Richard Sherman Watches Sunday NFL Games

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When Richard Sherman gets a Sunday off, he spends it like the rest of the fans of the NFL: watching football on his couch and eating Gushers.

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Doc says:

This video was awkward.

Tikoa Kinney says:

on the field you got to have a certain edge and he has that

smarterthanyous says:

Mom, do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?
Sometimes. When I do, I turn to Richard Sherman. The Richard Sherman is an all natural douche with vinegar and water.
Thanks mom!

Jordan Lawrence says:

I like to Richard Sherman but not when he is trash talking

Allie Stewert says:

u suck amarri mayo

Southpitz says:

I’d love to chill with Richard Sherman for just a day it would be funny

Amarri Mayo says:

you suck Seattle.


sup sherman

Chanclas says:

gushers pay this guy or what?

Melvin Vernell says:

Lmao he’ll nall that man said this is Meat on the back of yo head not everybody has this kml

GentileJedi says:

he’s a cutie pie

MR. DreadHead359 says:

Would love to hang with Sherman or Newton oneday of course he’s a trash talker football not fun w/o talking!

SoloUni. says:

hahaha ” money shot “

xXAxiomaticTV Xx says:

I love sherman. Lives in a house that he can manage alone. And lives like a normal person. Fake media makes these people look like they live in a wander world

MATT05 says:

I wish my mom gave me gushers

Blessed Child says:

He gave you money…

Derek Matthews says:

Anybody know the song at 2:06 thru?

52BEASTMODE11 says:

At 1:32 Richard Sherman is watching a 49ers game

Beast Mode dabber says:

My grandma is mad

Double N says:

Seahawk players love candy LOL

Jesse F2TE says:

Ima Try Gushers And Become The Best Corner

Thomas Huntley says:

Im a panthers fan but I can see Richard Sherman is one of the best in the league

Belinda Lewis says:

nice house

tray robinson says:

This hoe seem kinda gay

I-everything. says:


Doc says:

I bet Sherman’s buddy sucks his dick whenever he needs a place to stay.

Doc says:

Sherman shoves gushers up his big ass nostrils before games so that he can’t have a treat before and/or after plays.

Austin The King says:

sherman is a beast to me all yall haters out there need to stop hating on the best conerback in the hole world yall fans good and gruppesech123 he not fruty u are hater that is number one

Z Layman says:

Richards funny

Tagträumer says:

Pretty normal house for someone who makes millions of dollars every year. Seems like a pretty humble person. Love him!

Tikoa Kinney says:

Sherman cool ass dude

2wisted.mister says:

nice gushers commercial

Epic Gamer94 says:

Correct Richard correct

paradosiakos says:

fucking punk

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