you get a rolex without even earning it then it is of no point be it fake or real.

CanIndian says:

Just wait till the day those Swiss companies are owned by the Chinese like a lot other Eurpoean ones. Then talk.

Richard Price says:

I bought some nice quality fake watches in Egypt recently and didn’t think anything of it but now I don’t want to wear them, I want a real one. Just feel a bit ashamed and embarrassed. For the money I spent buying 4 of them I could have bought a nice Steinhart Ocean 1…..

TaG hEUEr says:

Very high quality réplicas….everybody is saying, I would feel better and proud wearing an original Casio and all that shit comments…listen guys, that’s pretty obvious that if you can buy a replica Watch is because you can buy a Casio watch or whatever, then you’re deciding to buy a replica and that’s it, maybe because you like it and you can’t or you don’t want to spend or throw your money away on an original Patek or an original Rolex, because maybe you’re thinking the effort you made to earn that money is worth more than enriching multi-million dollar watchmaking companies, and that’s it…is a personal decision to wear a replica watch or an original one, the best things in life are not worth a dollar, and even someone is gonna say: fake watches are for fake people…come on, that’s stupid propaganda and a complete misunderstanding about human nature…

horrible says:

Guys what are u all talking . In the end the watch only shows u time . Doesnt matter if it says rolex pathek or fakelex on it .

Raymond Martinez says:

I enjoyed your video.

Michae Brown says:

Genuine strap on. Oh my God, that’s funny. But on point to the video, there are some nasty replicas out there, but the good ones are great.

mark dorez says:

Agree 200% all mine the best AAA super clones best on the market grade 1s,ive got so many customers who have originals but buy from me allso,perfect video by the way hit me up for a chat have you got a telephone number?

EB says:

I bet I could spit on your replica and it’ll get water damaged. The irony of owning a Rolex dive watch and never being able to take it in the water.

Stavros Pachoundakis says:

do you have any website to recommend for replicas?

rob goonbag pizza says:

that last rolex is fake

Neville Naidoo says:

how to find 1:1 watchers

Mark Deo says:

I walked into Cartier on Rodeo Drive last year wearing my $200 Cartier Santos 100 XL. Looked at a genuine and not even their sales people couldn’t tell the difference. I get compliments by people all the time. If and when the watch stops, I’ll just buy a new one.

memorylane1980s says:

I completely agree!

Kawa12er says:

cmon guys.. u say feeling is like a genuine Rolex. but you forgot a signifikant thing… YOU KNOW that is a China copy. YOU KNOW that is not a genuine. YOU KNOW that is nothing worth if u want to sell it EVERY TIME u wear it

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