The Kid in Dubai with $1,000,000 watches!!!

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santhosh kumar cm says:

Who is the kid?

Creacy says:

and i’m sittn here wondering what that witchcraft shit at 4:18 is. clean x with middle- and ringfinger. bro wtf.

Dog and banana says:


Di Wu says:

Without oil, Arabic are nothing. These kid will be shits on the road.

TEJ DEEP .G says:

How much have you donated for the countries who don’t eat for days

MAADMO says:

It’s pronounced ‘reeshard meelay’

Duy Tran says:

how many fake friends he has

manny mo says:

The question is where the money come from? hard work? I guess this kid doesn’t know how this watches works.

Sergi Andrey says:

Hola por que no un negocio de venta de coches en europa?

Adi Mukherjee says:

This kid is a small piece of shit

Dog and banana says:


Money Color says:

Why is he hanging out with kids all the time? No adults in your circle?

Anton Hallergren says:

Well watch collecting is about horology not price. So a 10k collection can be more impressive than a 1 million dollar collection tbh

Watch Out says:

So many people are living and dying in poverty and a young boy is being bought watches that cost this much . . . 🙁

Fausto Lopez Gil says:

It is awful and stupid Showoff like this, untalented kids with fathers with a lot of money

Rachel Manansala says:

the kid was #maverick team

Donato Felicella says:

this whole video start to finish makes me cringe

Cameron Rozek says:

Disappointed, doesn’t even have one g shock

Infinity X 100 says:

He had a Louis Vuitton pouch

deka peroli says:

fat little monkey

Gamersworld /overseas says:

Uh want a cheap one? Here you go just 90000$

Court Paul says:

Nice Video live you life… when you have sufficient funds purchase a watch you like the most…. Haters will hate all day Long !!!

Marcus says:

Whereas I’m rocking my Seiko 5 watch! 😀

Simon Whiting says:

What a twat!

Frank's world says:

I am very serious when I say please will you gift me a Rolex.

Ruben Lopez says:

It would be a good idea, to give something back to the community haha like Buddha, Warren and bill gates.

Chris w says:

Is that 2 BLNR Rolex’s in the middle?

Sherif Shiko says:

مشاء الله ربنا يحميه .

lolo hispanidad says:

Mejor no opino nada……….

Mo Khan says:

Total stupidity when children are starving without medication and food, Allah swt will question you about wealth

Mat cool says:

and they are all from

Adi Mukherjee says:

The kid has no brain he doesn’t even know how to see time

Mr. M3GB says:

Fu*k my life

Tim Barendrecht says:


Thomas Margolis says:

have the kid gift you w/e.

westkaya591 says:

made in china

Paul Rojas says:

Why dont you let the kid make his own money and start from 0? dont you think thats a lot of money misplaced? dude feed some poor people. Have some transcendence in to your human mind.

JohesVP says:

True maveric huh?

Babu M says:

It all starts at 5:24

Nick G says:

spoiled Bastard kid!!I was happy with a timex at his age.,but this is the world todAy can’t blame him

Raul Riqueno says:

Mo ur fucken gold digger

Yum me says:

For that 2 mil $ watch id say. Chutiya banaya bichare bacche ko. Phuggay wala bechta hai aisa watch

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