State of the Collection – Part Two – A Look at My Modern Watches

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Hello and welcome to Take Time! A Channel for watch enthusiasts by watch enthusiasts. Thanks for joining me today on another video.


Tom bryan says:

The pushers on the Omega are huge, I have an early 90’s 39mm speedmaster 1151 triple date, although it’s in the shop right now because I tried to fix it and bent the balance spring. I also own both the original cocktail time and rootbeer dial Presage model, I prefer the latter mainly because it’s so much thinner.

Anthony Cava says:

Liked. Okay with that out of the way I’m gonna stick my neck out. Bring the ridicule but- 1/I prefer the Speedy MOTM to the Dynamic. I’m gonna hold out for a new MOTM. Someday. 2/ Here it comes- I have a SARB065 and… I like the OEM band. Maybe mine’s a late model change but I don’t find it too shiny (but I get why it’s shiny), it wasn’t stiff, conforming to my 6 1/4″ wrist immediately, and I like the deployment springing from the “wrong” side. There, I said it… Great vid!

DiscoFalcon says:

Watch gecko is great! Ordered multiple straps from them thanks to you – I also had the K1 B dial Watch as well. Good little time piece

Lee K says:

Interestingly like you Patrick, I’m getting a little bored with my SRP773 Turtle and as good a watch as it is, I may give thought to letting it go. That SARB065 has been calling my name louder and louder. I think I might need to get one before they disappear forever even though my opportunities to wear a dress watch are severely limited. Lastly, the embrace of the path less traveled is one I heartily approve of. I get weary of the exhortations on the forums that “you HAVE to get a Speedy/Submariner/Datejust!” Nothing against those icons, but I swear they come across as a dime a dozen.

As always, I’ve enjoyed your SOTC series because it goes into depth as to your reasons why you like what you like, as opposed to so many other youtubers who I feel might be showing off, just a little bit.

mal GG says:

Wow, that GS! I can feel u when u describe it… man, i wish i will find my fav holygrail watch. Thx for an Awesome sotd!

James Duffy says:

Now go look for the other two true Cocktail Time models!

Lume Shot says:

That one watch for me, kill me I know, is my no date ceramic sub. Never a dull moment, especially because of all the places I’ve been with it, the memories I’ve made have with it, and the great people I met while wearing it. Associating the “most common” watch with stuff like this makes me forget all the stereotypes and allow me to view my sub different from others.

Random Rob says:

That GS is wow. I am looking at the quartz models now. Haha

DonjonArmory says:

I have wanted a speedmaster moon watch for years, but cannot bring myself to spend that amount of money on a watch. Also, I recently purchased my most expensive watch, a used Sinn 104, and I am torn on that purchase, it is a very nice watch and well worth what I paid for it, but again I struggle with spending that much on a watch.

Wing Yip says:

Sweet Part 2 SOTC.

BTW, quick thanks to you. I received the Phenomenato strap yesterday. I took a few pics, but the lighting was kind of shitty, so I think I may want to retake some photos before posting and commenting on the strap. But, I will will be sure to share on the related videos and instagram.

Ok, back to my thoughts on this video below.

The Giugiaro. It’s pretty cool, but because of the tilted configuration, very polarizing. Either you dig the offset styling, as most of the other Seiko Giugiaro collaborative designs also exhibit, or you don’t. That being said, I definitely dig it. It is perhaps the most motorsports focused of the various Giugiaro Seiko watches. The dial design works right for hands up on a steering wheel to read the time with 12 o’clock up.

I had a Giugiaro SCED035, probably the most popular model, a reissue from the 80’s and of course iconic as the wrist watch of Sigourney Weaver’s character, Ripley, in the “Aliens” movie. It’s possible actually the other reissued Giugiaro watch, the SCED003, may be just a tad more popular. It’s the black, grey & red accent watch that the character Bishop wore in Aliens. I find those even more rare and hardly, if ever, turn up on the 2nd hand market. And, when they do, they command a high just as much, if not higher, premium than the Ripley.

