Take Time, w/Nodus Watches – Meet Wes & Cullen: Creators of the Nodus Retrospect, Contrail & Avalon

Check out their current line up here: https://www.noduswatches.com

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Hello and welcome to Take Time! A Channel for watch enthusiasts by watch enthusiasts. Thanks for joining me today on another video.


Amar K says:

The retrospect really has a chopard style in it and I love it.

Pablo Rages says:

I like their ideas !

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces says:

Well done Patrick. Really enjoyed this one!

Jason Won says:

I love these guys! I bought every Nodus model so far!

It's Pat says:

Dudes. 24-hour GMT. Hint hint.

Jim L says:

Hali-who??? 😉

Ally Barrale says:

This video is so good ❤️

ARM 1975 says:


Derek Hicks says:

Contrail 39, definitely my next watch.

Hilary Ho says:

Have really missed vlogs/interviews like these since you last did one with Christian! Keep up the great work.


Patrick you should have at least 100k subs . Your channel is one of the best.

Tim Lara says:

Thanks, Patrick. Great video! It’s always interesting to meet the folks behind microbrands. For me, that is the main draw beyond the watches themselves when looking at micros – even though we’re all still consumers with our watch hunting any way you look at it, something just feels more “right” about buying a watch from an independent maker vs. a huge corporation / conglomerate. Not that there aren’t great options from big brands too, but I’m always rooting for the underdogs.


I like these young guys, I’m going to have to find something I like from them.

Njama Jones says:

Have liked their watches for a while, thanks for doing the interview with them.

Luciole Dizerot says:

Hey Pat, genuine question: are you able to spot the difference between when a brand representative is bullshitting/saying fluff and when he/she is genuine? This isn’t related to this video but is just a general question. I feel like some people have a hard time making the difference between a genuine interested interview/video and just a regular promotional interview/video. Obviously you can have a bit of both, but on the internet people are usually never capable of compromising 🙂

Wing Yip says:

Another great interview video.

I’ve heard of the Nodus and seen some posts, but haven’t taken closer look at them yet. But, after this I think I will.

Titus? Solvil et Titus? I’ve heard of them, I think most known and sold in HK and/or the Asian market. Chow Yun Fat used to be their poster boy way back. Remember seeing the various billboard adds in the HK MTR subways.

had a look at their site, good stuff, but too bad I am looking closer at them now.. Much of the ones interested in sold out.. But, I guess just wait to get a notice when they will be back in stock.

Can definitely see some Seiko design inspirations in the Avalon in the case shape. But, basically all the rest of it and in combination looks fairly original. And, the contrail and the retrospect in particular are very nice. I’d like to get a retrospect, really like the inward sloping bezel, but the color I would want is out of stock. 🙁 And, this again takes some inspirations from Seiko divers (well, this comes to mind for me).. I believe subtle, but the Turtle, for example, does actually have a inward down sloping bezel.

Arnold Cayanan says:

Nicely done. Thank you for the introduction to these guys and their company. Truly appreciate the content you have been providing.

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