Quick Q&A #005 How shock proof are watches? Setting hands in reverse.

Lets discover how shock proof watches are. What can happen if you set your hands backwards. How to lubricate reversing wheels and Rub-In jewelling tools.

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tucasaesmia says:

Thank you

Aarleks says:

These videos are so informative. It’s great to see someone translating and passing on their deep knowledge. My 4-year old daughter wants to build a watch with me. I would love to win the course so we could do it together.

andrew Geary says:

Great channel , Would love to know more about all things watch related….

Dr Ricardo Uribe says:

Nothing will make me more happy than having the first lesson of your watch repair course 😀

daregu says:

I love the enthusiasm in the videos

Norbert Lender says:

Thanks Mark! Great information as usual.

Michael Gisiger says:

I have a follow up question to the counter clockwise question: there are movements where one can quick change the date (or sometimes the day) by moving forward and back between 9 and 3. Are those cannon pinions built differently?

Monsieur Ego says:


Steve Brauch says:

Been watching you for a while Mark and loving all your video’s. I started your first course before the level 1 test and did not realize how much I had forgotten over the years, took it and did not think twice about starting the 2nd course. Amazing how much one thinks he knows and remembers over the years until you start listening to someone else who knows! Please keep up the great videos and course information.

Daniel Nash says:

Yay, Christmas competition!

Have always enjoyed your videos. Thank you for the great content!

drhombus24 says:

I’d love to look into watchmaking more…

Nick Peh says:

good info, great job!

Jonathan Davies says:

Another good video! Thank you.

Tetlee says:

Regards time setting in reverse, does this mean you avoid correcting dates the quick set method with movements where you move between 9-12 and back to 9 again to advance date? I do this all the time on my vintage autos.

Johnny Johansson says:

Count me in please:)

Aaron Drabitt says:

Love your videos, and would love a Christmas present of the watchmaker’s course!

iamin2pain says:

The New York Standard Watch Co. was notorious for broken staffs , seems that way to me anyhow ? All the ones on line seem to be broken unless repaired .

Jerome L. says:

hi mark, can you teach how to open case back for Baume et Mercier capeland model: MOA08780

HorridBeing says:

Entering the course competition!. Pick me!

lenspaulding says:

great as usual!

k81law says:

I’m in. Thank you.

Andre Chouinard says:

Thank you

Jordan Welch says:

Such great information.

RockHardy says:

Great info, thanks!

Robert Calk Jr. says:

Thanks, Mark.

Adam Cooper says:

Another interesting video. I learn something new every time 🙂

William Tell says:

Always learning!! Thanks Mark

Paul S says:

Love these classes.

philorkill says:

I appreciate your truly quality content. Just one thing: Don’t try to mimic other Youtubers like Simon Whistler too hard. Your way is just fine, cause you are awesome.

tim beard says:

thanks for all these videos
I’d love to get on your course cheers

macaco maco says:

i once broke and destroyed a Casio quartz digital watch by rotating its hands in the counterclockwise direction…

Demetris Efrem says:

Keep up the good work!

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