The 3 Coolest Skeleton Watches Around $300 – Mechanical, Auto & Quartz

What do the world renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, Salisbury Cathedral, Amelia Earhart, and haute horology all have in common?

The surprising answer is skeleton style watches!

In this video I look at the best value options for quartz, automatic, and manual wind skeleton watches around $300, as well as a cheeky appearance by the cantankerous and rambunctious dinosaur of horology, the rex-father himself, Hugo Mountbatten.

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yh Jun says:

Hi TGV, could you share your thoughts on buying from grey market??

nikos kapetanios says:

Hello TGV, what is your opinion about Ingersoll I00401 ? thanx a lot!

Joseph Gore Jr. says:

There’s a place in every collection…at least for a while…for a skeletonized watch. It reminds us of the engineering behind the beauty of the watch and the incredible amount of technological effort that went into horological advancement! I like the vintage Wittnauer personally! Very cool, TGV!

Daniel Gallardo says:

Another fantastic video TGV! I feel as if every watch collector goes through a skeleton phase at some point. I myself got myself a skeleton watch (Swatch YAS 100D) a few weeks ago after you mentioned it in a previous video.

MrBacchus18 says:

Jurassic Park, brilliant! No interest in skeletons, for some reason I equate them to terrible, awful garbage you can find for $25 or less. Maybe I need to expand my horizons and try one of these or maybe a Rotary Jura 40mm. TGV check out Xiaomi CIGA Design chinese watch sub 200 and some interesting designs, according to its marketing it won the 2017 German IF design gold award (whatever that is)

Michael Jennings says:

Tgv my collection has 10 nice watches i have a automatic walthem that looks kust like the tudor the one with the day at the 12 most are homarge but you no iam just getting started . for some reason i dont get your new releases. I have to go to youtube i love the show some things you have talked about has set me down a new path of being a gentleman love you and your show

Mei says:

This is your BEST video so far in my opinion. Thank you.

hm s says:

Love that intro…

Monsieur Ruhe says:

Hugo is the man

Matthew Reagan says:

Tgv what’s your thoughts on the Timex marlin automatic. Dual with the bambino?

J. B. says:

I’m really hoping Hugo gets his own YouTube channel.

taylor Douvos says:

I’m just excited for the new automatic timex marlins!

bachchoyyy says:

Absolutely love the intro TGV its awesome to see you how much you evolved over the years!

Kappa says:

$300…well not for long since you uploaded this #TheTGVeffect

Ruthless Bone says:

Yet another great video for Tristano! I’m up 500 bucks still saving for that Rolex subby to be part of the Rolex gang! Still have a long way to go but I will eventually get there

Scum8ag says:

I just bought Swatch Body & Soul for my wife’s birthday (she actually picked it herself) and it’s absolutly bangin’ piece! It is like a stylish piece of jewelry and engineering at the same time. It seriously steals all the attention from other watches in the room. Love it!

TeaLoafer says:

Should have saved this for a Halloween Special

Mare says:

Is Poljot International the same Brand as Poljot? They are made in Germany and have som beatiful skeleton watches!

weerobot says:

I prefer partial Skeletonised..

Campers Ahoy says:

Good quality video as always. Thanks for the brief history. Im not a big fan of skeleton watches. Do you have any experience when it comes to wooden watches. Would like for you to do similar video kinda like this one.

Tim Schubardt says:

Great video. I have never seen such a cool vintage skelletonized watch like the Wittnauer.:)

An Khang Nguyen says:

There is a watch from Xiaomi called the Ciga design, I think it could be quite interesting to review

snacklofter says:

Really enjoyed that – you and Perth WAtch are two of the most honest and likeable watch reviewers on youtube!!! atb snack.

Dave Kraemer says:

Hugo is the star!

Iluvatar Gott says:

I would take the wittnauer haha

Jeremy Corrao says:

Great video! I have one a couple skeleton watches. It is very satisfying to watch the spring tighten up when you wind it. They are on the smaller side so I don’t wear them much but they are cool. Cheers!

Pablo Avila says:

lol I love Hugo

Watchman_Allan says:

Absolute favorite!!: Bulova96A187 Dazzling!!

Michael Jennings says:

Say hello to hugo dear boy

BlackDragon says:

Another home run, TGV!!!!

J. Clark says:

The down votes must’ve come from the Jurassic Park lawyer’s family.

Joshua T says:

Made my morning relaxing at home in the English Lake District just that little bit better. Thank you good Sir, and Hugo of course. Just a question, is there any watch that can compete with the Tudor Black Bay Black for a similar price? Warm regards Josh.

Notorious ETA says:

What’s your opinion on semi skeletonised watches, for example the d1 Milano skeleton,

DuKirpalani says:

I could watch just your intros on a separate channel, and become an intro enthusiast.

edesge says:

That last Rotary watch you shoved uses the Seagull TY2809 movement which is i think the best looking cheap skeleton movement. You can find the same movement in some Kenneth Cole watches around 100 $.

LordTannet1 says:

I just got my Stuhrling skeleton watch and I love it!

Waktosha 73 says:

I bought the red version Sea Gull for $100. That was a great deal.

Section 9 says:

“Get him, get him!”. Lol Hugo is the best!

Nick Turner says:

Time for you to drop the teeth-grindingly ridiculous and juvenile Hugo from your otherwise superbly professional channel. It’s not funny and it’s not clever and the only ones who would probably be amused by your daft, OTT characterisation of an English accent would be daft, OTT, juvenile-minded Americans, surely? Please stop it, I know that this is your channel but isn’t it supposed to be a half-serious watch channel, not children’s half-hour?

iaxable says:

The most important thing in a watch is the DIAL

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews says:

i ❤️ Hugo

Simba Lee says:

I have a semi-skelletonized watch as well, my first automatic watch, it has manual wind, looks beautiful, with a day and night indicator, and 38mm believe it or not, you can get it for 81 dollars on Amazon! It is called the time100 taichi, theres a steel and rose gold one, please check it out

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