The Best Automatic Watch Under $100 – A Perfect Place To Start – The Iconic Seiko 5 – SNKL23 Review

Today we go back to my roots! My very first automatic wrist watch was an old 70s Seiko I inherited as a child from my father. Unlike my grandfather’s pocket I was also was fortunate inherit, I could actually wear the Seiko. And so it kicked off a love affair that would last most of my life. One of the most frequently asked questions I get on this channel is: what is a good place to start with watches and preferably something automatic for around $100? There is only one company in the world that has such an extensive range, rich horological heritage and the manufacturing capabilities to supply that demand. Today I talk about the Seiko 5, it’s ideology, concept and history behind it. In this video I review and talk about my favourite from the range, the SNKL23.

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Brandon Garcia says:

What’s the best place to buy seiko watches from?

Matthew Smeraglia says:

Gotta love web tracking… I searched amazon for mechanical watches within a price range of 50-100$…and this video magically appears on my youtube feed…. hmmmm

muhammad ilham says:

you’re the man!

Andy Zeng says:

I’m looking for a white back version of that Seiko 5 SNK. Does anyone know a model number for it? I really love the watch handle and the watch background (the 2 circle). I’m having troubles finding Seiko watches in Canada. Help would be appreciated!

No Name says:

PLEASE HELP what size do I buy the band??

CM Productions Nerf says:

Tgv: I;v been looking into the Seiko 5’s and I’v noticed that they can very in price from about $50 to about $160, and was wondering if anybody knew if there were any real differences in the actual watch itself, I don’t really care about the band, that I will replace anyway?

Rick Tayal says:

I ordered me one, thanks for the review. now I cannot watch another one of your videos for a while lol. I went with the SNK559J1 🙂

Jonathan Dunster says:

I cant find an snkl23 anywhere! the one exactly the same in the video. I live in the UK. Any help?

Azzuron says:

man that strap is awesome <3

Abrar Kondkar says:

where can i get a clear case for seiko 6309-8190

WooferJr says:

You liar! It cost $138.75 Not under $100!! Misleading title.

Afiz Jamil says:

MALAYSIA at 9:24

ww3k says:

Agree with you 100%. my first and only automatic is a Seiko 5!

jjjota says:

I can’t find it, not even on ebay, not at a “normal” price at least. Everywhere is out of stock

Nico Siebes says:

i love this watch but i cant find a seller for it in the EU . can someone help me ?

gust rezend says:

So, great video, but you should give a look at your mic settings. The sound keeps dancing between left and right on the headphones. That anoys the crap out of me, so much that i whatched the video in an almost unaudible volume.

tylern00 says:

White gloves…classy

Frank Preisner says:

I just discovered your Channel right an hour ago, already the 3rd Video. I like it. And I am very impressed with your passion about the good things in live, like the Seiko5… mine is the SNK805 K2 in green. No clockface that is better to read.
And I think about getting more of that… just because it is so great.
I bought it in may 2014. She even was lying around, some twiggling and she runs. I also were using it for swimming, showering, working.
A mark on the frontglass, because she was into very hard work these days. But that are marks for live and so on…
great watch, I would take it again, if I were not wearing it already. Again and again and again.
I live in North Western Germany!
Many regards to good gentleman’s channel!

Alex Demirtzoglou says:

What do you think about 20$ automatic and quartz chinese watches on AliExpress?

Hanayo Koizumi says:

Where did you get the Verra Pelle straps? Despite my research, I found nothing similar…

Bhaveer says:

Please consider reviewing the SNK809

tylern00 says:

Are you familiar with the Kronen and Sohne brand? They also make affordable watches and I just ordered one of their automatic watches. It was only about $40 and looked quite impressive online and in the YouTube unboxing videos (the few that there were). I’m looking forward to receiving mine. I might do a video review once it arrives.

colinfarel says:

Mine lasted 3 years until the time started jumping forward several hours ahead. I had it services and the auto winder went loose. I now wear a Casio Quartz analog/digital diver’s watch. Go Battery. Automatic watches also messes up if it is near a magnetic field and will cost you as much as the watch to have it demagnitised.

David Ubari says:

During my chilhood my father sold many Seiko 5, later in 2013, I was in Nagoya Japan and fall in love of a blue Sport Series Seiko 5, English-Arab date, 23 jewels, Us$ 200 price, still i’m using it for daily living, also during swimming in river and caribean ocean, great watch, I love it!

Ashley Ewen says:

What is the exact model of this watch, I cannot seem to find it ?

HORHAYY10 says:

Can anyone provide a link of where I can buy one of these? Everywhere online seems to be sold out. Such a nice, simple watch

Michael Hencin says:

I admire how tgv pays the same attention and respect for a $90 watch as a $6000 watch. I love that integrity.

JacketPod says:

Is that a brown or swamp Spoleto?

Rudolf A says:

Does some one knowe where I can buy it in Europ, or a website that does ship to Europ

Tavares Powell says:

Can anyone share where I might be able to find this watch?

Chung Pomelo says:

How can i buy the watch in this video ??? thanks u !

hazerkitten says:

$60 on Jomashop

tanya troublemaker says:

I really want one of these now.

latuman says:

My Seiko 5 runs a bit slow, a minute in two weeks. Can I adjust it myself or does this require a professional?

Chinmay H says:

what is that belt in the into – its superb

Jacob Krogmeier says:

where do I get this leather wrist band?

abhay kothari says:

Hi, Nice video .. Lovely way of reviewing….can you please tell me what is the exact model number of the black and blue one
.. Thanks

Elit says:

how much did Seiko pay you?

Bibi Sobrany says:

but.. i have a seiko 5, its running slow and i havent really done anything horrible to it.. help.. ;(

Locke Tran says:

Where is it made?

Raymond Lau says:

I’ve had my Seiko 5 for about 13 years. My dad handed it down to me so it’s probably much older. It’s had a hard life but still works well. I’ve had a few watches over the years but the Seiko 5 is my favourite – it’s just a good watch!

Thanks for the tip about changing the strap – The leather looks good (mine still has the original)

Joshua Josy says:

you are awsome

Cedric Vercauteren says:

Anyone finding it also funny that the strap is half the price of the watch xp?
(by no means do I intend to offend anyone, just funny to think about)

Jung Woo Lee says:

I have had an SNKL23 for several years, and your mention of Colareb intrigued me enough to order 3 18mm straps – 1 Spoletto (brown) and 2 Venezia (“blue navy” & “swamp”) – and I have to admit all three of them look fantastic with SNKL23. I ordered them from Seoul, Korea, and they arrived in less 4 working days! Many thanks for the introduction!

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