SML Movie: Jeffy Plays Minecraft!

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shaggy russo says:

#FuckJeffy #FuckMinecraft

Noonan Phillips says:

Your a great youtude channel

Gabriel Del Rosario says:

We will gonna support you 🙂

Lukas Burt says:

Logan i have been watching your videos since 2010 i have been supporting you for a long time

Fire Fist Ace says:

We r with u forever

RB- Ravez says:

i would help if i could but i cant i have no money

Derp Doggo says:


FlameAC7 says:


undertakerblaise256 says:

Check out Dwayne n jazz SML

Splatkid05 Pat says:

SML idea: Kaio-Ken it’s dragon ball battle.

Butthole Boi says:

Dude I’m about to cry I don’t wont this to happen

CaptinPawPrints says:

I bet they wanted to add a sexual joke for Minecraft but you know YouTube is full of kids

mrb bro21 says:

dude contact dwanye and jazz their couples that react to your videos and other vids they have 1m subs they know a guy that can help plz contact them

KNG L3GIND says:

Free Logan

Cris べにてz says:

Save sml

LethalX_767 says:

It was a ad on the video

James Foy says:

do jeffy plays Roblox sponser me at Roblox foyboy68

Matthew Quinn -Hendrix says:

That sucks man a am sorry I was a big jeffy fan I am crying

Machine Gunnar says:

Do cool Cody returns

Mr. Nexus says:


shaggy russo says:

“It’s a really dark time for my channel” 2017 was a dark time I stead of making shitty video listen to your really fans and stop with the overused characters racist jokes etc

Cree Digi says:


ski mask the hump god says:

I stumbled upon this one non English speaking channel that had a game that had naked female Sonic characters it was a game no demonization no age restriction there was even an English channel that had a game series that showed a game where a man had sex with lots of woman and it was some sort of series of the game and no demonization no age restriction the thing is YouTube takes out the big Channels that speak out on YouTubes dumb rules and things but channels that don’t speak English or are very small don’t get hit at all but YouTube decides to go after the content creators that people love YouTube decides to go after them and when they complain YouTube trys to shut them up just like Logan said robot Chicken is on the air it shows friend family characters all I can say is that YouTube is ruining it’s site and the only thing left is going to be left is expirement channels Minecraft channels and make up tutorials

de ast says:

Contact dwane and jazz they have a persons phone number from YouTube

Big Papi says:

Is this the gay shit that all the autistic kids watch?

Armando Ponce says:




Lovell May says:

GTA online killing jeffy

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