There are many color variants, but these 2 that most faithfully reproduce the original look & design and best matches the big screen version are THE most popular and most expensive. All the other variants take back seat.. hell, they are so far less desirable as a collector’s piece, they are nearly in the back row of the theater. Not to say that those other variants are bad, but I think if you’re going to go with these particular timepieces, go with the main stars.

I do regret selling my SCED035 sometimes, but I find I do not pick it up as often to wear due to it’s quirky design.. I’m totally down with quirky, but some just make it extra hard to pair with more clothing attire. Also, since it’s such a collector’s piece, the fear to add too much wear or any damage to the watch is always a concern and limiting factor.

As such, I decided to sell it to free myself of the burden and allow somebody else to perhaps wear and use it more than I had. More importantly, the market was right where all remaining examples I had seen on the market, new or used, had all but disappeared, so I knew I had a slight advantage selling it at a particular time and made a decent profit. A cool iconic watched greatly missed, but I found a proper way to translate the sale towards another watch I would also greatly appreciate and even better, not afraid to wear more often.

The SRP Turtle reissues.. What’s not to love. I had the dark blue version, SRP773. I modded it a tad with just a coin edge bezel and stainless steel marked chapter ring. It’s a super cool watch and very comfortable and wears surpringly smaller than the 45mm case size would suggest, however.. a side note, my SBBN033 Tuna at 47mm actually looked the same size, if not a tade smaller.

I would have kept it, but had a plan to convert the sale towards another watch. I wouldn’t mind getting another one someday. Seiko is producing some cool new Turtle variants as you know. I like the new “Blue Batman” version. Similar to that Malaysian market one you and Adam reviewed on Properly Wound, but that had a matte black dial. This new one has a stunning deep blue radiant dial which I actually prefer.. seen alot of “Batman” bezels with black dials already. I am also a fan of the new silver, or is more like radiant grey?, dial version. And, that limited black edition with the aged radium lume look is quite cool. I generally shy away from pvd or dlc coated watches these days, but I can’t deny an all black turle looks so damn cool and tactical.

Lastly, I’m not a big gold wearer, but there is something really cool about that new gold case turtle. If anything “goldish” in tone, I may try and get the custom turtle in bronze case. I really think the turtle is deserving and would look killer in bronze. I’m not entire clear who makes it. It’s either K-R Watchmaker or a collaboration between Calibre Magazine & Horology Matters.

It’s basically like your SRP775, but in bronze.

In either case, I believe it’s made in the Phillipines. If you are interested, scroll down a bit on this facebook page and you can’t miss it. It’s the 2nd post under “Post” section. They say you should contact Horology Matters if interested in such a cool custom turtle in bronze.

Your Omega Dynamic is a very cool example. I’ve commented on one of your other videos about it. It seems to be a returning design, possibly. The most recent watch that has made I think a reissue that looks similar to this is the Longines Heritage Big Eye. Anyways, the Dynamic is very cool.. wouldn’t mind getting one someday if I can find a good example on ebay with all the goodies it originally came with.

And, your GS SBGR017. So nice. That dial! I mean the dial is a major watch feature and I don’t think some people give Seiko enough credit especially when they have produced so many unique and beautiful dials on the market. At first it looked a bit like the new SRPC03 cocktail Sakura Fubuki, but this GS is different and more diamond patterned.

Let’s see how the SOTC is in 12 months.. unless significant changes sooner warrants an earlier SOTC?

Have a great weekend.

The Patient Collector says:

Watchgecko is fantastic! Their customer service is impeccable.

Steve Tackett says:

Great collection. Watchgecko rocks all day. I’ve got a handmade leather( per a review you did) and it was the strap I was looking for for this watch. I have to say, the Cocktail time is gorgeous, but the Grand Seiko is just amazing.

AjaxForever says:

You need the Omega Seamaster 2254.50 Peter Blake.

Venus Dee says:

Great video. About Seiko divers, I like that most Seiko fans have at least one and they make so many different types that there is always one for somebody. Seiko is an amazing brand and when you own one (or more) of the JDM models, you feel like you are part of a special club because the only people who would know about them in the USA would be watch guys. Also I must say it is great having your grail piece that you love. It just becomes a part of you. Quite a feeling. I own my grail which I got in 2016. Looking foward to more videos.

