The Top 5 Most Iconic & Best Value Casio Digital Watches Under $50 – Reviews & Brief History

Today I take a trip down memory lane and review 5 watches that offer the best value for money when it comes to iconic digital timepieces under $50.

Without a doubt, Casio has one of the most interesting and unique legacies when it comes to producing watches, and this legacy is perfectly highlighted by the watches featured in this video.

First we take a look the ultra retro cinematic legend that is DataBank CA-53W made famous by the Back To The Future movies. We then compare it to its successor and pinnacle of the DataBank range with the DBC-661. Next we move on to the most iconic and successful watch ever made by Casio – the small but mighty F-91W. We look at its fascinating history, variants like the A-158W and also the dark side of its horological narrative.

We conclude the video with a tried and tested favorite that has survived space flights and is favored by military all over the world. We are of course talking about the DW5600E-1V which is one the modern descendants of the original G-Shocks and maybe the best beater watch ever made under $50.

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Anton says:

i like the Casio MTP-V007 , Wish they were a little bigger, but nice square watch for the price

SniperZeroXI says:

Bro you have chat/comments disabled on your live stream

Loren Jun says:

No Casio Royale?

9B6 says:

What do you think about Hugo Boss watches? And can you review one of them

billsventure says:

Thanks to your videos I now have a drawer full of casio watches. Change them almost daily. I like the digital better than the analog now because I get an exact time. It helps me on my job. Thanks TGV

Laurens Benny says:

This video must be watch not only for watch collectors but also any parents who wants to give their kids the 1st legit watch with the incredible horology, and they know the watch will serve them until they grow up..and it wont break the bank account also..

Haydn Meyer says:

Great review… just bought a F91W in Black.

Ogner Ioan Lucian says:

I like the G-Shock and I have one .

F3udF1st says:

The battery life on my 5600 was well over two years, and that’s an understatement. Bought it in -08, changed battery for the first time in -17 I think. And it hadn’t even depleted yet. So perhaps 10 years.

ViSH says:

hi which fossil watches do you recommend (big tic)???

wild bill 56 says:

Nice intro ! I’m a longtime subcriber and have a question about a watch brand I’ve never heard of. Hope you don’t mind the off topic question here. Stuhrling original men’s Swiss quartz regatta. $995.00 USD. Sale $78.49. If their is a better way to ask questions please inform me here. You have a great u-tube channel, I love all the content. Best wishes!

Larris Liew says:

that intro was aesthetic

White Knight says:

That Casio melody watch at the beginning of the video!!! I still remember when i was a kid, my classmate used to play the different melodies in class. Do they still sell them new?

Tamás Takács says:

Best Urban Gentry intro ever! Loved it! (the review is awesome too)

Aaron Davis says:

For anyone wondering, like I was, the intro tune is “Enclave” by Volkor X.

The Life of Jono & Kai Andrews says:

Loved the video. I am a big fan of G shocks. Classic TGV video reminded me of the videos you used to do much more of

Scott Schmidt says:

Best intro of all time ….and also spelling boobs on a digital calculator watch….Epic

Sketchmee5 says:

Awesome Tron intro!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

nasry matamoros says:

TGV’s appreciation of time in all its brand, prices and styles is amazing. Respect to him he loves time more than a brand or price!

mcbong92 says:

hai … which I should npick casio royale or gshock dw 5600 .. help me please thanks

Peter Picallo says:

10:45 “SPACE”…the final frontier… Hence it reminds you of that!

Arnold Stallone says:

My dream is to visit Seiko and Casio manufacturers in Japan.

SoX XxX says:

Is it just me or this Rolex looks too big on his wrist?

The Hitman says:

Ive got a 6 watch collection and decided im going to stop buying when i hit 12 and never exceed 12 watches at any one time. Im going to buy a watch case that holds 12 watches. Ive recently got into seiko big time from this channel alone. Ive recently bought the alpinist based from your review, but now in love with the skx pepsi, flightmaster and sarb035. My question is- do people think that 4 seikos in a 12 watch collection is too many seikos?

Raul De fermin says:

Where I can buy the g.shock ? Can you give me a link please th

Time Art Piece says:

Nice to see some digital content on your channel. Any chance we’ll see some Seiko digitals in the future?

joseph burtulato says:

@3:41,still better than smartwatches today,

SMD says:

Amazing intro mate!

Luca Portelli says:

watching this while wearing my skx007j. while working i wear my casio ga100 in black and its a charm to look at. i use it mostly for its utc function as i need it for work. got it a bargain price on ebay. im happy with it! oh and one last thing…that intro was spot on!

Dave-Dave says:

Went to Amazon to pick up the DBC 611. It went up from $42 to $51.. TGV Tax 😀

Kenny Trainor says:

What an intro TGV! I spent a little more and purchased the GW-M5610 and it is the perfect everyday watch, period. I fell in love with mine and now have the G-Shock sickness! Awesome video like always, keep it up!

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