The MLB Channel Watches My Videos! This Is CRAZY!

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32decembreTV says:

I’m from France and just started baseball (it’s not a big thing around here). MLB is quite difficult to follow here so I’d love you to make highlights videos.


Yo that is so dope. GG. congrats. also early congrats on 25k 😀

DDV Hype says:

Man i would die if you posted mlb videos with your feed back it would be the best

Hunter Frost says:

You’re so deserving of this. It’s so dope that this would happen to you.

cardinals nation says:

gg my man is growing this could be your future

Yehuda Siegel says:

Iran vs israel

Stephen Schwartz says:

Yo Fuzzy

NT06 Plays games says:

Fuzzy = mlb spokes person

BrodytheKid says:

Walk up song 2.0
Super big fan

TurnTwo says:

Do it fuzzy! That would be so cool! Love you man (no homo)

braymo 10 says:

Fuzzy can I play against you my PSN is bray10136

Devin Sheridan says:

Yo fuzzy congrats you’ve worked your butt of through high and low with this YouTube channel and if anyone deserves it it’s you

Zach Avramidis says:

Congrats man

Zero Hockeytron says:

Fuzzy is a god at mlb

Connor Travis says:

Put the daily mlb highlights

shaishab124 says:

It’s Chris smoove not smooth

GMONEY 23 says:

Yo bring back rebuilding career videos I like the video #bringbackRebuildingcareervideos

LilBud says:

hope you did good on your finals and congrats on almost getting 25k

KikiDaBoss says:

Yoooo this is my list of MLB youtubers


Dominic Golminas says:

It would be sick if u did highlight videos

YODA1931 says:


Hollywood Rollercoaster26 says:

That’s sick dude

braymo 10 says:

Fuzzy how can I get to 100 subs I only have 34 subs

Emmdotfrisk says:

Lil ole Fuzzy 🙂

KSReacts says:

Hella dope!

Steve Pineda says:

Don’t go Hollywood on us when you blow up

Tank says:

You should make a compilation of blown saves

mark diaz says:

That would be dope if you made a Josh Hamilton highlight video. Many people don’t know how great the dude was.

Ken Seiffert says:

239 you are the bomb and the future is yours we miss you

Cooper Loyal says:

I bet 4 million dollars that Mlb won’t reply to this comment. FYI love mlb

Dj Gamer says:

Best youtuber

Artie Gaming says:

Dang fuzzy and did you hear about David price

Dragon Crypto says:

Congrats man 🙂 thats awesome 🙂

Alexander Smith says:

maybe mlb will give you a small loan of a million dollars

TheDanno_10 says:

So can we get that 1 on 1 I’m on Saturday?

Isaac J says:

Love yah fuzz

Evac Strike says:

I’m back

Tyler Holland says:

Love your videos man keep it up I’m a Indians fan too

Eric Rost says:

I’m here before 1 Mil

Cruz Alexander Cortez says:


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