The Greatest Luxury Racing Watch Ever Made – Rolex Daytona Review & History

After spending a day enjoying my friend’s Rolls Royce Ghost and Ferrari Spider luxury sports cars, I borrow one of his many luxury watches to review.

In this video I take a look at his Rolex Daytona (Ref. 116518), discuss the history of the legendary Daytona watch, and make a case for why it is the greatest luxury racing chronograph ever made. Join me as I analyze one of the most lusted after iconic watches of all time.

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malkta1 says:

Hello dear TGV Please could you tell us what your wrist size is ?

J O says:

Freightful ghastlh intro old chap, nust kidding, very fresh, I actually really like it on thos strap!

asdfkie says:

I bet you my watch that my seiko blue moon cocktail time gets more compliments than your Daytona. If I win you have to give me your watch (which I will sell to buy more cheaper and nicer watches)

Stephen Lambrecht says:

Just to add some automotive insight, I was co-owner of a company that manufactured automotive woodwork. We were asked by Rolls-Royce to produce the dash and trim panels for a CUSTOM Rolls sports car. Rolls stated they would only make a minimum of 12 cars. The customer agreed and stated he would place a car in each of his homes around the world. They were all custom RR sports cars. RR kept their promise to the customer and then shipped the tooling to Bentley for a new sports model for them. Same car but it was not a “Rolls”. We at least got the privilege to fabricate the wood components for this lovely automobile. We also did work for Jay Leno.
TGV, I left you an entry in your “better than Starbucks” discussion on coffee.
Enjoyed your vid.

Lolan says:

When did they start engraving ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX Serial Number ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX in the inner bezel? i noticed this one is blank. Interesting.

leodf1 says:

Smashing job. Excellent video tracking the Rolex Daytona over a 55 year history. Keep up the good work.

Ilya Symonenko says:

Ok, now you absolutely have to do the Monaco 11

sjdfngnw ergterwt says:

Why keep a plastic factory sticker on the back? That is like keeping tags hanging off your clothing. If you cannot afford to really own a watch don’t buy it.

Ino Svy says:

I like the new rose gold / rainbow bezel

Andy Garton says:

Interesting that you measured the diameter including the crowd guard – the effective diameter of the round part of the case is actually under 39mm.

Casablancas says:

Will you be reviewing the new Orient star Heritage Gothic, RK-AW0004S?

Tyrone Fountain says:

Anyone else’s bits thoroughly chuffed after admiring that Rolex. Absolute pure class my good friend!

Peter E says:

Too blingy for me old boy, would be bad form to wear that down the club, what.

Dimitri Vidos says:

Daytona from mid 2000 doesnt come with the new type of bezel

Stephen Rudberg says:

The Rolex Daytona is one of the holy grail of watches for a serious collector. Then again , there are few Rolex models that could be considered to be “holy grails”. Agree that the gold or two tone is more “blingy”. I personally prefer the Stainless Steel models (White Panda dial or Black dial). Right now, the prices for the Daytona’s are ridiculously high. And like some GMT’S, can take years to get. Do I want one? Sure, but not at these inflated rates. Still, I consider myself fortunate that at least I own a Submariner and Datejust 41 so not suffering. As always, entertaining video and nice intro.

sandyentoronto says:

Probably one of the best review of a watch i have seen, the Daytona deserved it, great work, thanks

David Ruggio says:

unrelated man, but can you do a video comparing the orient bambino 40mm to the new 40mm automatic Timex marlin?? keep
up the great work!

SleepEatDrive says:

Hey do you think the 16523 with the inverted 6 is a good buy? Possibly increasing in value over time and becoming collectible?


I’ve been waiting for this video for a long time, and I love it thank you TGV I can’t get over how much I love this watch and you kept your word when you told me about it a month ago , Cheers


The Watch Lounge says:

Cool video would love to get a hold of a daytona to compare to my el premero tri color chrono

George says:

ok ciao

Du Kirpalani says:

Gold is just tooooooooo gold

Lucifer Morningstar says:

You make great videos but it would be super nice if you could review a watch by Jaquet Droz one of these days please ✨

David Koba says:

I have to say after following your channel for a couple of years i have learned so much about watches and horology in general. Not only do I get to view beautiful watches (that I can’t afford lol), I have officially reached the “watch geek” status. My friends think I’m crazy but they are the crazy ones for not appreciating such amazing engineering!

lecorsaire says:

Precious metal Daytona’s are fantastic watches but I prefer them on metal bracelet not leather. I will inherit a black dial sans diamonds 116528 later on in life but am considering buying a blue dial WG 116509 or WG Oysterflex 116519.

Ben Sona says:

Nobody races cars with a Daytona watch. They are given to the winners by Rolex for marketing purposes. Also why review this gold variant? The recent stainless version with ceramic bezel is what everyone wants.

mrfuriouser says:

Going for a different audience, it seems…

Matthew Atkinson says:

Really dislike that band. The way it makes contact with the case doesn’t look right.

daniel hammond says:

The rolex daytona is the worst looking of all the rolexs.

millsub xxx says:

Negatives ? afraid not , who wouldn’t want to sport a Daytona

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