SML Movie: The Watch!

Goodman loses his watch at Mario’s house!

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killer strike says:

And also idea a day in the life of brooklyn guy

Its Exotic says:

My fucking virginity

WeGamers 0101 says:

Well I lost my idea that I was gonna coment

傷跡AnXme says:

Most important thing to me is your mom

Hong Yu Zhu says:

The most important thing I have lost is my key

Nakia Surley says:

I lost a fortite match

SKYFLAMES 044 says:

I love jeffy

Zertex 2000 says:

I got a Rolex but it was fake for $27

Jessica Aguilar says:

I like jeffy hahaha

Swapping Junior says:

The most important thing I’ve lost is deez nuts.

SuperLuigiLogan says:

Go watch the NEW plush channel we started and subscribe!

Krista Norris says:

Black yoish is back he’s my fav yes!!!!!!!

Gabriel Davis says:

I lost 8000

Hi I'm Mikey says:

My phone

Renee Laws says:

13:38 my virginity

Oliver Gwr says:

My dignity to live

YouIsMySon !!! says:

The most important thing I’ve lost is my virginity

Yoshi Games says:

the most important thing i lost is my virginity i i i mean my dignity

Cristian Borrero says:

Keep p do le

Get no scope 420 says:


Djfirewolf 23 says:

My fortnite account

demon p06 says:

Logan can you bring back the bbb baby machine…… PLZ

Emily Gonzalez Vega says:


Spark The Fox says:

“What the fuck?”
-Mr. Goodman, 2018

Keltron Of Worlds says:

A flipping Rolex

Heather De Vries says:

i wish i saw jeffy

Caden Kesinger says:

the most important thing I have lost is Spider-Man

Spark The Fox says:

Most important thing I’ve lost?
Oh, that’s gonna be a tough one…..
Welp, here’s a list.
1. social skills
2. a life
3. a soul
4. the ability to empathize

Edwin Rivera says:

Hi Logan

TimidGardevoir says:

you had the chance to say “Bitch! oh wait sorry that’s a dog”

Aliijah White says:

0:33 4:18 9:35 10:40 the parts of the lights went out.

Raleigh Bethea says:

is Mario fucking hi er then a mother fucker

backpack guy says:

Is everyone f***ing high

Eliseo Cardona says:

He only asked two people

Kristy diorio says:

I hate when Jeff he plays fortnight

Jadarius Barnes says:

my chicken

Chugga Chugga says:

My Pokemon cards

Xtreme and Awesome says:

SML idea Jeffy meets Annoying Orange

DontSubOnlyIfYouWantTo PlzDont says:

My brain cuz im dumb n9w

Edwin Rivera says:


Taishawn Magloire says:

Logan remember when we committed a crime it’s me hahahahah I still know you haven’t changed a bit

ghotu5 a says:

400 dollars

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