Canon Yeo says:

Patrick, from one Seikoholic to another Seikoholic, do consider the Presage SARW 023 to your collection. I put this watch beside my wife’s diamonds studded Rolex. Only one sparkle. Only one has Cosc accuracy. Guess which one. The hands are the longest I have ever seen. Not even in the GS. The purplish black dial is just as spectacular as the Grand cocktail, SDGM003. Man, this watch is more luxurious than my Swiss luxury watches which cost 10 times more. You can write to Yamato-nadesiko and get the best price. !00% you won’t regret. Cheers!

Steven says:

Wow I had to comment before I even finished your video, I have the black and red version, SCED055! I love it… OK back to the video…yep I agree about seeing the same watch all the time, I like the unique ones too.. Back to the video…OK finished the video, good one the GS is a good one, I need to start saving up! Nice collection, can’t wait to see more from you!

Atif Chaudhry says:

Patrick, your doing great with the longform video. I’d love to see more of this!

Lloyd Garth says:

Great show! By the way, I have the original 1983 SEIKO Chronograph Sports 100 BISHOP ALIENS 7A28-6000 GIUGIARO Watch — this is the original model (not the reissue) from 1983.
Your Omega Chrono is superb!

Neil Lucente says:

Happy New Year Patrick! I much prefer your vids when you do them stoned. You should always blaze one before filming. This vid is a good one! Love the Guigiaro!

TERRY williams says:

For 19mm watches I use 20mm spring bars. But for straps it can be tough. I use Greg @922leather for any custom leather straps. And Art @ Drunkartstraps for canvas versions.

I haven’t owned a Dynamic but we did relume one, super nice watch and really clean dial. They are underrated for sure, which is great since they are affordable. I have owned (5) SRP’s, I love them. But the 6309 case fits my wrist better.

Great collection Pat.

MrBacchus18 says:

Semi serious question – Do i need to learn to ride a motorcycle to buy that Seiko Giugiaro?

Canon Yeo says:

Yes, the Dragonhead gargoyle, SBGR017, is the best looking GS/Seiko watch I have seen. Usually, when I buy a watch, I look at the value from precision perspective. How it looks come second. i like all the different looks, but, most of all, I like them to tell good time. But, the Drangonhead is an exception. i bought it purely for the look. The 9S55 is the least decorated of the 9S movements. It has a lower power reserve of 50Hr compared to the higher calibre. In terms of look, I put my Snowflake second to this one. Anyway, as for mechanism, the GS 9S, 9R, and 9F movements are all just fantastic,

qadrik says:

Excellent video as usual. You have an outstanding collection. As someone who is very new to the watch madness, I really like your watch collecting philosophy. I will probably adopt that philosophy myself. When can we expect the OG Cocktail Time v.s New Cocktail Time comparison?

ajt222 says:

I like the Grand Seiko , I think it would look pretty smart on a brown leather strap . I’m not a fan of bracelets , too much metal , It’s just me but I think leather presents a watch , makes it pop.

The Watchguy says:

Great collection Patrick both vintage and modern ones that is

gmshadowtraders says:

Wow…just wow. That last Grand Seiko is incredible. Never seen it before. How did you even get it? Hold onto it. Faaaaakkkk….

Mark Thorpe says:

Surprised you don’t have an SKX in your collection.Get what you mean about the Speedy and the Seamaster but loved the Dynamic,not seen one before.

John Lee says:

Nite-Owl: Kinda like a Batman!

Love vintage (and reinterpreted) Seiko case designs (GS, Turtles). Don’t have a Seiko diver yet, but eyeing a mini Turtle once they get a wider release.

Also totally feel you on GS-ness. My SBGR053 is my ‘The Watch’. From the beach, to the freakin’ Horological Society, to my wedding.

Dirty Ribz says:

Vostok disappointed? No video on that ?

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