Seiko Turtle SRP779 First Impressions – Channel Announcement – Federico Talks Watches

Seiko Turtle SRP779 First Impressions – Channel Announcement – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I give my first impressions on the very popular Seiko Turtle SRP779. I compare the Seiko Turtle SRP779 to the Seiko SKX… Which watch is better? What are the differences? Is the Seiko Turtle SRP779 worth the price difference compared to the Seiko SKX? I also make a small channel announcement and talk about my Facebook live stream tonight.

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Paul Bugoni says:

Stay safe Fed!

Wherecar 54 says:

How about a review on Oris?

Targa Florio says:

Have the Seiko PADI SRPA21. Great watch for the money. Automatic. Hacking, Manual Wind. Lume, Design, Heritage. Just ticks every single box. Daily War watch. Absolutely love it. Mine’s on a Royal Blue BlueShark NATO . So much watch for the money.

Ben Evans says:

Hi, did you get the J? My 779J is lined up perfectly and running +1 per day. Great watches!

Richard Teevan says:

wishing you all the best thanks for an honest review, I was thinking about these watches -do not think i wver will buy SKX, but blue lagoon turtle love the shades, but the case shape puts me off… Cest La Vie…..

Mike Braykovich says:

good job fed

ElimRem says:

The painting reminds me of a scene i from the new IT movie

Guillermo Sobalvarro says:

Be safe Fed!!

TimeKeeper says:

Storm surge predictions are wild for this one, better get that turtle on a rubber strap! Stay safe Fed & fam.

Patrick Naswell says:

You will love the Turtle. Of course, I’m biased as I chose it over the SKX!

Tennessee Time says:

great video

allabasterkt says:

Stay safe brother!

F3udF1st says:

Wrong – you don’t have to do the “seiko shuffle”, you just have to wear the damn thing. Get off your ass. The movement is not a thousand times better, my SKX runs dead zero, so obviously my 7s26 runs circles around your puny 4r36. They are basically the same movement, same specs, same components, the only addition is the hacking and handwinding which I have never had any use for. My SKX has never stopped once since I’ve owned it. But then again I don’t own 200 watches.

Chris Vierrether says:

Be safe Fed! God Bless.

sean puffy catacombs says:

The PADI Turtle is amazing.The color combos on the case, bezel, dial and indices all come together in a way that’s inexplicably slick and dramatic.

Don Rogan says:

Fed, why review a watch that been reviewed 100’s of times on you tube. Get out in front. Rado Captain Cook, Omega railmaster etc. My two cents.

golfbuddy1969 says:

Great as always. I have an skx007j and a skx175 Pepsi, and both bezels line up perfectly. But I would love to have hand winding and hacking.

mi ke says:

The SKX wore much better on my wrist than the Turtle.  The Turtle just felt awkward so I ended up returning it.

Bubba B says:

Good luck Fed, nice review of the Turtle. Thank you.

mountainhobo says:

Federico, make sure you stack up on ale. That way, even if the power goes out, and you lose your refridgerator, you can still drink it with decorum.

Mister B says:

The turtle does have its own punch, to me it does have also this special character you see in the SKX, but might be also just a PADI thing. You should check out that one or the blue lagoon, man, these two are sweet.
hey, maybe you can make a battle between the skx and the turtle… take care, cheers, MISTER B

John John says:

looks like you got really lucky storm is going to miss you

Utterly Enthused says:

I really wish you’d evacuate, but I get it. Best wishes, Fed.

Jedi9Master says:

Simple solution: as SKX case with a turtle movement!

Eric Kelly says:

when the wind and rain come, stand outside and hold the US flag, like in that other dude’s youtube video

Gentleman1147 says:

I hope you are okay.

APHToscanoWatches says:

Praying for you and your family. Until your next upload, be safe. From the APHToscano watch family. Bless

Chris Moore says:

Stay safe, Fed

Daniel Chin says:

Fed should do a video to shed some light on what happened with TGV. Us viewers who followed and supported him throughout (and found his channel through TUG) deserve that at least


We were without power for over seven months after Andrew.

User Name says:

Be safe!

Χρήστος Γεωργιάδης says:

Mr. Federico which swiss moon face watches would you suggest me, under 1000€? The only case i have in my mind is the frederique constant business timer series.
Thank you!!!

Bernardo Courrege says:

Take care Fed! Cheers

Nick G says:

Grab the Seiko Blue lagoon turtle

jpim75 says:

What movement is in the turtle?

JP Davis says:

Power reserve weak on all of the Seiko’s I know of. Are you involved with watchuwant? Do you have a solar charger for tablet/phone. I just bought one yesterday. Pls give us an update as soon as possible as to your situation in Miami. Best Regards, JP

Kevin Ryan says:

Great stuff, be safe!!

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